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Lathe and Machine Tool Accessories and Spares to fit:
Atlas, Boxford, Centec, Cromwell, Deckel, Emco, Myford, Raglan, South Bend, etc. (scroll down to find)

We can also manufacture one-off parts including casting and gears
 Tony Griffiths, Wardlow, Tideswell, BUXTON, Derbyshire, SK17 8RP England
Phone 01298 -871633 or fax: 01298-872874

Payment can be Credit or Debit Card, Switch or Cheque
All prices are plus post and VAT
Overseas sales are tax free


American long-nose taper size L00 UK-made. 7-inch diameter. £147

American long-nose taper size L0 (early Colchester Student and master, etc.) 10-inch diameter. £178

D1-3” CamLock 5-inch £125


Stock 001 Lathe CHUCKS: we have a large selection of European-manufactured high-quality chucks with plain recess back, camlock and various other. Prices vary with special offers often available. Phone: 01298-871333 or email: for details


Stock 001C NEW plain vertical milling slides. British-made, very high quality and suitable for a wide range of small lathes. Fitted with a plain base (115mm x 90mm) that can be drilled to suit the spacing of T bolts or easily modified for other fittings. Table size: 170mm x 100mm (65/8" x 4") with 3 T slots (on Myford spacing) and 90 mm (3.5”) of travel. Acme-form feed screw, inch or metric graduations on micrometer dial. Replaceable bronze nut. £155

Stock 001D NEW plain LARGE vertical milling slides. British-made and suitable for 4.5-inch to 8-inch centre height lathes: Fitted with a plain base (approximately 140mm x 120mm) Table 5” x 8.5” (127mm x 216mm) with 5 T slots and 5 inches (127mm) of travel. Acme-form feed screw, inch or metric graduations on micrometer dial. Replaceable bronze nut. To special order. £265

Stock 002:  New Reversing Switches for 1-phase or 3-phase. Modern, compact, high-quality: £75 (US$135)
Stock 003:  New Reversing Switches for two, three and 4-speed motors: quotation on request.

Turning tools: High-Speed steel. Boxed Set of 8 different high-quality tools covering all the normal applications of turning, boring and threading:
Stock 004:  6mm (1/4") square shank £26
Stock 004A:  7.5mm (5/16") square shank £37
Stock 004B:  10mm (3/8") square shank £46
Stock 004C:  13mm (1/2") square shank £59

Turning tools: Indexible Carbide Tipped.
Stock 008 Set of 5 different holders (all using the same design of tip) in either 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, (1/4", 5/16" and 3/8")
square at the same price. Each tool has its own triangular tip set at a different angle. £35 
Stock: 008A 12mm (1/2") square holder £39
Stock: 009 Spare tips, individually wrapped: £3.25  each

Turning tools: Indexible Carbide Tipped.
Stock 9AA Long type (4" - 100mm) 3/8" (10mm) square (ideal for Boxford and similar lathes). Set of 5. £45

Stock 010: Quick-change Toolholder for small lathes up to 100mm (4") centre height - Myford ML10, ML7, Compact 8, etc -
"Dickson" type with central block and complete with 4-stations to hold standard, parting-off and boring tools: All parts hardened and ground. £125 

Stock 010A:  Quick-change Toolholder for lathes between 100mm and 140mm (4 to 5.5-inch) centre height (Boxford, South Bend, Raglan, Emco V10, Sheldon, etc). "Dickson" type with central block and complete with 4-stations to hold standard, parting-off and boring tools: All parts hardened and ground. £140

Stock 011 Heavy-Duty "Piston" Quick-Set Toolholder - double location to take the five supplied interchangeable tool stations: 2 standard, 1 parting, 1 knurling (complete with knurl) and one cylindrical. All parts hardened and ground.
(Size A is ideal for Boxford 4.5" and 5" centre-height lathes, Raglan, South Bends, etc. and similar-size lathes)
Stock 011A:  Size A for lathes from 100mm and 140mm (4" to 5") centre height £165 
Stock 011B:  Size B for lathes from 140mm to 190mm (5" to 6.5") centre height £195
Stock 011C:  Size C for lathes from 190mm to 230mm (6.5" to 9") centre height £240
Fitting the toolposts - this might need some study. The following is an outline of what you might have to do: The units require a top slide with either: a) a T slot b) a stud that passes through to end as a circular flange that sits in a circle machined into the roof of the upper top-slide casting (this is a common way of securing an ordinary toolpost and spreads the load across the top of the casting) c) a screw-in stud (only used on older or cheaper new lathes) Supplied with the unit is a block of steel into which is threaded the central retaining stud. The steel block can be milled to form a suitable T-nut, or to replicate the circular retaining flange. If no milling facilities are available to make the T-nut, instead the block can be turned to make a disc thick enough to enter the wider part of the T-slot in the top slide and then the edges filed flat so that it enter the slot and so prevented from turning. If the "circular-flange" fitting is used, the block can be machined to suit and the stud provided screwed in and loctited With a simple screwed in stud (this is now very rare) - a suitably long replacement will have to be made, or the casting tapped to accept the one provided.

Stock 012:  Small 4-way toolposts for small lathes up to 75mm (3.5") centre height. 2” (25 mm) square. £29

Stock 013:  Parting Tool Holder and blade for Miniature lathes - Sherline, Unimat DB200, SL1000
, Unimat 3, Hobbymat (Prazi) MD65, etc. £15.50 
Stock 013B:  Spare Blades: £4

Stock 014: Parting Tool Holder
and Blade for Small lathes - Myford ML7, Super 7, Chinese 918s, Boxford, South Bend, Sheldon, Logan, etc. £24.00

Stock 015 Parting Tool Holder and Blade for larger lathes:

Stock 015A Parting Tool Holder and Blade

Stock 015B Parting Tool Holder and Blade

Stock 015C Parting Tool Holder and Blade


Boring Bars: square section body, split on one side, with sliding bar toolholder. The classic boring bar:
Stock 016:  9.5mm square holder £18
Stock 016A:  11mm square holder £21
Stock 016B:  14mm square holder £27 
Stock 016C:  16mm square holder £32 
Stock 016D   19mm square holder £38


"Autolock" Style Collet Holders for milling machines. The 2-Morse version is also ideal for lathe headstock use.
Complete with 4 Metric (6, 10, 12 & 16mm) or 4 English (1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8") collets.
Stock 020  No. 2 Morse taper (4 x inch collets) £120
Stock 020A  No. 2 Morse taper (4 x metric + 4 English collets) £145
Stock 020B  No. 3 Morse taper (4 x metric collets) £120 
Stock 020C  No. 3 Morse taper (4 x metric + 4 inch collets) £140
Stock 020D  INT30 (4x inch collets) £145 
Stock 020E  INT40 (4 x metric collets) £145
Stock 020F  R8 taper (4 x inch collets) £140
Stock 020G  R8 taper (4 x metric + 4 English collets) £155 

Spare Collets:
¼”,  3/8”,   ½”,  5/8”: all £19 each
6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm: all  £19 each

End Mills
Stock 020AA 5 piece standard endmill set. Threaded shanks. Inch sizes: 1/8", 1/4", 5/16". 3/8", 1/2":  £19.50
Stock 020BB 5 piece standard endmill set. Threaded shanks. Metric sizes: 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm:  £19.50
Stock 020CC 12 piece (wooden-box) endmill set with 6 ordinary endmills and 6 ball nose types. Inch sizes from 1/8" to 3/4" Standard threaded shank. £48
Stock 020DD 12 piece (wooden-box) endmill set with 6 ordinary endmills and 6 ball nose types. Metric sizes from 3mm to 20mm  Standard threaded shank. £48
Stock 020EE 20 piece titanium-coated. Plain-shank. Inch sizes from 1/8" to 3/4" £67
Stock 020FF 20 piece titanium-coated. Plain-shank. Metric sizes from 3mm to 20mm £67


Short Conversion Sleeves Morse taper to Morse taper (lathe headstock spindle sleeve-down use)
Stock 027A Outside taper No.3 inside taper No. 2 £41.00
Stock 027B Outside taper No.4 inside taper No. 3 £41.00
Stock 027E Outside taper No.5 inside taper No. 2 £44.00

Stock 027F Outside taper No.5 inside taper No. 3 £44.00
Stock 027G Outside taper No.5 inside taper No. 4 £44.00

Stock 027G Outside taper No.6 inside taper No. 3 £98.00 – special order

Stock 027G Outside taper No.6 inside taper No. 4 98.00 – special order

Stock 027G Outside taper No.6 inside taper No. 5 £98.00 – special order


Conversion Sleeves Morse taper to other tapers
Stock 027H Outside No. 4 Morse internal R8  £75


Conversion Sleeves R8 to Morse taper
Stock 08R1  R8 to No. 1 Morse £56

Stock 08R2  R8 to No. 2 Morse £68

Stock 08R3  R8 to No. 3 Morse £78


Conversion Sleeves International Taper to Morse taper

Stock 08NT30  NT30 to No. 1 Morse = £48

Stock 08NT30  NT308 to No. 2 Morse = £28

Stock 08NT30A  NT30 to No. 3 Morse = £28

Stock 08NT40  NT40 to No. 1 Morse = £68

Stock 08NT40  NT40 to No. 2 Morse = £68

Stock 08NT40  NT40 to No. 3 Morse = £68

Stock 08NT40  NT40 to No. 4 Morse = £78

NT50 to Morse on request


Stock 024  Knurling Tool - clamp type - for miniature lathes (Unimat SL, Sherline, Unimat 3, Unimat 4, etc.)  £17.80  (US$27)
Stock 024A  Knurling Tool - clamp type - for small lathes (Myford ML10, ML7, Emco 7, Emco Compact 8, etc.) £37.21  (US$56)
Stock 024B - clamp type - for lathes up to 6-inch centre height £48  (US$90)


Lathe Dead Centres - hardened - suitable for headstock or tailstock:
Stock 026  No. 1 Morse taper £8
Stock 026A  No.2 Morse taper £10
Stock 026B  No.3 Morse taper £11
Stock  026C  No.4 Morse taper £18


Lathe Rotating Centres: ordinary duty - Standard Accuracy

Stock 029  No.1 Morse taper £29

Stock 029A No.2 Morse taper £30

Stock 029B  No.3 Morse taper. Very heavy, large-bodied unit suitable for use on Colchester Student, Master, Triumph and similar 6 inch to 8-inch lathes. £42


WOOD LATHE - Drive Centres - hardened - 4-prong - Full-size type 1-inch diameter on drive flange.

Stock 026W  No. 1 Morse taper £23

Stock 026W2  No.2 Morse taper £24

Stock 026W3  No.3 Morse taper £26


Short Morse Sleeve adaptors as used in the headstocks of many lathes
Outside taper No.3 to inside taper No. 2  £38
Outside taper No.4 to inside taper No. 3  £38

Outside taper No.5 to inside taper No. 2  £44
Outside taper No.5 to inside taper No. 3  £44

Outside taper No.5 to inside taper No. 4  £44

Outside taper No.6 to inside taper No. 3  £74

Outside taper No.6 to inside taper No. 4  £74

Outside taper No.7 to inside taper No. 6  £295


Tailstock Chuck 0.5” capacity complete with arbor
Stock 032  No.1 Morse taper £30
Stock 033  No.2 Morse taper £30
Stock 034  No.3 Morse taper £30


Tailstock Die Holders - with the use of a detachable, double-ended ring, these useful units accept four dies of different diameters: 13/16", 1", 115/16" and 11/2" dies. Each will cut a thread approximately 3-inches long.
Stock 035  No. 2 Morse taper £46.92
Stock 036  No.3 Morse taper £47.92

Stock 100 L00 (American long-taper) as fitted to some Boxford and smaller Harrison lathes: £147. Email for prices and availability
Stock 101  L0 (American long-taper) as fitted to Mk. 1 and Mk.2 Colchester Student, Master and other lathes: email for prices and availability

Stock 103 CAMLOCK backplates in most sizes: email for prices and availability


DIVIDING HEADS – Semi-Universal Type. Consists of a headstock, tailstock, 3 division plates and a chuck backplate threaded to fit the Myford-threaded nose (1.125” x 12tpi). Bronze worn and spindle are hardened and ground. Division in any angle by direct, indirect or differential methods. Head locks at any angle from 10 to 90 degrees. 4-inch
Stock 200: £225
Stock 201: fitted with 5”: £285
Stock 202: larger version of Stock 200 with a 5.75-inch centre height: £350
Stock 203: similar to Stock 200 but with a 5.234” centre height and a train of compound gears for indexing all numbers from 2 to 380 and also for spiral milling: £475


Coolant Units:

A very well made Self-contained coolant unit with a 1-phase 1/8th h.p.(or 3-phase if required) motor, tank, flexible feed pipe, distributor head  and hose. It's ideal for up to medium-sized lathes and millers. £135

Also available: reasonably priced industrial replacement motor and pump units in single or 3-phase versions to suit virtually any machine. Various capacities and lengths of pump shaft available. Phone for details: 01298-871633


ATLAS, Acorntools, Halifax and Sphere 10-inch lathes (and CRAFTSMAN12-inch):
Leadscrew Clasp Nuts (split nuts) 10-inch lathes: £55: 6-inch lathes: £39

T-slotted cross slides: we don’t have any genuine Atlas units (these have T-slots at the rear only) but we can supply the slide for the Boxford. If a small skim is taken out of the V-edge it fits. £135 + post and VAT

Backplates: heavy cast-iron 6-inch diameter properly-made in cast iron £68
Faceplates: properly-made in cast iron: 8-inch. £65


Parts to fit BOXFORD and SOUTH BEND 9-inch and 10K lathes and "clones" by BOXFORD, SMART & BROWN, HERCUS, PURCELL, SHERATON and BLOMQVIST
All new items below are fine quality, British-made:

"T-link" belting for the underdrive models. This is top-quality, UK-manufactures. 1.4 metres is required; £60.76 including post, packing and VAT. Always in stock for immediate delivery.

This belt can also be supplied for the motor to countershaft drive and for the rear0-drive models. Phone for details of what we can supply: 01298-871633



NEW HIGH-QUALITY, UK-MANUFACTURED T-SLOTTED CROSS SLIDES suitable for all South Bend and Boxford lathes of 4.5" and 5" centre-height. Ready to fit and use with gib strip and recessed degree scale. The design of the slide has recently been revised to improve its versatility and now includes a slot across the front - as well as three to the rear - and machined sides. The T-slots are spaced the same distance apart as those on a Myford lathe and thus the milling slide from maker can be used. These modifications allow the unit to be more easily used as a small boring table - and provide flat, vertical locations against which other items can be registered. The later type of "inset" rotational scale for the top slide is included, so the unit can be left on the lathe for regular operations as well. Fully machined and ready to fit. Your existing cross-feed screw and nut just transfer across. Another advantage of the slide its that, unlike the standard unit, it’s a full-length type and so provides a more rigid platform for the top slide - as well as evening out way on the cross-slide ways.

Picture & dimensions here:

UK delivery = £175 + £13 insured post and packing = £188 + 20% VAT  = £225.60 total

EU Delivery = £175 + £45 insured post = £220 + 20% VAT = £264 total

International air-mail post = £165 + £75 air-mail post  = £240 inclusive (no tax)

I was particularly impressed by the quality of the finish and detailing of the T-slotted slide. You have one very happy customer: John Bates, Australia.

Picture here:


Cross and Top Slide Feed Screws and Nuts:


NEW cross-feed bronze nuts - English or Metric thread £46 + £3 P + P  = £49 + 20%  VAT = £58.80


NEW cross feed screws for hand or power cross feed models: £67 + £3 P + P = £70 + 20% VAT = £84


NEW cross feed screw and nut together: £113 + £4 P + P = £117 + 20% VAT = £21.60 = £140.40 total


NEW top-slide bronze nuts £32 + £3 P + P = £35 + 20% VAT = £42


NEW top-slide feed screws £42 + £3 P + P = £45 + 20% VAT = £54


NEW top slide screw and nut together: £74 + £4 P + P = £78 + 20% VAT = £93.60


NEW Genuine Boxford (old stock) FIXED STEADY (Steady Rest) for 4.5-inch model. £165

NEW Genuine Boxford (old stock) Travelling Steady for 4.5-inch model. £95


NEW Thread-dial Indicator Thread-Dial Indicators: Inch Type = £95 – in stock
NEW Thread-Dial Indicators: Metric Type include adjustment block & 2 gears  = £105 –stock by October 2009

NEW Micrometer Carriage Stop. Fasten to bed and allow a precise setting to be made to the carriage travel £125


See below for changewheel lists 

Boxford/South Bend Tailstock

NEW tailstock barrels: £75 (can be supplied very slightly oversize for polishing to a fit)

NEW tailstock feed screws: £38

NEW tailstock feed-screw bronze nut: £19

Boxford/South Bend Changewheels, Tumble Reverse & Leadscrew

NEW Tumble Reverse gears: £29 Please note, if your Boxford is a Mk.2 (with a backgear engagement lever on top of the headstock you need to mention this when ordering)
NEW fibre Tumble Reverse gears for the Boxford ME10 (type that accepts a bronze bush or needle-roller bearing of either 7/8” or ¾” diameter. £26
NEW CLASP NUTS for the leadscrew – inch or metric: £85
Boxford/South Bend Cross and Top Slide Screws, Nuts & Dials

NEW cross-feed bronze nuts - English or Metric thread £46 (note: for models fitted with taper turning a 2-bolt “rectangular” nut without a locating boss was used)
NEW top-slide bronze nuts £34
NEW cross feed screws for hand or power cross feed models: £67

NEW top-slide feed screws £42

NEW Micrometer Dials – metric or inch: £45

New T-bolt for top slide £14 (centre drill marked but not tapped – tap to your requirements)

Boxford/South Bend Backgear Assemblies

BACKGEAR shaft ASSEMBLIES (often damaged but easy to repair):
if the small gear on your back shaft is damaged, pull off the large gear and send the rest for a service exchange. For both rear and under-drive models:
- fitted with new small gear: £85
- replacement large gear (no need to send shaft, the gear just pulls off
- fitted with both large and small gears £145
- small main-spindle gear (fits on main spindle and has 2 pins into end of drive pulley) £45

- main spindle gear repaired with a new ring of teeth £75

- also available for South Bend and Boxford, Hercus, etc.–a RING GEAR to repair the main spindle Bull Wheel. Machine off the damaged teeth and shrink or Loctite the new gear in place. £55


FACEPLATES: 200 mm (8-inch) faceplates properly-made in cast iron Fully-machined and ready to screw on  - £75
BACKPLATES: heavy-section 165mm (6.5-inch) diameter backplates. Properly-made in cast iron in the UK. Fully-machined and ready to screw on - £68
BACKPLATES for the L00 spindle nose as used on some VSL Models. 7-inch diameter. £147
NEW T-Link (Brammer) sectional belting for all Underdrive and rear-drive Models CUD, BUD and CUD £43.40 per metre including post, packing and VAT (for Underdrive models 1.4 metres is usually required -can be supplied for other models as well).

CHANGEWHEELS to fit Boxford 4.5” and 5” lathes and South Bend “9-inch”, "Light Ten" and all other South Bend clones. All are British-made from top-quality materials:
All models of Boxford (with either changewheel or gearboxes) can generate either inch or metric threads with the appropriate conversion changewheels in place.

16T, 18T, 20T, 21T, 22T, 23T, 24T, 26T, 27T, 28T each:  £20

30T, 31T, 32T, 34T, 35T, 36T, 37T each:  £23

38T, 40T, 41T, 42T, 44T, 45T, 46T, 48T, 49T each:  £27

50T, 52T, 53T, 54T, 55T, 56T, 57T, 58T, 59T each:  £32

60T, 62T, 64T, 66T, 68T, 70T, 71T, 72T, 75T, 76T, 78T, 79T each:  £43

80T, 82T, 88T each:  £49

80T idler with boss £54

90T, 95T, 96T, 100T each:  £72

101T, 108T, each:  £81

127T, 130T, 135T each: £93

100/127T compound gear (English to metric conversion with bushed centre):  £130

127/135T compound gear (Metric to English conversion):  £120


54/18T compound gear:  £72
72/18T compound gear:  £75
48/24 compound gear: £68
64/54t compound gear: £78
76/65t.compound gear (with bronze-bushed centre): £93


For overseas delivery gears are plus 38% air-mail post


Original South Bend/Boxford Parts - Used:
Changewheel banjo £25
Plain Cross slide casting £35 for 9-inch and Boxford

South Bend & Early Boxford tumble-reverse assembly. “Bolt-on” type complete with all gears and hardened (square-head) retaining bolt, ready to fit. £75
”Heavy 10” complete tumble reverse assembly: £175
CENTEC Milling Machines:
NEW Centec feed screw nuts for the longitudinal feed - the proper and original "hinge-up” type. £75

NEW Centec 2A and 2B Combined raising block and overarm.

This robust unit both lifts the vertical head 4-inches and can also be used in place of the standard overarm - so allowing the vertical head to remain in place during horizontal milling.

Very limited number available: £265 + £24 post and packing + VAT

Phone: 01298-871633 or email:  What a great piece of work - well worth the cost, as it truly transforms the 2A - Matt.

NEW CHANGEWHEELS earliest to latest models of Bantam, Chipmaster, Student, Master Lathes, Mascot, Mastiff, etc with correct splined centres: tremendous saving on list price:
We can supply either the (earlier) 8-spline centre gears or the (later) 6-spline type.
20t to 30t   £55  + £4 post  + VAT
31t to 40t   £59 + £4 post + VAT
41t to 50t   £65 + £4 post + VAT
51t to 60t   £69 + £4 post + VAT
61t to 70t   £74 + £4 post + VAT 
71t to 80t   £82 + £5 post + VAT
81t to 90t   £97 + £6 post + VAT

91t to 127t £105 = £14 post + VAT

Student & Master Mk.1 & Mk. 2: four-jaw chuck. 10-inch diameter. Excellent condition. £155 (L0 fitting)
Student & Master Mk.1 & Mk. 2: faceplate. £125 (L0 fitting)
Used faceplate for Student and Master lathes with the American Long-nose taper size L0 £175
Used but sound 4-jaw chuck for Student and Master with the American Long-nose taper size L0 £275

New 5-inch backplates (130mm) £65 (out of stock)

DRUMMOND B Type (flat bed) and Myford/Drummond M Type:
NEW Leadscrews complete with Bronze Nut for early 3.5-inch flat bed with the leadscrew between the bed ways. £185
NEW 4-inch backplates for Drummond M-Type. Fully machined, ready to fit. £34

Collection of maker's literature from 1902 to 1939 - on CD or Print. E-mail for details.

EMCO MAXIMAT 7, 8.4, 8.6, V10 and V10P:
NEW –  Backplates with threaded bore to fit the 40 mm diameter spindle (the larger of the two types) for Emco V10 and some V7 lathes. UK made with the correct safety cross locking screw as per the originals.

150 mm = £145  (this is now the only size available).

Most parts for these lathes can be made to order – and some items are in production
Cross-feed nuts – metric or English; £48
Cross-feed screws – metric or English £85
Geared headstock selector forks – these are in much stronger bronze material replacing the die-cast Zamak: £110 each.
A long-term weakness is the 45t "output gear" on the tumble reverse lever - these were made in both plastic and "fibre".
New gears, complete with "two-hole" steel hub: £47
UK and EU post £3 = £50 + 20% VAT to EU countries = £60
It can be ordered securely on-line here with payment by credit or debit card or PayPal:


EMCO SL1000 & DB200

Drive belt material. £12.50 inclusive

Complete new VARIABLE-SEED drive unit with continuously-rated motor. Complete with mounting plate and control.  £245 plus post + VAT


HARRISON L5, L5A, 11-inch and 140 Lathes:

BACKPLATES for the L00 spindle noses. £127 – in stock

Backplates (threaded nose for L5 and L5a): extra thick 6.3” diameter. £75
127T metric translation gears £125

New cross feeds nuts in bronze: £75
New top slide nuts in bronze: £55
T-slotted Boring tables (to order) £250. The table are very heavy-duty units made from seasoned cast iron approximately 10" x 10" and around 2-inches thick. Fitted with strong T slots approximately 9/16", 7/8" deep and width at base 1" and spaced at 2 3/8". About 40lbs in weight. £250
Changewheels – new – to order
L5: travelling steady (suit 4.5-inch centre height models) £45
L5A/11-inch/140 Models: travelling steady £55

Left-hand faceplate. 8-inch diameter in cast iron Drilled and countersunk. New original stock, one only: £75

Left-hand faceplate 12-inch diameter in aluminium. Drilled and countersunk. Used maker’s original. £85

Right-hand faceplate. 6.3-inch diameter in cast iron. New. £55


HOBBYMAT: – new spares, used parts, belts, etc. e-mail for details.
Hobbymat MD65 lathes: if your top-slide is cracked we can supply new ones, fully machined, ready to fit. £88

Hobbymat MD65 lathes. Slow Speed attachment. Currently out of stock - more expected…..

Hobbymat Milling Machine: No. 1 Morse taper Collet Chuck.

At last ! We can offer a No. 1 Morse taper collet chuck with 12 metric collets from 1.5 to 13 mm". The collets are the double-taper, high-compression type of the same design (but not interchangeable with) the originals. Boxed with spanner

£136 including post and VAT

MYFORD – Genuine maker’s accessories for Myford ML7 and Super 7 lathes:

ML7 Tailstock (fits Super 7 as well if necessary): £175
Dividing Attachment with 2 plates. £350

ML7 Countershaft V belt. Immediate delivery from stock. £10
ML7 Headstock V belt. Immediate delivery from stock. £10
Super 7 Countershaft V belt. Immediate delivery from stock. £10
Superb 7 headstock V belt. Immediate delivery from stock. £10
cross slide, screw feed type, £125
Multi stop
unit for bed mounting £175


MYFORD/DRUMMOND M-TYPE: NEW 4-inch backplates for Drummond M-Type. Fully machined, ready to fit. £35 + £4 post = VAT

Perfecto plain vertical slide.
Table approx. 7” x 3” £95


RAGLAN “Little John” and “5-inch”
All new items below are fine quality, British-made: in stock unless marked * in which case to order only or in production:

Literature Data pack: All editions of the “Little John” Handbook, Spares Lists and Sales Catalogues: £30 inclusive
Literature Data Pack for the Raglan “5-inch” £25 inclusive

Little John and “5-inch” TOP SLIDE upper castings. (please state which, they are different). If yours has broken through the T-slot, it can now be replaced. £175 + post + VAT


Clasp Nuts: £68 per pair
VARI-SPEED DRIVE BELTS for Little John and “5-inch”: £49


NEW very heavy 6.3-inch diameter backplates in cast iron: fully machined and ready to fit: £64

NEW 9-inch faceplates: fully machined and ready to fit £95


NEW T-slotted cross slides for Raglan "Little John" £165 - to order

NEW T-slotted cross slides for Raglan "5-inch" £195 - to order


New Tumble reverse gears for the "Raglan 5-inch" £42 each - these can be in fibre or cast-iron and have 26 teeth.


New Tumble reverse gears for the "Little John" £42 each - these have 30 teeth

Double gear beneath tumble gear £74 + £4 = £78 + VAT

26t gear with extension to carry gear that meshes with main gear train: £48


New cross feed nuts in bronze: "Little John" (£95) and "5-inch" Models (£95) + post + VAT

New cross feed screws: "Raglan 5-inch" £125 (there is a lot of work in these...)

New cross feed screws: "Little John" £125


New top-slide feed nuts in bronze: "Little John" and "5-inch" Models £66

New top slide screws "Little John" and "5-inch" £67


Rack Pinion gear (to engage with bed rack) Little John and 5-inch £46 + £3 post and packing + VAT

The Raglan 5-inch had one of two types; either a single diameter shaft or one with an increased diameter near the gear. Both are available.

NEW Leadscrew CLASP NUTS - Little John and "5-inch" - £68


RAGLAN MILLING MACHINE: new feed nuts longitudinal feed:  £45 + £3 post and packing = £48 + VAT



For the “9-inch” Smart &Brown Lathe ( models Sabel, SAB & s) many parts (except for the spindle) are identical to South Bend and Boxford
Sable, SAS  and S Models: Backplates. Large-diameter thread type. 6.5” diameter (164 mm). Our own UK manufacture, fully machined with the correct 1.75" x 8 t.p.i. thread and ready to screw on. £68
Model L tailstock £150
T-slotted cross slide for the Sabel, SAB and S 4.5-inch models. See Boxford above – the units are identical

TDS lathe cross-slide feed nuts: £45
TDS lathe Cross-slide feed screws (including power cross-feed gear) £95
NEW 200 mm (8-inch) faceplates - £55
NEW 162 mm (6.3-inch) diameter backplates  - £49
Other sizes of backplate available to special order Changewheels – to order

NEW Leadscrew clasp nuts: £68

FELTS – bearing lubrication. 100 mm long strips 9 mm x 7.5 mm for cutting down to your specific requirements. £2.95 including post, packing and VAT



Postage on Books: £3.50 UK. : £4.50 Europe : £9 air-mail (can vary with weight)


Jig Boring by Robert S. Connell. The only known complete book on the subject. £55


Taylor & Challen of Birmingham. Hard-back 445-page catalogue from 1921 showing the Company’s full range of presses, shears, lathes, rolling mills, nut & bolt presses, cartridge machinery, gunpowder machinery, gun cotton machinery, etc. £375


Technology of Machine Tools by Krar & Oswald. A magnificent, 739-page publication covering a vast range of machine-tool types: lathes, millers, planers, shapers, drills, saws, metal-cutting, jig boring, grinding, metallurgy, hydraulics, etc. £75


International Machine Tool Exhibition 1952 Olympia, London. Official Catalogue. 415 pages well-illustrated pages featuring every well-known (and not-so-well-known) makers of the time, £85


Stuart Models catalogue 1932 – 1933. 80 page book showing the full range of Stuart products: steam engines in single-cylinder, triple expansion, horizontal, vertical, launch engine, mill engine, etc.; gas engines; petrol engines; dynamos; boilers; electric lighting sets; pumping plants; full-size marine engine; carburettors, ignition coils; model boats, nuts, bolts, screws; pressure gauges;, water gauges; casting sets, etc.  £55

LAMBERT (S.Lambert Switzerland): horological machine tool catalogue – miniature gear cutters, automatic pinion cutters, lathes, milling machine, drills, tappers, etc. In good condition. 67 pages. Very rare. £145

The SWISS AUTOMATIC – Bechler lathes. Hard-bound, highly detailed and fascinating account of how Bechler Automatic lathes were invented and developed. Stage-by-stage user’s instructions. Very rare. £185

Machinery Publishing soft-back Yellow Back Series:
1) Swiss-Type Automatics: Complete 3-part series covering all aspects of these interesting machines.  £65
2) Set-ups on Automatics: £25
3) Centreless Grinding. Complete 3-part series. £65

Engineering Workshop Practice: Vol. 1  369 pages. £45
Engineering Workshop Practice: Vol. 2  344 pages. £45

Engineering Workshop Practice with Index: Vol. 3  355 pages. £45

General Engineering Workshop Practice. 575-pages “A Guide to the Principles and Practice of Workshop Procedure”. £45
Formulas in Gearing (Brown & Sharpe). Comprehensive guide to calculations associated with gearing. 265 pages. £30
Geometrical & Mechanical Drawing. Really useful book that combines traditional Geometry with an Engineering bias. 135 pages. £15
“Rob Roy William” by Martin Evans. Two simple 3.5-inch Gauge Locomotives. Instructions for Building. £18
G. SchlesingerL: Inspection Tests on Machine Tools. 1st Edition 1932. £350
H & D CHURCHILL Hard-back Catalogue of Tools for Engineers & Woodworkers.1953: 225 pages. £75
Hendey Machine Company: Presentation Book 1920, "A brief Record of a Chartered Course". Interesting and well illustrated book. £125

Engineers’ Sketch Book. 1906. Thousands of sketches showing Mechanical Movements, Devices, Appliances, Contrivances and Details £65
Myford ML10 Lathe Manual: £35
Miniature Locomotive Construction: Textbook of how to build electrically powered locomotives. John H. Ahern. Percival Marrshall 1948. £55
Modelling Stirling and Hot Air Engines: Martin Evans. £35
Practical Lessons in Metal Turning: Percival Marshall. 210 pages, 200 illustrations. £35
Clock Jobbers Handbook: (1943), A practical manual on cleaning, repairing and adjusting. 160 pages. 105 illustrations. £35
Watchmakers' Handy Manual: 1949 edition. Lists & Illustrations of Swiss calibre and parts numbers. £35
The Amateur Machinist: A. Frederick Collins. 300 pages. £25
Fitting - Small Tool Making - Lathe Work -Applied Technology: Very interesting and well illustrated small format 128 page book showing a huge range of tool-making skills. £25
Automatic Screw Machines: Goodrich & Stanley 1900. The Pratt & Whitney Automatic screw machine detailed and its operating principles explained. £75
INDEX Automatic Lathes (Germany) 50-year celebration book showing, as it was in the 1960s, the full extent of the works production processes. Includes a well-illustrated factory tour and historical details. 104 pages. Some pages loose and grubby covers – but the contents are unmarked. £125

Official Catalogue of Swiss Watch Repair Parts: 1949 Part 2. £65
Official Catalogue of Swiss Watch Repair Parts: 1949 Part 1. £65
A Textbook of Mechanical Engineering: 1908/9. 1244 pages. Poor cover. £55
MACHINE TOOL SERIAL NUMBER REFERENCE BOOK – 5th Edition to 1973/4: Covers hundreds of different manufactures products (USA, EUROPE) from the early 1900s. £95
RUSHTON OIL ENGINES: Spare Parts List as Sectional Drawings: Class VO & VH. £45
The Practical Sheet Metal Worker: “A Comprehensive Guide for everyone connected with the Sheet Metal Industry”, 388 pages, Hard bound. £25
Basic Open Hearth Steel Making - 1944. 632 pages hard bound. £25
“A Man and His Lathe” L/H.Sparey  – all about the Myford ML7 and how to improve it. A5 with 87 pages. Very rare. £30

Churchill Machine Tools Golden Jubilee Book – 1906 – 1956. Slim but interesting volume. £45

Geometrical & Mechanical Drawing. A primer. Everything you’ve forgotten about the subject (if you were ever lucky enough to take it). 136 pages. £35

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