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SOLD: Myford Super 7B 3.5" x 19" with screwcutting gearbox, power cross feed and mounted a Myford stand with a deep chip tray and levelling blocks. Machine Serial No: SK143495. Well equipped with: 3-jaw Pratt-Burnerd chuck, 4-jaw chuck, 9-inch and 7-inch diameter faceplates, a spare chuck backplate and a catchplate. Jacobs No. 34 drill chuck 2MT 1-13 mm, Jacobs No. 32 drill chuck 2MT 0-3/8", Jacobs No. 31B drill chuck 2MT 0-10 mm, all with chuck keys. Live centre, hard and soft centres, thread-dial indicator, 4-way toolpost plus the standard single-tool clamp, die holders plus a range of metric & imperial dies, tap wrenches plus a range of metric and imperial taps, fly cutters, a lathe carrier, set of Imperial Allen keys plus various boring bars, carbide and HSS turning tools, a set of centre drills, Jones & Shipman knurling tool, oil guns and lubricant. A range of slot drills, milling cutters and reamers and the Myford ML7 Lathe Manual by Ian Bradley. A spare motor is also available plus a range of other items including steel, aluminium and brass rod and engineering thermoplastic rod of various types and diameters.  Single-phase electrics.  £2000.
Pictures of the Myford Super 7B lathe for sale here and details of Myford Super 7 lathes here

SOLD: Elliott 10M shaper in excellent, little-used condition:  10-inch stroke with 4 ram speeds. Is fitted with a clutch-engaged drive and power cross feed to the box table - the latter able to be rotated. A robust, swivel-base  machine vice is included. 3-phase electrics so idea for conversion to inverter-driven variable-speed drive. £550 Pictures of the Elliott 10M shaper for sale here and Details of Elliott 10M shaping machines here

: Schaublin Model 70 precision miniature lathe. In fine original condition and complete with the maker's countershaft drive system and integral "overhead" system for driving toolpost-mounted high-speed milling and grinding spindles. Included with the lathe are a screw-feed compound slide-rest assembly; three Swiss-made 3-jaw chucks for spindle mounting - two 3-jaw with one a ring-scroll type the other key operated and one 6-jaw chuck; two tailstocks, one lever action and the other with micrometer dial and two spindles standard and the other with a Morse taper socket; a large set of collets and collet drawer bar; Centring microscope (Part No. 70-89-500) and bed-mounted adjustable microscope holder (Part No. 70-89.050); fixed steady; grinding carriage (Schaublin Part No. 7-51) fitted with a screw-feed slide; a ball-turning tool slide; a high-speed grinding and miller-cutter head; hand T-rest; large faceplate with radial slots and tapped holes; two tailstock precision keyless rotating centres; saw-holding arbor; oil gun and two of the maker's standard toolposts (the superb Tripan holder shown is not included - but will be available at extra cost when I've finished one or two clock jobs). 3-phase motor so ideal for conversion to inverter-driven, variable-speed drive. £1950 Pictures of the Schaublin 70 for sale here  and  details of Schaublin 70 lathes here

SOLD: Centec 2A Universal, vertical and horizontal milling machine. This is the model with complete horizontal equipment - overarm, drop bracket and cutter-holding arbor - the Mk.3 vertical head with both fine-feed by handwheel and rapid drilling feeds by a handle and the proper "Universal" swivel table. Little used from new with an unmarked 16" x 4.25" table with vertical and horizontal adjustable table stops, a good machine vice, Clarkson AutoLock chuck and a set of collets, a spare table feed-screw nut and the very useful 4-inch raiser block to lift the vertical head and allow much deeper work to be machined. Single-phase 0.5 h.p. motor with a push-button starter that gives speeds from 85 to 1400 r.p.m. £975 Pictures of the Centec milling machine for sale here and details of Centec milling machines here.

: Colchester Bantam 800 lathe. 5.75" inch centre height and 23 inches between centres. Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with storage drawer, chuck guard and coolant unit. Complete with: the hard-to-find fixed steady, travelling steady, Dickson quick-set toolpost and three toolholders, 5-inch 3-jaw chuck with both sets of jaws, tailstock drill chuck, faceplate, carriage stop, a set of metric transposing gears, micrometer dial on the tailstock feedscrew, cutting tools, Morse taper centres and an emergency foot brake. The Bantam is in it's original maker's finish, unused for some time and with no backlash in the feed screws. 3-phase so ideal for conversion to variable-speed inverter drive from a 1-phase supply. There is a fork-lift truck available to help with loading. £1275 Pictures of the Colchester Bantam for sale here and details of Colchester Bantam lathes here

SOLD: Naerok Drilling Machine with a compound table and a No. 2 Morse taper spindle. In excellent, little-used condition, this is the heaviest of the older Naerok drills and fitted with a swivelling and tilting round table, a second machine vice, a collection of drill bits and a single-phase motor. £150 Pictures of the Naerok Mill-Drill for sale here

SOLD: Boley & Leinen "Reform" 8 mm watchmakers lathe in its original maker's fitted (52 x 38 x 14 cm) case including the key. Very well equipped, the lathe comes with: compound screw-feed slide rest with toolholder, headstock, two tailstocks, hand T-rest with two Ts, vertical slide with high-speed milling/grinding spindle including the correct collet draw bar, large dividing plate with divisions 360-204-100-92-90-88-84-80-78-76-74-72-70-68-64-60-58-56-54-50-48, full sets of ring and step chucks (each five) and wire collets 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 (2x)-12-14-15-16-20-22-24-25-26-28-29-30-32-34-35-36-40-42-44-46-48-50-52-54 and 70, wax chucks, 12 flat sinkers, 12 male and female inserts, a full set of 24 (!) rose cutters, single and double file roller rests, universal runner with, amongst others, two drums for polishing pivots including the finest, different arbors to take up wheels, drive plate, cutters, etc. Also included is the original motor, the drive countershaft and the "overhead" drive for running the milling spindle - and all other pieces in the pictures. Can be shipped world-wide. Note: the motor unit is very heavy and will be shipped separately from the lathe and its box. Price: £2600GBP For more details please email: Pictures of the Boley & Leinen Reform lathe for sale here and details of  these lathes here

: a new, never-used Myford Super 7B lathe 3.5" x 19" with a screwcutting gearbox and power cross feed. Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with levelling blocks and a deep chip tray the lathe is complete with a vast array of new, unused Myford and other accessories including: taper turning attachment, dividing attachment with two plates and the raiser block; swivelling milling slide, plain milling slide, machine vice to fit the milling slides, a set of Myford direct-spindle-fitting inch and metric collets complete with loading tool and nosepiece, Burnerd internally-thread 3-jaw chuck, the correct half-depth body 6-inch Burnerd independent 4-jaw chuck, fixed steady, travelling steady, indexing 4-way toolpost, rear toolpost, metric conversion changewheel set, micrometer boring head, rotary table with a Myford thread chuck mount, hand T-rest for bed mounting, handle assembly to turn the lathe spindle by hand, faceplate, catchplate, spare chuck backplate, Morse taper centres, centre adapter, indexible tipped turning tools, a set of twelve genuine Myford turning tools, thread-dial indictor, 12-tooth fine-feed gear for the changewheel drive, four bottles of the special Myford oils, a dust cover and a 1-phase 3/4 h.p. Brook Crompton motor and a Dewhurst reversing switch. Offers invited. Pictures of the new Myford Super 7B for sale here and details of Myford  Super 7 lathes here

: An exceptional Lilian Model 3-VH all-metric, Bridgeport-type, ram-head milling machine which has been in my home workshop for 18 years. Built in 1999, the miller was first owned by a medical research company from whom I purchased it when they closed. Since then, as I spend long periods overseas,  the miller has had only occasional and light use and I am now selling all my larger machines prior to moving house. Built by Lilian Industrial ( the 3-VH is in current production, of the Bridgeport pattern and, at 1250 kg, more heavily constructed. With a powerful 3 h.p., 3-phase motor (more than a Bridgeport could safely handle) it has wonderful metal-removing ability with the vari-speed drive giving speeds from 120 to 4200 r.p.m. The 50" x 10" table bears not a single tool mark, has a maximum loading of 600 Kgs and power feed on both the X and Y axis (an absolute boon to people such as myself with 'dodgy' backs!) The head 'nods' +/- 45 degrees and rotates effectively through 180 degrees each side from central. Included is a coolant system, work light and DROs fitted to the quill and both table travels (the latter being a high-quality Mitutoyo DRO). The machine is accurate, quiet in operation and comes with original manuals, test report and wiring diagrams. The machine is currently run from a rotary converter which can be made available at additional cost if needed. Access for machine removal is good. I would be pleased to consider a part exchange against a really good small vertical or universal mill such as a Senior Mi with 'E' head. Pictures of the Lilian 3-VH milling machine for sale here.

SOLD: a fine Deckel Universal Precision Milling machine both vertical and horizontal capacity. Fitted with the essential tilt, swivel and inclinable universal table. Complete with a vertical head and all the horizontal equipment: overarm, drop bracket, cutter-holding arbor and the blanking plate for the overarm. Includes a set of pick-off gears to change the table feed rates, an Autolock-type cutter holder, a micrometer boring head and a selection of end mills and side and face cutters. Cap-start-cap-run 1-phase motor with push-button No-volt release safety starter and an isolator switch. £1550 Pictures of the Deckel FP1 for sale here and the story of  Deckel FP1 milling machines here

SOLD: Myford ML7 lathe 3.5" x 20" gap-bed, backgeared and screwcutting. In excellent, clean, carefully-used condition, fitted with a single-phase motor, chip tray and complete with: a complete set of change gears, internally-threaded Burnerd three-jaw chuck, the correct 6-inch half-depth body four-jaw independent chuck, graduated handle to leadscrew end, fixed steady, travelling steady, thread-dial indicator, Jacobs tailstock chuck, late-type engraved micrometer dials, boxes of cutting and boring tools, sets of drills, indexible and tool bits, knurling tools, faceplate, catchplate, spare chuck backplate, Morse centres and Morse taper adapters. Every thing need to make an immediate start. £850 
In addition, and open to offers, are numerous measuring and inspections items - micrometers, vernier callipers, a beautiful surface plate with boxed sets of scribing blocks, test-dial indicators, tap and die sets. Many of the items can be seen here
Pictures of the Myford ML7 lathe for sale here and details of Myford ML7 lathes here

: IXL lathe backgeared and screwcutting with a 5.5-inch centre height and around 20 inches between centres and fitted with a T-slotted cross slide to take a milling slide. Stored unused in a dehumidified garage, unused for the last 29 years. Well equipped with a range of useful accessories all stored in a custom-made box and consisting of: the correct milling slide, 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, 8-inch and 5-inch faceplates, 4-way toolpost, tailstock revolving centre, large and small angle plates, machine vice to fit the top slide, hand T-rest assembly with two lengths of T, Morse centres and a complete set of screwcutting changewheels including a 127t gear for metric pitches. There is also a selection of C-spanners to adjust the headstock bearing and various pulleys for flat-belt drive. Mounted on a good home-made stand with a single-phase 0.75 h.p. motor and countershaft. In full working order and ready to use £375.
Also available (shown at the bottom of the page) a flywheel to fit a Round Bed Drummond treadle stand. £45
Pictures of the IXL lathe for sale here and details of IXL lathes here

: Alpine Mill/Drill. A nice compact machine ideal for vertical milling and accurate co-ordinate drill. This is the best of its type with a bevel gearbox at the base of the column that allows the head to be elevated without losing alignment. The quill has both rapid downfeed and a fine fed through worm-and-wheel gearing. Spindle speeds range from 110 to 1750 r.p.m. Comes apart easily for transport. In use at present and can be seen working on my single-phase supply. Only selling to make room for a larger miller and a bargain at £450 for a quick sale. Pictures of the Alpine Mill/Drill for sale here and details of a a virtually identical model here.

: Myford 254S lathe 4.75" x 21" in superb condition and equipped with a wide range of desirable accessories including a DRO system on the tailstock. The lathe was bought direct from Myford in 2011 after a full factory refurbishment and, since then, has had only very careful use by a one model engineer. Mounted on the maker's stand with chip tray, a full-length splashback and shelf and drawer storage, the lathe has a full screwcutting and feeds gearbox, power cross feed, a fully enclosed leadscrew and special, very large micrometer dials on the feed screws and a T-slotted cross slide. The bed is induction hardened and, in the headstock, the low-speed backgears are hardened and "Reishauer" ground - the ten spindle speeds spanning 53 to 2000 r.p.m. Accessories include: fixed steady, travelling steady, 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, quick-change Bison toolpost with ten toolholders, vertical milling slide with machine vice, micrometer-adjustable boring head, tailstock-mounted turret toolholder for small production jobs, 10-inch faceplate with special clamps, a very useful G. Thomas retracting screw-cutting tool on a quick-change tool holder, rear toolpost, an ER16 collet chuck mandrel mount, chuck "backstop" attachment, handle to turn the headstock spindle by hand for delicate jobs, chuck guard, carriage stop on the bed, precision keyless tailstock chuck, a proper clamp-type knurling tool that fits into the quick-set tool post, rotating tailstock and ordinary Morse centres, halogen light unit, all the chuck keys, etc. and fitted with a handy lever-lock on the carriage. This lathe is a later version and fitted with the full 1-phase electrical package that includes a No-volt release safety starter with thermal overload protection, emergency stop button and a transformer to give 12 volts for the light unit and safety switches on the chuck guard and changewheel cover.  £2850 Pictures of the Myford 254S for sale here and details of Myford 254 lathes here

: Myford Super 7B long-bed lathe 3.5" x 30" gap-bed, backgeared and fitted with a screwcutting gearbox, power cross feed and a single-phase coolant unit. Running from a variable-speed 3-phase motor controlled  from a 1-phase to 3-phase inverter. The original 1-phase motor is also included. The normal speed range is 27 to 2150 r.p.m. but with the inverter speeds from 10 to around 3000 r.p.m. are possible.  Burnerd 4-inch 3-jaw chuck with both sets of jaws, the correct half-depth body 6-inch Burnerd independent 4-jaw chuck, fixed steady, catchplate, Dixon quick-set toolpost, tailstock chuck, thread-dial indicator, graduated handle to leadscrew end and a spare leadscrew and graduated handle. £1950 Pictures of the Myford Super 7B long-bed lathe for sale here and Details of Myford Super 7 lathes here

: Drummond B-Type flat-bed, 3.5" x 15" gap-bed, backgeared, screwcutting and with auto-disengage to the carriage drive; serial No. 11-77 built 1912-1921. In perfect working order - and only two owners from new. The first owner was a development engineer-cum-toolmaker and had the lathe from new until his death in 1968. A number of ingenious and perfectly-engineered modifications were made by the first buyer that improved the lathe out of all recognition; these included: a replacement apron that incorporated rack-and-pinion drive to the carriage; a modified Norman-patent toolpost with micro-screw adjustment of the setting, a belt-driven fine-feed drive (carried on the headstock changewheel fork) that incorporated an in/out clutch, lever-action feed to the tailstock spindle, a micrometer dial on the leadscrew, a superb "through-locked" micrometer dial on the cross-feed screw and a leadscrew swarf guard.
The lathe is well-equipped with Union 3 and 4-jaw chucks, a collet holder and ten collets, a special swivel-base vertical milling slide with the facility to double as the carrier for the included high-speed grinding and milling spindle, a spindle-attached dividing head, faceplate, catchplate, hand T-rest, tailstock chuck and a tailstock die holder. Single-phase motor with push-button starter and a remote bench-mounted countershaft. This is a lovely vintage lathe that works most effectively. £450
Pictures of the Drummond lathe for sale here and Details of Drummond lathes here and B-Type lathes here

: A rare Boley watchmaker's lathe vertical slide complete with the correct indexing attachment and division plate. £475 Pictures of the Boley vertical slide here and details of Boley accessories here.

: Dore Westbury Mk.1 vertical milling machine. This versatile miller has a No. 2 Morse taper head with both fine down feed by worm-and-wheel gearing and a rapid-action lever-driven feed through rack-and-pinion gearing. The head can be moved in and out, rotated left and right and ,moved up and down - enabling it to tackle a wide variety of jobs. Drive is from a single-phase motor to a head with speed-reducing epicyclic gearing built in. Need the room so just £275 Pictures of the Dore Westbury miller for sale here and details of Dore Westbury millers here

: Greenfield Tool & Cutter Grinder - for restoration. Any reasonable offer considered. Pictures of the Greenfield tool & cutter grinder for sale here and details of Greenfield tool & cutter grinders here.

SOLD: Warco VMC vertical miller - a superb, little-used 2012 machine mounted on the maker's stand with a storage cupboard and chip tray and one-shot lubrication to the slideways. Single-phase electrics with a push-botton, no-volt release safety starter and an emergency stop button. All imperial graduations and fitted with an R8 spindle that takes inexpensive and readily available tooling as used on Bridgeport models. The head on this models swivels on the base and can be inclined with, importantly, both the lever-action drill feed and fine-feed worm-and-wheel drive to the quill both follow the spindle axis. The paintwork is immaculate with wooden table protectors fitted from new. A number of useful accessories are included, all of which where all brought new with the machine: high-quality, 4-inch swivel-base Vertex machine vice; Vertex R8  ER32 collet chuck; R8 slitting saw arbor; Precision R8 collets and R8 drill chuck and a halogen light unit. Pictures of the Warco VMC vertical miller for sale here and details of these millers as branded Myford here

SOLD: Boley 8 mm "Geneva" type D-bed watchmaker's lathe. In good condition and housed in two fitted boxes with the equipment and accessories including: screw-feed compound slide rest; headstock with three-circles of indexing holes on the face of the largest pulley; a tailstock with five runners; a second drilling tailstock that takes 8 mm collets; a tip-over tool rest with two sizes of T;  27 ordinary collets in different sizes (in mixed condition); a full set of five ring chucks; a full set of five step chucks; a very large set of 23 rose cutters; a large set of 27 small brass collets to take up screws, etc;  three steel lantern chucks; a universal runner; a Jacot drum for polishing pivots; eight  flat sinkers; pulley runner and an eccentric pulley runner; about thirty male and female points for a runner in the tailstock; two small drill chucks; wax chucks - and an assortment of other small parts. This is a well-set up lathe with a wide range of accessories and ready to use. £1250 GBP.  Can be shipped worldwide carefully packed (except to China) for £100 GBP Pictures of the Boley watchmaker's lathe for sale here

: Van Norman Model 1-2 Universal Vertical and Horizontal Milling Machine. A superbly constructed, high-class American machine.  6-speed, self-acting via Tumbler reverse and fitted with engage and auto cut-off drives to the 27.25" x 6.75" table. In full working order and driven through a proper (and powerful) Transwave 1-phase to 3-phase converter by a 1.5 h.p. motor. Included with the miller are a number of useful accessories and a mass of tooling. items include: rotary tables, machine vices, cutter holders by Clare Screwlock with ¼", 3/8", ½", 5/8" and ¾" collets, two Bristol-Ericson chucks with 25 metric collets, Clarkson AutoLock with Imperial ¼", 3/8", ½", 5/8" and 6mm, 8mm 10mm, 12mm and 16 mm collets and a large quantity of cutters - all in fine order and carefully stored, examples being miscellaneous 40 international taper tooling, slot drills and end mills, slitting & slotting saws, side and face cutters and items of ancillary equipment. Everything you need to get going without further expenditure. All the items can be found in a detailed PDF document here that will either open (Chrome and Edge) or download (Firefox) automatically depending upon which browser you are using. £1750

: Boxford STS 10.20 geared-head lathe 5.27" x 20" (132 mm x 500 mm) with an induction-hardened bed and a D-3" spindle nose. Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with a full-length splash-back with locking cupboard storage. Screwcutting and power-feeds' gearbox with a fully-enclosed leadscrew and power cross feed. Complete with a genuine Boxford/Dickson quick-set toolpost, 5C collet chuck, 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, chuck guard, faceplate, No. 3 Morse taper tailstock chuck and a carriage stop. Driven from a top-quality Newton-Tesla 1-phase to 3-phase variable-speed inverter. £1950  Pictures of the Boxford STS 10.20 lathe for sale here and details of Boxford STS lathes here

: Workshop clearance with three machine tools, a part-built, 4.5-inch Burrell traction engine and a mass of small items.
1) Colchester Bantam Lathe
, Metric, 5" 3 J SC Chuck Bernard, 6" 4 J independent Chuck Cushman, 8" 4 J independent Chuck Bison ( new inbox ), 8" 3 JSC  TOS  ( new in box ), Face plate, Dickson type tool post with 6 holders, 3 - 2 Morse tooling, Fixed and travelling steadies, Rear toolpost. In good order variable speed inverter drive, ( included ). £1500 Phone John on 01392-875877 Picture of the Bantam lathe for sale here

SOLD Harrison Universal Milling Machine. Vertical head 30 international, Horizontal overarm and bracket, Milling vice, Rotary indexing table. Some 30 Int tooling. 3 Axis DRO with only 2 axis fitted, 3rd axis slide supplied not fitted. 240 volts including power x feed. £1250 Phone John on 01392-875877 Picture of the Harrison miller for sale here

SOLD Part Built 4 1/2"  Burrell Traction Engine. Drawings to complete Professionally built steel boiler with original hydraulic certificate CE spec. Rear wheels spokes and strakes riveted. Gear set including differential to complete. £5500 Phone John on 01392-875877  Picture of the Burrell traction engine for sale here

: Schaublin 102VM precision lathe 102 mm centre height with a capacity of 450 mm between centres (4" x 17.75") backgeared and screwcutting though a centrally-mounted, fully-shielded 40 mm diameter leadscrew. Mounted on the maker's robust, underdrive cast-iron cabinet stand with integral chip tray and two-drawer storage. 20 mm spindle bore with, using Schaublin Type W20 collets, a through-collet capacity of 14.5 mm. 24 spindle speeds from 40 to 3000 r.p.m. Well equipped with: collet set and collet drawbar, 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw independent chuck, Myford milling slide, fixed steady, travelling steady, 4-way toolpost, screwcutting changewheels, faceplate, catchplate, magnetic base with dial indicator, micrometers, vernier caliper, Morse centres on collet mounts, tailstock chuck and other small items in use with the lathe by the last owner. Single-phase electrics. £2500 Pictures of the Schaublin 102VM for sale here and full details of the superb Schaublin 102VM lathes here

: Tom Senior Major ELT Universal vertical and horizontal milling machine. In superb, little-used condition this top-of-the-range Tom Senior is the very rare ELT that incorporated a number of improvements and refinements over earlier models including the swing table, a strong dovetail overarm in place of the round type, an extended table with greater travels, a larger and more rigid knee and chain instead of belt-driven table power feeds, a No. 30 INT horizontal spindle end fitting and twelve speeds 50 to 1660 r.p.m. The ELT also has internally-mounted, speed-reduction gearing that allows much deeper cuts when used in the horizontal mode. Complete with the superb Tom Senior S-Type self-motorised, swivelling vertical head with a No. 2 Morse taper quill that can be moved by either a fine-feed handwheel or a quick-action lever for drilling (this head has, most importantly, a feed direct along the axis of travel when angled). All the horizontal equipment is included - overarm, drop bracket and cutter-holding arbor - as well as a light unit and a machine vice. 3-phase motors run from a variable-speed 1-phase to 3-phase inverter. £3500 Pictures of the Tom Senior ELT milling machine for sale here and details of Tom Senior ELT milling machines here.

: Myford collet set in a fitted box. Complete with insertion and extraction tool and the spindle compression nose ring. Two collets are metric, the rest imperial. Also included are various arbors as used by a clock maker and model engineer. £125 Picture of the Myford Collet Set for sale here . Can pack carefully and post insured at cost.

SOLD: A heavily-built, professional Lathe and Shaper Tool Grinder by AJH. Mounted on a heavy floor stand and fitted with a tilting table, a single-phase motor and Dewhurst switch, a decent grinding wheel - and in good working order. £125 Pictures of the AJH Tool Grinder for sale here

: Myford Super 7B lathe 3.5" x 19" gap-bed, backgeared  and fitted with a screwcutting gearbox and power cross feed. The lathe was purchased new by the deceased owner in June 1989 and, having been used for clockmaking, has only ever had very light use. In superb condition and complete with a wide range of useful accessories including: 4-inch Burnerd 3-jaw chuck, the correct half-depth body 6-inch independent 4-jaw chuck, a second light-duty 4-jaw chuck-cum-faceplate, a late-type, two-bolts-per-axis Myford swivelling milling slide with the maker's machine vice, dividing head with four division plates (not Myford), 4-way toolpost, special quickly-adjustable rear toolpost to hold fine boring tools, fixed steady, a pair of Myford raising and levelling blocks (not pictured), deep chip tray, thread-dial indicator, Myford angle plate, home-made travelling steady, ball-turning attachment, two digital callipers, 1-inch and 2-inch micrometers, toggle press with rack-and-pinion drive, Jacobs tailstock chuck, two Moore & Wright scribing blocks, faceplate, catchplate, toolmaker's vices, tailstock rotating centre, crank handle to turn the headstock spindle by hand, flycutter set, set of Myford T-bolts, hand T-rest, numerous cutting tools including Jones & Shipman tool-bit holders, knurling tool, double-roller filing rest, reamers, threading die holders, engineer's spirit level, Morse centres, callipers, steel rulers, watchmaker's depthing tool, tube of Loctite, thread and radius gauges - and all the other accessories and engineering tools shown in the pictures. Also present is Ian Bradley's Manual for the Myford ML7, ML7R and Super 7. 1-phase electrics with a Dewhusrt reversing switch. £3350 Pictures of the Myford Super 7B for sale here and  details of Myford Super 7 lathes here.

SOLD: a superbly-built and finished Dore Westbury Mk. 2 vertical milling machine mounted on a specially-made stand with drawer and cupboard storage and wiring in armoured cable. The No. 2 Morse taper head can be moved in and out, tilted each side of upright and has both a rapid-action drilling lever and fine down feed by worm-and wheel gearing. This is an exceptionally fine example of the versatile Dore Westbury type and comes complete with a range of accessories including: a two axis DRO; infinitely variable power feed to the table with screw-adjustable auto knock-off stops and extra-large zeroing micrometer dials; a 6-inch diameter horizontal/vertical rotary table; an ER25 collet set with two collet chucks; two machine vices, one a special Dore Westbury large-capacity type the other a robust swivel-base model; precision boring head; fly cutter; side-and-face cutter arbor; a selection of end mills and slot drills - and a light unit. A powerful single-phase motor is fitted driving through a conversion to smooth-running, PolyVee belt--this arrangement retaining the slow-speed backgear built into the head. Everything needed to make an immediate start is included. £1350 Pictures of the Dore Westbury milling machine for sale here and  details of Dore Westbury milling machines here

SOLD - for the asking price: Clarkson Mk.1  tool and cutter grinder together with most of the essential attachments including a 6-jaw chuck, the hard-to-find "drill and tap-lead grinding attachment", centres, arbors, sleeves and in original, unmolested and little-used condition. Fitted with new head bearings six months ago and hardly used since. New grinding wheels just are fitted and the machine has a proper, industrial-class light unit and the maker's instruction book. 3-phase motor driven by a high-quality 1-phase to 3-phase converter by Transwave - a unit that would also power other 3-phase motors. £875 Pictures of the Clarkson tool & Cutter grinder for sale here and details of Clarkson tool & cutter grinders here

: Late-model Pools horizontal, bench-mounted milling machine. Table 14" x 5.125" with travels of 10.5 longitudinally, 4" inches in traverse and 7" vertically. Complete with the maker's tension-adjustable, built on, twin-V-belt drive countershaft, a 1-phase motor with push-button starter and a low-height, large-capacity machine vice. Retro-fitted with improved zeroing micrometer dials on the table's feed screws. A second cutter-holding arbor is also included as is a range of valuable involute DP gear cutters, side-and-face cutters and slitting saws, etc. Very easily dismantled for transport. £350. Pictures of the Pools miller for sale here and details of Pools milling machines here

: Chester 1236 geared-head lathe 150 mm centre height and 910 mm between centres (6" x 35.8"). This is a lathe with a comprehensive specification: maker's cabinet stand with full-length splashback (the latter not fitted), detachable bed gap piece, full metric/imperial screwcutting gearbox, power cross feed, enclosed leadscrew, cam-lock spindle nose, electrical control by the "third-rod system" and a micrometer dial on the tailstock feed screw. Accessories include: 4-way toolpost, 3-jaw chuck with face-reversible jaws, 4-jaw independent chuck, fixed steady, travelling steady, faceplate, metric thread-dial indicator with three gears to cover the widest possible rage of pitches, chuck guard, a set of changewheels to extend the gearbox's threading range. Headstock spindle step-down adapter, Morse centres, Morse centre adapters, spanners and screwdrivers. Very little used from new and in superb condition. 1-phase electrics. £2250 Pictures of the Chester 1236 geared-head lathe for sale here

SOLD: Antique Brown Brother lathe. Around 4.5" centre height and 36" between centres. Gap-bed, backgeared, screwcutting and, interestingly, power cross feed driven by a rear-mounted power shaft connected to the lathe's changewheels. Having stood unused for a number of years the lathe needs cosmetic refurbishment -but is complete, original and well equipped. Accessories include: 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, fixed steady a very large set of screwcutting changewheels, faceplate sanding disc (?) two T-rests for hand turning, machine vice, possibly a 4-way toolpost and a number of turning tools. £275, or reasonable offer. Pictures of the Brown Brother lathe for sale here

: a well-equipped BTM watchmaker's lathe. English-made and complete with: compound screw-feed slide-rest assembly, three tailstocks one with lever feed, the correct maker's countershaft, two beds - one straight the other with a gap - 44 wire collets, 5 cone collets, ring-scroll precision 3-jaw chuck with face-reversible jaws, box chuck, double roller filing rest, carrier chuck (drive plate), saw table and a Jacot drum. £750 Can pack and post world-wide at cost. Pictures of the BTM watchmaker's lathe for sale here and details of BTM lathes here

SOLD: Cowells 90 ME miniature precision model engineer's lathe and accessories in excellent carefully-used condition. 1.75" centre height by 8" (44 mm x 200 mm) between centres with backgears, screwcutting and a gap bed. Genuine maker's accessories include: 4-jaw Burnerd chuck, faceplate, fixed steady, travelling steady, collet chuck, four imperial collets, sliding tailstock die holder for 1-inch dies, three Morse centres and five screwcutting changewheels. None Cowells accessories include: vertical milling slide (not a first-class unit), machine vice, two tailstock rotating centres, tailstock drill chuck, detent lever for a headstock dividing plate, removable 1-inch post that allows a Unimat milling head to be attached, five screwcutting changewheels and some turning tools. £1400 (cost new today of a similar kit with VAT is around £4000). Prefer collection but can pack and ship anywhere at cost. Pictures of the Cowells lathe for sale here and details of Cowells lathes here and the current Cowells price list here

SOLD: Warco 30 vertical miller and co-ordinate drilling machine. Mounted on the maker's stand with a chip tray this useful and versatile vertical miller has had only light private use from new. The No.3 Morse taper is driven by both a fine-feed handwheel though worm-and-wheel gearing and a rack-and-pinion quick-action drilling lever. Complete with an indexing and diving unit with tailstock, two machine vices, a dial indicator on the spindle down-feed , drilling chuck and all the other small items, multi-faceted cutter, etc., inside the cabinet stand. 1-phase electrics. £650 Pictures of the Warco mill/drill for sale here

SOLD: Boxford 10-20 Geared-head lathe.  (5.19-inch centre height). This lathe is from Boxford's late-model "Industrial" (rather than training) range and has an excellent specification with an all geared head, induction hardened bed, power cross feed, full quick-change screwcutting and feeds gearbox, D1-3" spindle nose, 35 mm spindle bore, fully enclosed leadscrew and mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with a full-length splash back and lockable storage shelves. Drive comes from a quality 1-phase to 3-phase variable-speed inverter allowing any variation of speed to be set - faster or slower--than the normal 9 speeds of 40 to 2240 r.p.m.. This late-model Boxford is a compact and very strong machine with only light use in a college before purchased for home use. Well equipped and complete with: Multi-size (inch and metric) collet set and collet spindle housing, fixed steady, 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, a quick-set toolpost with several toolholders, tailstock rotating centre, several tailstock chucks, faceplate, micrometer dial to tailstock spindle, chuck guard and Morse centres. £1750 Pictures of the Boxford 10-20 lathe for sale here and full details of Boxford 10-20 and other lathes in this range here

: a late-model, very little-used (ex-school) 10-inch stroke shaping machine by Viceroy (Royal) with an excellent specification: a Taylor multi-disc clutch that disengages the drive and allows to motor to keep running; the table has power feed in both directions - vertically as well - and is fitted with a robust machine vice. I've owned this shaper for thirty years, but only used it twice - hence it's in perfect mechanical condition with all the slideways, leadscrews and other moving parts free of wear and the maker's frosting marks still on the slideways (as shown in the photographs below). Running from a 1-phase to 3-phase capacitor bank (though the off switch is faulty) £650 Pictures of the Viceroy/Royal shaper for sale here,   details of Viceroy Royal shapers here (note the hyper links at the top of the page) and a video of the shaper working here

SOLD in immaculate condition and with a wide range of accessories: an Adcock and Shipley 1ES vertical and horizontal milling machine: this is a top-of-the-range model factory fitted with a Bridgeport "J-Type" ram-type, swivelling vertical head with speeds from 67 to 4600 r.p.m. The head has both power down-feed and hand-driven fine and rapid action feeds. Included with the head is the Bridgeport special right-angle adapter and some cutter arbours. The miller has power feed to the 30" x 8" table at rates from 0.24 to 1 mm per resolution of the spindle - the table feeds screws and dials being metric. An Accurite III digital readout is fitted and works on all three axes. The miller has centralised lubrication to the 1ES part of the machine.
Included are all the essential parts and useful accessories: a number of 40 INT horizontal milling arbours and the drop-bracket support (I've never used the miller in the horizontal mode, but have used one previously and, in the slow-speed backgear, are capable of serious metal removal); a range of R8 tooling and collets to fit the Bridgeport spindle, including a nearly new Clarkson type small Autolock collet chuck with metric and imperial collets and a light unit; a good quality but not named, 6-inch diameter rotary table with 4 'T' slots. The table has had a new cursor fitted at the front for easier reading against the degree scale and has been set so that, at 0, the 'T' slots are parallel to the x and y axes. I also had a mounting plate made, surface ground parallel, to raise the rotary table so that the handle cleared the DRO reader on the front edge of the table. An Astra-branded tilting dividing head is also included; approximately 4-inch centre height and fitted with a 4-inch three-jaw chuck - the graduated plate behind the chuck has 36 holes (from memory) to allow simple dividing. It also has the sector arms and handle for compound dividing but I never got around the obtaining division plates. I'll also include a full set of T-nuts, levelling blocks, clamps and clamping bolts and studs.
There is some backlash on the feeds, but when taken up and the digital read out system re-set to zero it has never presented any problems (that's the advantage of a DRO). A second complete and functional Bridgeport head (minus down feed lever and handwheel) is also included--and ideal as source of spares. A very versatile miller, this ES is running on single-phase and so ideal for the smaller workshop. Only selling because the miller is now too large for the nature of the work I do. £2750
Pictures of the Adcock & Shipley for sale here and details of Adcock & Shipley 1ES millers here and Bridgeport milling heads here

: Simonet Type A Toolmaker's lathe. A larger-than-usual type from this Swiss company, this is a high-quality backgeared and screwcutting model with a 5-inch centre height and taking 18 inches between centres. It has a 24mm spindle bore and comes fully equipped with: a set of imperial collets, collet drawbar, collet with Morse taper adapter, two 3-jaw chucks, a 4 jaw chuck (all with internal and external jaws), fixed steady, travelling steady and two 'woodworking' chucks or faceplates. Mounted mounted on the original sturdy maker's cast-iron stand with chip tray, drive comes from an underslung, single-phase motor driving a two-speed spindle via a flat belt. Both isolating and reversing switches are fitted. A bevel-gear backgear unit provides slow speeds for threadcutting, large-diameter turning and boring and incorporates a chuck locking pin for tap and die work. 4-position, quick-indexing toolpost and a full set of 16 changewheels that provide both imperial and metric threadcutting is included and fit in their original, labelled housing on the face of the stand. The tailstock is 2 Morse taper with a long, 5-inch travel spindle travel; a ½" Jacobs chuck is included The tailstock is designed to fit alongside the apron so can be advanced close to the workpiece and has a quick-action cam lock. Manual and power feeds to the leadscrew and cross slide with auto knock-off adjustable stops. The cross-slide micrometer dial is large in diameter, clearly engraved and the top slide is the usual very long travel fitted to this class of lathe. Also included are various centres including a live tailstock centre, a centre mounted drive, a die box, some cutting tools, safety glasses and spare drive belt. £1400 Pictures of the Simonet lathe for sale here and details of Simonet lathes here

: Myford Super 7B lathe with power cross feed. Mounted on the maker's industrial cabinet stand with levelling blocks and a full-length splash-back. Very well equipped with: a superb Newton-Tesla 1-phase to 3-phase variable-speed drive; lever-action collet chuck and 43 of the correct dead-length collets; 19 other collets; Dickson quick-set toolpost with 9 tool holders, two 3-jaw chucks with soft jaws; 4-jaw independent chuck; rear toolpost; light unit; an oil gun and two editions of the maker's instruction and parts manual, catalogues and a copy of the Newton Tesla instructions. The lathe is well used and has developed an unknown fault in the apron's longitudinal feed - though the cross feed works perfectly. Sold as a restoration project - or dismantling for parts - so just £775 Pictures of the Myford Super 7 for sale here and details of Myford Super 7 lathes here

SOLD: Emco FB2 milling machine in superb condition owned by myself, a caring, apprentice trained precision engineer, it was purchased new in 1986. At the time it was a close decision between this or a Tom Senior E type mill - with this chosen primarily for the table power feed option and easy speed change on the geared head versus the Senior's step pulley belt drive and no power feed.
Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with cupboard storage and chip tray, the miller has been little used for just model engineering and remains in superb, pristine condition with an unmarked table. The painted surfaces one so often sees scuffed or chipped have been protected with cork mats and consequently remain in excellent condition.. The miller runs just as it did when new and the imperial feed screws and nuts, although adjustable for wear, have never needed adjustment and have minimal backlash. Located to the column with a long key with gib adjustment, the No. 2 Morse taper head maintains its precise position when moved vertically and has both fine-feed and rapid-action drilling feeds. The genuine Emco power feed unit was fitted from new and the spindle drawbar protective cover is still present.
Complete with all original tools, spanners, the proper Emco dust cover, sales brochure, and user manual.
For transport the machine is easily dismantled into manageable parts and could be moved a hatchback with the seats down. £2750
Pictures of the Emco FB2 miller for sale here and details of Emco FB2 milling machines here

SOLD (in one day)
: Delta Rockwell "10-inch" lathe 5-inch centre height by 26 inches between centres, fitted with a twin-tumbler screwcutting and feeds gearbox, power sliding and surfacing feeds (with snap-in-and-out control) and mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with infinitely-variable speed from around 50 to 1500 r.p.m. Rarely found in the UK, this is a high-quality American-made lathe with an excellent specification. Fitted with a large 3-jaw chuck, 6-inch independent 4-jaw chuck, faceplate, catchplate, thread-dial indicator, 4-way toolpost, light unit and chuck guard. Single-phase with push-button starter and emergency stop switch. In good working order, under power and can be demonstrated. £550 Pictures of the Delta Rockwell lathe for sale here and details of Delta Rockwell lathes here

SOLD: Drummond Metal-turning 3 ½ " BENCH LATHE Mk 2 B-Type Serial No. 3401 3.5" x 15" gap-bed, backgeared, screwcutting and fitted with automatic disengage of the carriage feed. Manufactured between 1912 and 1921. Equipment included with this robust "work-ready" machine: 240 volt single-phase motor with No-Volt safety release driving through V-belts to give 12 spindle speeds. A robust oak supporting bench with a drawer containing a comprehensive selection of turning tools. Two 3-jaw chucks (4" and 5"), two 4-jaw independent chucks (4" and 6"), fixed 3-point steady, height-adjustable toolpost, cross-slide mounted toolpost (for heavy-duty turning without using the top slide), large faceplate and a selection of change-wheels to give both Imperial and Metric screw cutting. Gap bed allows 10" swing using the 9" faceplate. Also includes a box of assorted lathe tools accumulated over the last 70 years - that's how long the present owner has regularly used this lathe! £250 Pictures of the Drummond lathe for sale here and details of this model of Drummond lathe here

: Myford ML7 3.5" x 20" gap-bed, backgeared and screwcutting and mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with levelling block. This late-model ML7 is in exceptionally fine, very little-used condition (though the stand has suffered light rusting through long-term storage). Accessories include: swivelling vertical slide, 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, fixed steady, travelling steady, two tailstock chucks, thread-dial indicator, a complete set of Myford "Boat" tooling (quick-set type), graduated handle to the leadscrew end, Myford Wooden collet case with one collet and the collet loading tool, Morse centres, Record parting tool holder, unused Presto Morse-taper drills, the original maker's Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual, the maker's machine cover and two useful books: "The Amateur's Workshop" and "Myford ML7 Lathe Manual". £975 Pictures of the Myford ML7 for sale here  and details of Myford ML7 lathes here

SOLD: a range of Emco Unimat 3 accessories, many complete with their original box and virtually unused: screwcutting (chasing) attachment with two master formers £175; fretsaw/jigsaw attachment £85; grinding wheel attachment £75; sawbench attachment with two saw blades £95; combing attachment with arbor for use on saw table £38; complete swivelling top slide and toolpost £95; fixed steady £45; T-slotted milling/boring table £65; T-slotted radial faceplate (clamping plate) £45; three spare handles for the feed screws £45; attachment (very rare) to tilt the milling table £45; three milling arbors (steel cylinders) £28; ball-turning attachment (non-Unimat but fits Unimat 3 and Taig lathes) £45 - and a faceplate in aluminium for a Unimat SL £20. Would also consider an offer for the whole package. Pictures of the Emco Unimat 3 accessories for sale here and details of Emco Unimat 3 lathes here

SOLD: Swiss-made Star watchmaker's lathe of the "Geneva" pattern. Complete in the maker's fitted box with 43 collets, a compound, screw-feed slide rest, ring-scroll 3-jaw chuck with face-reversible jaws, flip-up hand T-rest, screw-height adjustable toolpost, tailstock chuck and a variable speed 1-phase motor. In working order and ready to use. £750 Pictures of the Star watchmaker's lathe for sale here and  details of Star watchmaker's lathes here

SOLD: Sheffield-made Faircut lathe 3.3" x 18" gap-bed, backgeared, screwcutting and with an instant-release dog clutch on the leadscrew - this type being the largest and most effective of the type the company's range.  Stored unused for some time it is in sound mechanical order and complete with: vertical milling slide, T-slotted cross slide, following steady, one 3-jaw chuck, three 4-jaw independent chucks, faceplate, screwcutting changewheels, spare chuck backplate, a set of cutting tools and a single-phase motor. £295 Pictures of the Faircut lathe for sale here and details of Faircut lathes here

: Cowells 90 ME miniature precision model engineer's lathe and accessories in pristine, little-used condition. 1.75" centre height by 8" (44 mm x 200 mm) between centres with backgears, screwcutting and a gap bed. Purchased 12 years ago from a railway modeller, I have not used it since apart from cleaning and oiling. The kit includes the original maker's Test Certificate, vertical milling slide, a precision Toyo (Japanese-made) 3-jaw chuck, screwcutting changewheels, single and four-way toolposts, milling chuck, three collets, tailstock drill chuck, two Morse taper centres, faceplate, and several Cowells HSS cutters. £1250 (cost new today with VAT is around £4440). Can pack and ship anywhere at cost - or possibly, deliver within the UK. Pictures of the Cowells 90ME lathe for sale heredetails of Cowells lathes here and the current Cowells price list here

SOLD: Willimott "Ideal" lathe 3.5" x 18" gap-bed, backgeared, screwcutting, T-slotted cross slide and fitted with tumble-reverse drive to the leadscrew. Complete with the maker's cast-iron legs, screwcutting changwheels, 4-way toolpost, 3-jaw chuck and a 1 h.p. single-phase motor. Long-term stored but appears complete and sound. £125  Phone: 01242-581762 Pictures of the Ideal lathe for sale here and details of Ideal lathes here

SOLD: Hobbymat BFE65 Vertical Milling Machine table 160 mm x 450 mm and equipped with fine-feed by handwheel and quick-action drilling by lever. Very little used and employed by a now deceased clockmaker only for very light work, unusually, the miller is complete with a full, 21-piece nosepiece collet set. Fitted with the earlier, more robust, fibre type gears, the miller is in perfect working order. Also included are numerous arbors and slitting saws, milling bits, drilling jig, a vice and all the other items shown in the photographs. £495 Pictures of the Hobbymat milling machine here and details of Hobbymat BFE65 milling machines here.

SOLD: Prazima watchmaker's lathe as a boxed set in the maker's fitted case. Complete, in full working order and ready to use. Accessories include: lever-action compound slide rest, two tailstocks, precision pump-centre faceplate with clamps, 31 wire collets, a set of five step chucks (cone collets), 13 rose cutters, a set of five ring step chucks (fir-tree collets), wax chucks, carrier chuck, roller filing rests, collet-mounted faceplate, four sizes of hand T-rest, self-centring drilling attachment, safety pulley and box chuck, etc. £1750 Pictures of the Prazima watchmaker's lathe for sale here and details of Prazima lathes here

SOLD: Mikron Vertical and Horizontal Precision Milling machine. In full working order, this is a fine example of Mikron engineering mounted on the maker's No. 93 heavy and stable cast-iron stand. Unusually, all the  horizontal and vertical milling accessories are present and this particular example has survived with the maker's slideway scraping marks intact and minimal play in the slideway feed screws and nuts - it has obviously had a very easy life. Table 360 mm x 115 mm with screw-feed travels of 180 mm longitudinally, 70 mm across and 135 mm vertically.
The headstock used on the horizontal set-up is the No. 95 with built-in overarm while the vertical arrangement uses the rare, internally epicyclic-gear No. 95a, together with the indexing plate normally found on the No. 99. The drive arrangement giving 12 speeds with a single-speed electric motor or 24 with a 2-speed type. The No. 98 automatic table feed is present, as is the inclusion of a removable suds tank inside the base and a set of spindle collets..
Pictures of the Mikron milling machine for sale here and  details of Mikron precision milling machines here

: Pultra Model P complete with a screw-feed compound slide rest assembly, lever-action tailstock and with two hard-to-find genuine maker's items: a single-phase Mardive multi-speed, clutch-equipped countershaft drive system and a cast-iron base tray for the lathe. £325 Pictures of the Pultra lathe for sale here and  details of Pultra lathes here 

SOLD: Bridgeport ram-head turret milling machine. In full working order and very well specified with a Sony DRO system and infinitely variable speed power feed to both the longitudinal and (rarely found) the cross-feed as well. Single-phase drive from a variable-speed 1-phase to 3-phase inverter. Although the nominal speed range is already very wide at 67 to 4600 rpm. Using the belt-change head and backgear, the inverter give a vast range of additional speeds. Power down-feed and the spindle takes the usual inexpensive and easily obtained R8 tooling. Fitted with coolant, a set of draw-in collets, a machine vice, micrometer boring head, fly cutter, precision keyless drill chuck, double dial-test indicator stand with two indicators, a third dial test indicator, a range of cutting tools, clamp and levelling set and a light unit. Inspection invited. £1950. Pictures of the Bridgeport milling machine for sale here and details of Bridgeport milling machines here

SOLD: Boxford Model A lathe 4.5" x 24" backgeared and fitted with a screwcutting gearbox and power sliding and surfacing feeds. Mounted on the maker's stand with chip tray and complete with a vast range of accessories including s swivelling milling slide with vice: inch-to-metric screwcutting changewheels, standard changewheel set, four 3-jaw chucks, two 4-jaw chucks, a set of ER Collets (unused) with a nose-piece adapter, Fixed steady of the rare screw-feed-jaw type, travelling steady, the hard-to-find Boxford square-form T-slotted boring table,  quick-set toolpost with around fourteen toolholders, 3-Morse taper offset boring head to mount in the spindle, two 4-way toolposts, a micrometer-adjustable carriage stop, tailstock rotating centre, tailstock chuck, magnetic base with Mitutoyo dial indicator, ball-turning attachment, two faceplates, catchplate, spare tailstock casting and spindle, chuck guard and a light unit. Twelve spindle speeds from a two-speed countershaft together with a superb, variable-speed drive from a 1-phase to 3-phase inverter that gives a range from around 10 to 2000 r.p.m.. £1250 Pictures of the Boxford lathe for sale here and  details of Boxford lathes here

SOLD: Jasic AC/DV TIG Welder Model TIG200P virtually unused and in perfect order. Mounted on a custom trolley with wheels and casters. Complete with a good selection of welding rods and a cylinder. Cost new over £1700 (invoice available). Offered at just £850 Pictures of the Jasic welder for sale here and details of Jasic welders here
Also available: a professional quality but older MIG welder in working order £55

For Sale:
- Steel tooling cabinet
holding measuring and inspection accessories, new and used micrometers, dial gauges, indicators, tooling, taps, dies, drill sets, milling cutters, bore gauges, etc. £200 - SOLD
- Fobco "Star" bench drill. In original, unmolested condition complete with all the correct fittings and levers. Includes a machine vice. £195 Pictures of the tools and Fobco drills here - SOLD

SOLD: Adept Model 2A hand-operated shaper. Complete but long-term stored and so an ideal candidate for a straightforward yet interesting restoration. The larger of the two Adept hand-operated shapers made, the 2A has a useful  7" x 6" table with vertical T-slots 6-inches high and a ram travel of 6.25". £175
Pictures of the Adept hand-operated shaper for sale here and details of these appealing and highly effective little shapers here

SOLD: Schaublin 65 miniature precision lathe (65 mm centre height) in fine, original, smooth-running condition. Complete with: 43 headstock draw-in collets with draw tube; a high-quality ring-scroll, collet-held 3-jaw chuck with face-reversible jaws; 4-jaw independent chuck; catchplate; hand T-rest; tailstock chuck and a length of new round leather drive belting. Single-phase 0.4 h.p. motor. £1500 Am prepared to crate and ship at cost. Pictures of the Schaublin 65 for sale here and details of Schaublin 65 lathes here

SOLD: Myford ML2 lathe in need of restoration. 3.125" x 15" gap bed, backgeared and screwcutting. The lathe is complete on the maker's cast-iron chip tray and has the original attached countershaft unit with all-V-belt drive. Complete with two 3-jaw chucks, an independent 4-jaw chuck, two tailstock rotating centres, tailstock chuck, 4-way toolpost, faceplate, screwcutting changewheels, an indexing attachment and a GEC 0.5 h.p. single-phase motor. £150  Pictures of the Myford ML2 for sale here and details of Myford ML2 lathes here

: a Mk. 2 Drummond Hand-operated shaper in original, complete and unmolested condition. The shaper was one of the Drummond Company's first products and when first made when the Drummond Brothers were still operating from the home address of Arthur Drummond in Pinks Hill, Wood Street, Guildford. Protected by patents (GB) 24772 and 24773 dated November 5th 1908 together with 25262 and 25263 of November 9th 1908, it was a very well-made, rugged little machine with an automatic feed in both directions and made in early and late forms. Table 8" x 9" with 6 inches of longitudinal travel and 3 inches vertically - both power driven. Complete with the original maker's vice. £350
Pictures of the Drummond Shaper for sale here and details of Drummond shapers here

SOLD: an 8 mm Lorch watchmakers lathe in very good condition in a late, if not the last version of a Lorch fitted box. The comprehensive set includes amongst other items: compound, screw-feed slide rest with a two-T-slot top slide; headstock with drawbar; headstock with a high-precision, pump-centre fixed faceplate;  three different tailstocks, an ordinary tailstock (not depicted in the advert ), a tailstock with lever-operated drilling accessory (Lorch catalogue nr. 46) and a lever-action tailstock for use of collets (Lorch catalogue nr. 69b);  six runners for the ordinary tailstock; a universal runner with four attachments including a Jacot drum for pivot polishing; six driving dogs; full set of five ring chucks; full set of five step chucks; complete tool holder for cross slide; T-rest holder with two different T-rests; a huge collection of 51 collets in sizes:  0,3 - 0,4 -0,5 - 0,6 -0,8 -0,9 -1,0 -1,2 -1,4  -1,5 -1,6- 1,8- 1,9- 2,0 - 2,2 -2,3- 2,4- 2,5- 2,6 - 2,8- 2,9-  3,0-  3,1- 3,2-  3,4- 3,5- 3,6 - 3,8-  3,9- 4,0- 4,1-  4,2-  4,3-  4,4-  4,5-  4,6  - 4,7  - 4,8 -  5,0  -5,2  - 5,3 - 5,4  und further up to 7,0 mm with 0,2 mm increments; filing rest; eccentric runner for headstock (Lorch catalogue nr. 51a); eight screw chucks; carrier chuck; combined pulley runner for headstock (also known as a safety pulley); box chuck; 48 inserts for the tailstock and a fine Multifix motor. £3250 (GBP3250).  Shipping within  Europe £75 (£75GBP) Pictures of the Lorch watchmaker's lathe for sale here and details of Lorch lathes here

SOLD: Colchester Bantam 1600 5.75" x 23" with all-geared headstock and sliding and surfacing feeds. A full screwcutting gearbox and the 2-speed motor works on both speeds from a high-quality genuine Transwave converter. Complete with: Two 3-jaw chucks, the correct Burnerd 8-inch half-depth body 4-jaw independent chuck, quick-change and standard toolposts, extra changewheels to extend the gearbox threading range, coolant pump, a thread-dial indicator, faceplate, tailstock chuck, micrometer dial on tailstock handwheel, spare chuck backplates, coolant pump, a machine light and an original edition of the maker's operation and maintenance manual (plus a copy). The lathe has been unused for some time but carefully protected by a sealant on the bare metal surfaces - the brown stains are the rust proofing, not rust. A compact, very strongly-built and rigid lathe with a wide speed range. £1250 Pictures of the Colchester Bantam for sale here and details of Bantam lathes here

- Vertical head to fit Tom Senior M1 and Major milling machines complete with adapter plate. £475
- Abor-support drop bracket £200
- 1-inch diameter, 3 Morse taper Cutter arbor complete with spacers £75
- Round overarm £75
Pictures of the Tom Senior parts for sale here and details of Tom Senior millers here

SOLD: Pultra P-Type miniature precision lathe. 50 mm centre height and complete on the maker's cast base plate with: a compound screw-feed slide rest assembly and a large set of collets and the collet draw bar. £550 Pictures of the Pultra for sale here and details of Pultra lathes here

SOLD: A complex, triple-slide ornamental turning lathe chuck in bronze with a built in rotary table, indexing mechanism and division plate - making it suitable for spiral turning. Suitable for almost any lathe of this type: Holtzapffel, Goyen, Birch or as used on the better-quality examples of Milnes and Britannia machines. £750 Pictures of the ornamental lathe chuck for sale here

SOLD: Lorch WW late-model watchmakers' lathe on the maker's  special cast base with integral single-phase motor and built-in switchgear. While the lathe is standard Lorch the superb, rigid and heavy base section is unusual and rarely found. Included are the maker's compound slide rest assembly, lever-action collet closer, a precision ring-scroll 3-jaw chuck with reversible face jaws and a 4-way toolpost.  £750 Pictures of the Lorch watchmakers' lathe for sale here and details of Lorch watchmakers' lathes here

: a large, powerful, floor-stand Denbigh Pillar Drill (probably a "Model 1") with backgear for high-torque slow speeds; powered down feeds; a No. 3 Morse taper spindle; a round, swivelling table with screw-feed elevation and drive from a 3-phase motor. In full working order and complete with a number of drill chucks; Morse taper drills and a huge machine vice. £350 Pictures of the Denbigh drill for sale here and  details of Denbigh drills can be found here

SOLD: an English-made BTM watchmakers' lathe in excellent, lightly-used  condition and complete with accessories all held in the maker's original fitted wooden box marked "War Finish". Accessories included: a full screw-feed compound slide rest assembly; two beds, one straight the other with a gap; two tailstocks; Burnerd 3-jaw ring-scroll precision chuck with face reversible jaws; carrier chuck for between-centres work, wire collets; stepped collets; box chuck; polishing mop, single phase motor with countershaft - and other items shown in the photographs.
Pictures of the BTM watchmakers' lathe for sale here and details of B.T.M. lathes here

SOLD: Myford Super 7B Lathe 3.5" x 19" gap-bed, backgeared and fitted with a screwcutting gearbox, power cross feed an induction hardened bed and mounted on a good metal stand with the maker's deep chip tray and levelling blocks. This is a very high specification Super 7 in perfect working order and one private owner from new. Complete with a Burnerd 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, fixed steady, travelling steady, 4-way toolpost, rear toolpost, thread-dial indicator, faceplate, catchplate, tailstock chuck, dial-test indicator and stand, Morse centres and copy of the maker's Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual. This is an executor sale that needs to be completed quickly - hence the bargain price of £2500 or a close offer. Pictures of the Myford Super 7B for sale here and details of Myford Super 7 lathes here

: BCA MK111 Universal Jig Boring & Milling Machine mounted on the correct cabinet stand and fitted with 2-axis DRO. 8-inch diameter rotary table mounted on a compound X and Y feed table, ultra-fine down-feed to the swivelling vertical head. Equipped with a variety of spindle & table equipment including collets and a toolmaker's vice. Pictures of the BCA jig borer for sale here and full details of BCA jig borers here

: RJH pedestal-mounted, double-ended grinder Model BN. Fitted with a pair 400 x 50 carborundum wheels, one an A46 grit, the other A60. Included are two brand new boxed wheels to the same speciation (these are over £200 each to buy). Complete in perfect running order (3-phase) and with eye shields and tool rests. A bargain at £950 (the new price, including VAT, is £8280…) No pictures I'm afraid but an example of the same model (its still made) can be seen here in its brochure

: A high-precision Mikron milling machine complete with: base unit (93) fitted with screw-operated slides and with adjustable travel stops (the table has a couple of small gouges from contact with a cutter); horizontal milling headstock (95), sets of coarse and fine thread collets; vertical milling headstock (97), which can be swivelled 45° each way from vertical and the matching collet draw tubes; the correct Mikron small swivel-base machine vice graduated 90° 0 - 90° complete the correct wrench;  a Mikron plain indexing head (99) with one division plate; a second plain indexing head of slightly different pattern (each indexing head accept both the coarse and fine thread collets but will need suitable drawtubes making or adapting; tailstock (100) for indexing heads (the heads and tailstock would benefit from stripping and cleaning). The miller is in excellent condition with the vertical head and second machine painted - however Mikron tended to supply machines unpainted because of their superb, as-cast finish. All slides operate smoothly. Included in the sale is a second Mikron miller and a horizontal-type headstock. The headstock is fitted with epicyclic, slow-speed back gearing - the normal engagement pin is cut with a rack and operated by a small shaft with a pinion cut on its outer end. However, this is missing - but it works just as well with a plain pin pushed in and out. This machine is also in good condition but has one or two 'scuff' marks on the table and lacks the gib keys on two of the axes. These are identical with those on the other machine so they can be used as patterns for making replacements. This second machine is not fitted with stops so may be an earlier version. On the main machine the gibs will need adjusting, having been dismantled for moving. A countershaft will be needed and I had in mind making one using some Myford ML7 countershafts parts I have - but as I do not have the time these parts will be included if required. There is also a flat-belt pulley that can be adapted. Pictures of the Mikron millers for sale here and  details of Mikron Milling machines here

: Colchester Master 2500 lathe 6.5" x 30" with 16 clutch-controlled spindle speeds to 2500 r.p.m. Fitted with Gamet high-precision spindle bearings and mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with a full-length splash back and slide-out chip tray. Very well equipped with: coolant equipment, 3-jaw chuck and several sets of inside and outside jaws, 3-jaw chuck with soft jaws, four 4-jaw independent chucks, the maker's special optional-extra, large diameter T-slotted faceplate, Dickson quick-set toolpost, two tailstock rotating centres, keyless precision tailstock chuck, a large collection of high-speed steel and tipped turning tools, Morse taper drills and associated parts, chuck guard, thread-dial indicator, a collection of Morse centres and a LoVo light unit. £1495 Also sold: a large surface plate on its own legs - possibly salvageable but would make a superb stand to improve the rigidity of a smaller lathe. Any offer considered. Pictures of the Colchester Master 2500 lathe and surface plate for sale here and details of Colchester Master 2500 lathes here

SOLD: Toyo ML360 lathe (badged for Record Tools of Sheffield) with the maker's self-contained swivelling vertical milling and drilling head. I bought this well-made, compact and versatile lathe in what appeared to be unused condition - and since then has had only light and infrequent use. It's a very accurate and easy-to-use lathe with a fully shielded leadscrew and a number of useful accessories including: a custom-made screw-feed rise and fall to the milling head, both fine-feed and rapid action drill feeds to the milling head, dividing attachment with indexing plate, 3-jaw chuck, carriage feed slow-speed attachment, 4-way toolpost, collet nose piece holder, 10-piece collet set, rotating tailstock centre, tailstock chuck, drill chuck for the milling head, T-slotted faceplate, chuck-mounting arbor, a home-made but excellent  chip tray and splashback, a set of spare drive belts and the maker's Operating manual. Current list price from Rejon, the UK agent, exceeds £3600. Offered at £1650 Pictures of the Toyo ML360 for sale here and details of this compact, versatile lathe here

SOLD: Vintage Patrick lathe 4" x 16 gap-bed, backgeared and screwcutting with a T-slotted cross slide and swivelling top slide. Mounted on the maker cast-iron stand and chip tray. Complete with a 3-jaw chuck, a very large faceplate, 26 changewheels stamped with their tooth count from 35 to 127t (the last a metric transposing wheel) plus another 10 not numbered. £95 Pictures of the Patrick lathe for sale here and details of Patrick lathes here

SOLD: CVA Type 79 Vertical Milling Machine - refurbished. I have spent a considerable amount of time on this high-quality machine tool. Everything has been apart and thoroughly cleaned and stripped followed by a full repaint in grey cellulose. The slides are good and everything moves like it should with a solid feel. The 3 h.p. NECO flange-mount motor has been overhauled: cleaned internally with re-insulated windings, new bearings and the alloy pulleys repaired. In addition all the electrics have been overhauled with new wiring a period MEM safety, no-volt-release switch with a Radette isolator switch and the correct galvanised and corrugated wiring tubes.
The quill has been fully reworked with the bearing surface on the mandrel ground true and hard-chrome plated to restore the original dimensions. The quill bush has been reground in the bore to bring everything back within tolerance. Even the "worsted trimmings" within the quill that feed the bearing through wicks have been replaced correctly and the system works perfectly. The oil is wicked through the bearing and caught below in a can for re-use. I've also made the correct spindle end nut/drawbar thrust washer and compensating spring- items often missing on these millers. 
Equipment includes an Abwood vice with soft jaws, a brand-new, old-stock 3 Morse taper Clarkson Autolock chuck and a 3 Morse taper ABC precision boring head. Ready to run and do good work again. £650 Pictures of the CVA Type 79 milling machine for sale here and details of CVA millers here

: British made Excel hydraulic surface grinder. Capacity 24" x 8" with power rise and fall head. Equipped with an Eclipse magnetic chuck, coolant and a diamond wheel dresser. Wheel size 1" x 8" - three new wheels are included. A copy of the maker's manual is included. This is a high-quality grinder and in perfect working order and only for sale due to retirement from my precision machine-shop business £850 Pictures of the Excel surface grinder for sale here

SOLD: a compact precision Leinen Capstan Lathe (Boley & Leinen) Type JR. 1-inch collet capacity with 43 collets, 3-speed 3-phase motor that gives twelve spindle speeds from 30 to 2800 r.p.m, coolant equipment and a very handy, foot-pedal operated, instant reversing facility for tapping. In full working order and ideal for short-run jobs. Only for sale due to retirement from my precision machine-shop business. £450 Phone: 07970-672-628  Pictures of the Leinen capstan lathe for sale here

SOLD:  Mipsa Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinder - a very high-quality Swiss Machine with hydraulic drive. Takes up to 5 inches (125 mm) in diameter and 16 inches (406 mm) between centres. Wheel size 1" (25 mm) wide by 10 inches (250 mm) and equipped with a swivelling workhead, 3-jaw work chuck, a double swivelling wheelhead, swivel table, rotating centre, one new wheel and the maker's instruction book. 3-phase electrics and fitted with coolant. In perfect working order and only for sale due to retirement from my precision machine-shop business. £850 Pictures of the Mipsa cylindrical grinder for sale here

SOLD: Woodhouse & Mitchell '70' Junior Gap Bed Centre Lathe 7-inch centre height, 36 inches between centres and fitted with a detachable gap piece to the bed.. Fitted with a full screwcutting and feeds gearbox and an oil-immerse, multi-plate spindle clutch in the headstock The feeds are protected by a safety-over-ride clutch. Complete with a Pratt Burnerd 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, large faceplate, 4-way toolpost, thread-dial indicator, coolant equipment and the maker's instruction manual. 2-speed, 3-phase motor - recently rewound with spindle speeds of 30 to 874 r.p.m. In excellent working order and only for sale due to retirement from my precision machine-shop business £850 Pictures of the Woodhouse Mitchell Junior 70 lathe for sale here and details of Woodhouse & Mitchell 70 Junior lathes here

: Aciera F4 precision universal milling machine - a lovely, Swiss-built machine complete with the essential complex multi-angle tilting and swing table. No.30 INT spindle fitting on both the vertical and horizontal spindles. In full working order. No photographs I'm afraid (I don't have a computer) but you are welcome to phone for more details and call to inspect. Details of Aciera F4 universal milling machines here

SOLD: a superb Kärger DP3 Precision Lathe. This very fine example of a classic toolmaker's lathe is mounted on the maker's stand with both a single-phase motor-driven countershaft and complete with its original treadle driven flywheel drive - allowing you to get fit while being productive. Complete with a mass of standard and stepped collets; all the special thread-chasing equipment including fine-pitch threads and bronze star followers; three tailstocks - one with a capstan-handle equipped lever feed, the other with a standard lever feed and the third with screw-feed; a dividing unit with indexing plate; a Boxford milling slide with its T-slotted table on which is mounted a high-speed milling, drilling and grinding spindle; a "Potts" type round milling slide; three 3-jaw chucks (one a precision Cushman and a conical-scroll Taylor); Burnerd self-centring 4-jaw chuck; T-slotted boring table; a "Target" horizontal milling attachment of the type described here; quick-set toolpost; fixed steady;  a large-capacity faceplate-cum-4-jaw chuck; and a large diameter standard faceplate. The previous owner, a clock and watch, repairer, developed his own overhead system to allow for some ornamental turning and this is also included. A heavy lathe, it appears never to have been dismantled and is probably best kept in that state when moved. It's available to view in Cornwall. £950
Pictures of the Karger Precison lathe for sale here and details of Karger lathes here

: Myford Super 7B 3.5"" X 19", gap bed, backgeared and fitted with a screwcutting gearbox, power cross feed and single-phase electrics with a Dewhurst reversing switch and emergency stop button. A late model in green, the lathe is mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with deep chip tray and levelling blocks. Imperial graduations and spindle speeds from 27 to 2195 r.p.m. Very well equipped with: a genuine Myford coolant unit, Dickson quick-set toolpost with five toolholders including one for parting tools, left and right-hand turning tools by Glanze with tips together with a varied selection of tools for the standard tool post. Nearly new 3-jaw chuck, the correct half-depth body 6-inch 4-jaw chuck, fixed steady, travelling steady, graduated handle to the leadscrew end, thread-dial indicator, tailstock rotating centre, 7" faceplate, catchplate, lathe carrier, oil gun with a bottle of the correct Nuto 32  oil, the proper Myford lathe cover, handbooks covering the lathe, gearbox and drum switch plus an original Super 7 brochure. Also included is a 48-piece gauge block set and a Baty dial gauge.  I'm just not using the lathe so I thought it the right time to sell it to someone who will use it. In immaculate, very little-used condition and has been kept in a very dry garage attached to the house and received regular lubrication. £2995 Pictures of the Myford Super 7B for sale here and details of Myford Super 7 Lathes here

: Warco GH 1330 centre lathe. Geared head, 7-inch centre height and 24 inches between centres. A very well built and specified lathe, hardly used and in as-new condition. Detachable gap bed, induction hardened bedways, full inch and metric screwcutting and feeds gearbox, safety overload clutch on the power-feed shaft, enclosed leadscrew and a powerful spindle brake. Single-phase electrics (European electrical components, Siemens or Telemachanique), 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw  chuck. Quick change toolpost with 10 tool holders, micrometer carriage stop, keyless precision tailstock chuck, thread-dial indicator, interlocked chuck guard and all the other parts supplied with a new lathe. Can assist with loading. £2250 (Current list price £3750) Would consider vintage or classic motorcycle part-exchange. Pictures of the Warco GH-1330 lathe for sale here, details of Warco GH 1330 lathes here and also on the Warco website here

: Tom Senior M1 horizontal / vertical milling machine complete with all fittings to convert from vertical to a horizontal configuration. 240-volt single phase motor and complete with a Clarkson Auto-Lock chuck and collet set for vertical head together with a selection of cutters (some of which are brand new) and a factory machine vice, Has no wear or tool marks on bed and the vice is also in exceptionally good condition. The lever that controls the bed feed is missing  - it's a ball but this doesn't affect it's operation and I'm sure it could be repaired easily. I can help with loading onto trailer or courier from my driveway. £995  Phone: 75046- 95908 (Chartham, Kent)  Pictures of the Tom Senior M1 milling machine for sale here and details of Tom Senior M1 millers here

: Boxford AUD Mk. 3 lathe 5" x 24" mounted on the maker's late-type compact underdrive stand fitted with a full-length splashback and tool tray and just 47" long by 22" deep. An all-metric machine, the lathe has power sliding and surfacing feeds, a screwcutting gearbox and single-lever engagement of backgears. In very good condition, with very little wear, I have used it for three years to make a number of useful parts - and am only selling to move on to a larger lathe. Decently equipped with: 3-jaw chuck, the correct 6-inch Burnerd independent 4-jaw chuck, travelling steady, quick-set toolpost with two toolholders, metric thread-dial indicator with two gears and the maker's swivel alignment block, carriage stop, chuck guard, tailstock drill chuck, light unit and the maker's instruction book (the collet holder shown in one picture is not included). Single-phase electrics. There is the possibility of delivery in the Manchester and Sheffield areas - and in between £1250 Pictures of the Boxford AUD for sale here and details of Boxford lathes here 

: a collection of Mikron T90 precision bench lathes, accessories, parts and tooling that allows a number of functional combinations to be assembled from toolroom to capstan production types. The items are:
A Mikron T90 lathe on the maker's original stand with the correct countershaft. Fitted with infinitely variable speed drive plus a large collection of associated Mikron T90 accessories including:-
Two headstocks Type 8 plus one for spares
Headstock Type 11 'dead length' with lever-operated collet draw tube (shown mounted on the lathe)
Headstock Type 18 'large bore' with approximately 72 matching collets and choice of lever or normal draw-tube closing
Standard compound slide Type 21
Standard compound slide Type 21a
Lever-operated compound cut-off slide Type 25
Screw-operated cut-off slide Type 23 (shown mounted on the lathe)
Two tailstocks Type 38
A beautiful and very special bed-mounted turret / capstan unit Type 35 with cross-slide feed  (shown mounted on the lathe)
Around 200 standard imperial and metric collets
T90 short lathe bed No. 6 (750 mm long)  recently reground complete with its original swarf tray;
No 1 standard 900 mm bed.
Spare No. 1 beds with an extra 65 mm of length to mount the lever-operated collet closer.
4" Burnerd Three jaw chuck with inside and outside jaws, plus three backplates and a faceplate.
Various items of turret tooling
Hand-turning rest No. 47
Fixed steady No. 65
There are enough items to make at least two complete lathes with a flexible set-up. £1750 

SOLD: Floor-standing White chain and chisel mortiser with grindstone attachment. Powerful 3-phase, 2 h.p. motor and in working order - though long-term unused. £375 Pictures of the White chain mortiser for sale here

: a late-model Elliott Omnimil Model 00 universal milling machine with a 30 INT horizontal spindle and a No. 3 Morse vertical. This compact yet highly versatile turret-type machine has both vertical and horizontal modes. Spindle speeds for the swivelling vertical head (that can also be moved in and out) range from 200 to 3600 r.p.m. The table, with 8 rates of electric power feed (as fitted to only late-model versions), measures around 28" x 7" . Items included consist of: the horizontal cutter arbor, Autolock collet chuck and a horizontal cutter guard. 3-phase electrics. (the ball knobs on the down-feed spider are now in place) and copy of the makers Operation and Parts Manual. All the various bearings have been replaced - vertical and horizontal spindles, table-lift thrust etc., and new belts and oiling/greasing nipples fitted. £1450 Pictures of the Elliott Omnimil for sale here and details of Elliott Omnimil 00 and associated models here

SOLD: a wonderful Ames "Triplex" Multi-function Machine Tool. Built in the United States by the Ames Company - well known for their high-precision machine tools - the design of the "Triplex" is unique - enabling it to be used as milling machine, co-ordinate driller, horizontal borer and lathe. Very expensive when new - the price of a Chevy Roadster or three South Bend lathes - a few example were imported into Great Britain during WW2 and sent to experimental stations and (at least one) to the British Tabulating Company (BTM) - makers of the mechanical "Bombes" used in the Colossus computer at Bletchley Park during WW2. Mounted on the maker's cast-iron stand this example is long-term unused and in need of simple recommissioning. A tailstock is included - but not shown in the pictures. £1750 Pictures of the Ames Triplex for sale here and details of theTriplex and its amazing versatility can be seen here - spread over three linked pages

SOLD: Myford ML7 lathe 3.5" x 20" gap-bed, backgeared and screwcutting  and fitted with the desirable clutch unit. One owner from new, appears little used and still in in the maker's original paint. However, long-term stored with some cosmetic deterioration. Equipped with a 3-jaw chuck with both sets of jaws, 4-jaw chuck, thread-dial indicator, travelling steady, set of screwcutting changewheels, tailstock chuck, faceplate, catchplate and various boxes of drills, reamers and cutting tools, etc. Single-phase motor and push-button starter. £750 Phone: (Whitchurch, Shrops.) Pictures of the Myford ML7 for sale here and details of Myford ML7 lathes here

SOLD: Colchester Bantam lathe 5.75" x 22" with hardened bed, metric screwcutting gearbox, power sliding and surfacing feeds and mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with a full-length splash back. This Bantam is ex-college and so lightly used, well maintained and kept in excellent condition. Complete with: Crawford Collet chuck and a set of C5 collets, 3-jaw chuck with both sets of jaws, the correct 8-inch diameter Burnerd 4-jaw independent chuck, Dixon quick-change toolpost, fixed steady, travelling steady, the maker's standard set plus additional changewheels to extend the threading range of the gearbox (including a 127t transposing gear) and a copy of the Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual. Also included is a copy of the maker's 3-phase electrics, so ideal for running from a variable-speed 1-phase to 3-phase inverter. £1250. Pictures of the Colchester Bantam for sale here and details of Colchester Bantam lathes here

SOLD: Boxford Model C lathe 4.5" x 24" backgeared and screwcutting. Mounted on the maker's stand with chip tray this Boxford is well equipped with a mass of tooling - everything shown in the pictures - that includes: 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, a genuine Boxford 4-way toolpost, chuck guard, three tailstock chucks, tailstock die holder, masses of taps, dies, reamers and drills. A vernier caliper, sets of standard calipers, cutting and boring tools including Jones & Shipman tool holders and a parting blade holder, knurling tools, milling cutters, sets of reamers, arbor with slitting saws, drive dogs, a useful quantity of bar and other metal stock, Morse centres and Morse taper adapters, V-blocks, hand vices, hand T-rest - plus all the small parts in boxes and tins stacked on the shelves. 1-phase motor with Stanton reversing switch. There may well be other parts as well. £1250 Pictures of the Boxford lathe for sale here and details of Boxford lathes here

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