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Machine Tools For Sale & Wanted
- lathes, millers, grinders, shapers, etc. private & trade sales -

How popular is this page? Google "lathes for sale" or "millers for sale" and, after the usual couple of paid-for adverts and Gumtree, it's usually at the very top and receives 12,000 to 15,000 visitors a day. It's open to anyone selling machine tools and associated items. Charges "For Sale" or "Wanted" £35 + VAT per machine. Up to 250 words, eight photographs and a 6-month run. Changes free.. Extra pictures £1.20 each. Smaller machines or parts can be grouped in one advert. £10 + VAT rate available for items under £200.

In addition to an entry on this page, each machine has its own web page e.g.:
Help with wording, identification of accessories and a guide price are free (no commission is charged).  Just phone 01298-871633

To advertise, choose from the following:

1) for an online entry: If you wish, I can write the advert for you from notes, revise your text - or just make helpful suggestions

2) email me at: - attach proposed text and clear machine & accessory photographs

3) phone 01298-871633 to discuss any concerns - I'm always pleased to help.

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Due to downsizing your site has sold for me: Sedgwick planer; Tom Senior Miller and an Astra Mill/Drill
All without hassle and to genuine buyers, unlike a well known auction site where not all buyers are so straightforward.
Thanks for the carefully crafted Schaublin advertisement; enquiries from Australia, United States and Europe and sold for the asking price.
Many thanks for the work preparing the ad for my father's lathe - you are worth every penny charged, and you can't often say that these days: 3 inquiries in a very short time after the ad appeared, and it went to a lovely Irish gentleman who  picked it up and took it to Dublin:
Over 20 enquiries, sold immediately without any hassle ! Mike
I want to thank you for all the help you have given me; I could not have sold my machine without your excellent advice. Terence: 
Thanks, Tony Inundated with enquiries; this has to be the best way to sell equipment; I'll be recommending your site to others who want to sell machinery. Steve:
After many enquiries including the USA and Canada I sold the Myford for the asking price: Thanks for your help - I will certainly use your site in the future. Alan:
I purchased the 6" lathe in the USA from your salesa and wanted pages; thanks for the site, I could not find anything in the US or anywhere else as good. R. Wren:   
Found a very rare Boxford part thanks to your "Wanted Section" !
Thank you for identifying all the mysterious parts and listing them - a wonderful service.


Wanted: for a Boxford VSL lathe:
1. Motor disc brake unit, complete or any odd parts considered as mine is incomplete.
2. Vice for the maker's vertical milling attachment. 
Please phone 07740-309293 or email:

Wanted: Myford ML10 dog-clutch lever - or any other parts for the assembly. Please phone: 01686-627816 and ask for Ian.

SOLD: Edgwick Lathe Type TD 6.5" x 30". An older machine but very heavily built with a full screwcutting and feeds gearbox, power sliding and surfacing feeds and a large detachable gap piece that allows work up to 20 inches in diameter and 5 inches deep to be machined on a faceplate. Clutched and auto-braked spindle running taper roller bearings and with a 1.75-inch bore. Hardened plunger location to the top slide for "dead-on" alignment with the bed. Complete with: 3-jaw chuck, 4-way toolpost, thread-dial indicator (and an indicator to cut multi-start pitches), No. 3 Morse taper tailstock rotating centre and a good set of turning and boring tools. An ideal lathe for a farm, motor or general-repair workshop. 3-phase electrics. £575 Pictures of the Edgwick for sale here and full details of these interesting, high-quality Mk. 1 Edgwick lathes here

For Sale: a Lorch Junior watchmakers lathe in very fine condition, complete with the original box (and key). 
The lathe comes with: faceplate with pump centre; the two tailstocks , one of them accepting collets etc.;  cross slide; lorch collets 0,3 - 0,4 - 0,6 - 0,7 - 0,8 - 0,9 - 1,0 and further up to 5,0 with 0,2 mm increments ;  full set (5) lorch ring chucks; full set (5) Lorch  step chucks; tailstock runner for eccentric turning; universal runner with drill plate, centring plate and pivot polishing drum for watch work (Lorch catalogue nr. 12a ); saw arbor; saw table; hollow runner ( Lorch nr. 13) with 34 inserts and drill holders; Lorch universal bezel chuck (Lorch nr. 45 ); carrier chuck; pulley runner for headstock; hand rest with three different rests; file roller and other small pieces. Original Papst motor. This is the lathe for a watchmaker! £6250  For more details please phone: 00-31-6511-74454 or email:  Pictures of the Lorch Junior lathe for sale here and  details of Lorch lathes here

For Sale: Winfield Mk. 3 lathe 4.25" x 20" gap-bed, backgeared and screwcutting.
Not working and partially dismantled but complete with 4-jaw chuck, countershaft and motor and ideal as a restoration project. There may be other parts for it in the workshop as well. £95  Phone: 020-8908-4480 (Wembly, Middx.) Pictures of the Winfield for sale here and details of Winfield lathes here

For Sale: Gromatic Lathe Type 140 with a 140 mm (5.5 inch) centre height and 800 mm (31.5 inches) between centres. A beautifully build, strong yet compact lathe with a very wide bed, a full screwcutting gearbox and power sliding and surfacing feeds. Mounted a very robust and rigid cabinet stand  that holds the main spindle-speed gearbox (the arrangement preventing the transmission of vibrating from box to spindle) .
All-geared headstock with eight speeds from 65 to 1150 r.p.m. Spindle has a useful bore of 32 mm (1.25") and runs in four bearings - a large bronze bush at the front, two ball races in the centre and an axial roller at the rear. Very well equipped with: taper-turning unit, coolant, 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, a set of extra changewheels to extend the threading range of the gearbox (including what may be a 127 metric transposing wheel), faceplate, catchplate, fixed steady, travelling steady, 4-way toolpost, micrometer-equipped carriage stop,  thread-dial indicator, precision keyless tailstock chuck, the correct set of  C-spanners for making adjustments to the machine, drive dogs and a Lo-Vo light unit. The lathe is in excellent, very carefully used condition. £2250 Available at extra cost is a professional-quality 1-phase to 3-phase converter. Phone: 01237-441765  Pictures of the Gromatic lathe for sale here and details of Gromatic lathes here -

For Sale: Meteor wood-turning lathe with bowl-turning attachment. Seldom found, this exceptional strong but compact Glasgow-built wood lathe has been fitted with raiser blocks giving a centre height of around 6.5 inches - and with a correspondingly vast bowl-turning capacity.
Twin T-hand-rest supports, rotating tailstock centre, wood-screw chuck, 1-phase motor with push-button starter and mounted on a substantial bench. There may well be an assortment of turning tools and other small items available. £295. The industrial-quality  horizontal band sander shown below (I'm not sure if it works) is included in the price. Phone: 01630-654455 or mobile 07976-918647 Pictures of the Meteor wood lathe and band sander for sale here and details of Meteor wood lathes here

Dominion Pattern-maker's Wood-turning Lathe
. I bought two of these very heavy-duty, professional machines years ago. I think this one is from the early 1950s and has the very useful hand-driven, rack-feed carriage with a compound slide rest assembly - this allowing really fine control of a cutting tool on precise work. I have spent a good deal of money modernizing the lathe: the original 2-inch Whitworth spindle thread has been converted to 1.5 inch x 6 t.p.i. and the outboard end an adapter to 1.5 inch x 6 t.p.i . New spindle bearings have been fitted and the original flat-belt pulleys replaced by modern, highly effective aluminium J-section 8-rib PolyVee pulleys. A modern 2-h.p. motor has been fitted controlled by a variable-speed inverter running from the ordinary single-phase mains and fitted with a remote stop-start switch. Speeds available are 0-750 rpm and 0-1500 rpm - which is all that I've ever used - though the inverter parameters are easily changed to double these speeds if needed for small diameter work. The drive is now as smooth as silk with masses of torque - I have turned successfully some huge lumps of wood with the bed gap section removed.
The lathe weighs 3/4 of a ton, has a centre height of 8.5 inches and takes 48 inches between centres. Headstock spindle and tailstock are both No. 3 Morse taper. The last two photographs show the size of the lathe and one of the old drive pulleys compared to the new. To give some scale, the "small" hand T-rest is from a Harrison Graduate. Delivery is possible - please email for a price (the tools and parts around the lathe are not for sale). Phone: 016067-81557
Pictures of the Dominion Wood-turning lathe for sale here and details of heavier Dominion lathes here

For Sale: the complete contents of a woodworker's workshop consisting of: Myford ML8 wood lathe in its original maker's paint finish, mounted on a well built stand and equipped with bowl -turning, two faceplates, a grinding attachment, Morse centres etc. and a great variety of turning chisels. Single-phase electrics and in full working order. A good Black & Decker Bandsaw; 1-phase saw bench; workbench with wood vice; wood planes; vices and a number of other useful wood-working related tools and items. £475 Phone: 01279-723980 (Sawbridgeworth - Herts) Pictures of the workshop equipment here and details of Myford ML8 lathes here

For Sale: an 8 mm Lorch "Geneva" type D-bed watchmaker's lathe with two beds. In fine condition with accessories including, amongst others
: the maker's screw-feed compound slide rest assembly,  21 split collets 0.4-0, 5-0, 6-0, 7-0.8 and further to 4.0 mm with 0.2 mm increments;  a standard headstock; a headstock with an attached pump-centre faceplate; eccentric runner for headstock (Boley, not Lorch), an arbor for taking up saws or grinding wheels;  tailstock; tailstock runner with pusher; 35 inserts for the tailstock runner and a number of other useful small items. All are contained in a Lorch box of the larger type 44 x 30 x 15 cm, specially made to take the two beds. Price £775GBP.  Shipping within the EU £50GBP For more details please phone:  00-31-6511-74454 or email:  Pictures of the Lorch Geneva watchmaker's lathe for sale here and details of Lorch lathes here

For Sale: a top-of-the-range Mk. 2 Boxford VSL lathe 4.5" x 24" with infinitely variable-speed drive, a screwcutting gearbox, power cross feed, single-lever engaged backgears, large diameter cross-feed micrometer dial and the L00 safety spindle nose with an 15/16" spindle bore. Mounted on the maker's underdrive stand and well equipped with: 3-jaw chuck with both sets of jaws, 4-jaw chuck, the rare metric dial-thread indicator and its special 2-hole mounting block, fixed steady with roller-equipped fingers, 4-way toolpost, faceplate, a large collection of turning, boring and parting-off tools, catchplate, two tailstock chucks, tailstock drill pad on a No.2 Morse taper. Morse centres and the correct spanners for chuck removal and replacement. 1-phase motor (the original 3-phase is also included). £2000  Phone: 07587-182141 Pictures of the Boxford VSL lathe for sale here and details of Boxford VSL lathes here

: Alba 2S Shaper. 14-inch stroke. A heavy, industrial-class machine. Complete with the proper swivelling and tilting 7.5-inch (190 mm) holding capacity machine vice. Ram stroke 14" (356 mm) with 4 rates of feed giving strokes per minute of: 18, 30 57 and 109. The table top surface 14" x 10" (355 x 254 mm); longitudinal traverse 18.25" (463 mm); 4 rates of cross-feed that ranging, per cut, from 0.0104" to 0.0417" (0.26 to 1.06 mm). Able to be swivelled through 90° each side of upright, the tool slide has 4.25" (108 mm) of travel and takes cutters up to 11/16" x 11/4" (17.5 mm x 32 mm). Fitted as part of the standard equipment, the swivel-base machine vice had a jaw-open capacity of 7.5" (190 mm) £475  Pictures of the Alba shaper for sale here and details of Alba 2S shapers here

For Sale: Manchester "Rapidor" 6" x 6" mechanical hacksaw. Although scruffy, this strong saw is in working order and ready for use. Converted to V-belt drive for greater efficiency. £275
Phone: 01630-654455 or mobile 07976-918647 Pictures of the Manchester Rapidor hacksaw for sale here and details of Machester Rapidor hacksaws here  - and the Model 6" x 6" here

For Sale: Dominion Model 10 Universal Woodworker. Beautifully constructed with a huge work capacity and highly versatile. Lots of saw blades included.
3-phase electrics. £1250  Phone: 01630-654455 or mobile 07976-918647  Pictures of the Dominion Universal Woodworker for sale here and details of Dominion Universal Woodworkers here

Seneca Fall "Star" lathe 6-inch centre height by 26 inches between centres, backgeared and screwcutting. This lathe has been in the family for many years (more than I have!). It belonged to my late uncle and I spent many hours working on it when I was a schoolboy, mainly making parts for speedway bikes
. I bought it from my uncle's family when he died and installed it in my garden shed. It was in use until a couple of years ago but since then I have built a much larger workshop and have other lathes - so I really don't use the "Star" any longer. I've been hanging on to it for nostalgic reasons - but I now need the shed space for other projects and have reluctantly decided to part with it. It's in super condition, having always been very well maintained. The bed has no damage and everything works just as it should. Some time towards the end of his life my uncle had given it a coat of "Warco" green paint which, in my opinion, looked awful! So when I acquired it I stripped it down and repainted it in black. I think it looks much better…. It comes with the following accessories, all in very good order: 8" 4-jaw Pratt chuck, 6-inch 3-jaw Pratt chuck with soft jaws, 6.5-inch 3-jaw Crown chuck. 6.5-inch 3-jaw Elliot chuck, 11" faceplate, fixed steady and a set of screwcutting changewheels. It's fitted with a non-original but well-made 4-way toolpost, though I might have the original "Yankee" toolpost somewhere - but can't promise.
The lathe is mounted on the original cast-iron legs with integral drip/swarf tray and powered by a 2 hp single phase motor--which I am happy to include; it's a large, heavy old motor but does the job well. Loading is not a problem as I can move it out of the shed and have a forklift. £600  Phone: 07952-562701 (Lincoln) Pictures of the Seneca falls Star lathe for sale here and details of these interesting machines here

SOLD: a rare and very useful "open-sided" planer made in Germany by the Heinemann Company circa 1885-1900 and sold in the UK as a Selig Sonnenthal. Like all small planers this has the ability to form a flat surface on large workpieces with low-cost tooling. Originally hand-operated, the planer has been sympathetically motorised, with a countershaft bolted to its rear and is in otherwise original condition (including what is left of the maker's paint finish). The machine incorporates a number of very ingenious and patented mechanical devices including parts of the remarkable table drive mechanism, these being stamped M.Hass Patent* - an important part of the machine and one that drew comments in the English Mechanic & World of Science Magazine of 1887 where it was described as the: Eureka (Hass' patent). In response to a reader's enquiry the reply stated:  61211  Planing Machine.  You can't make your planer like the so-called Eureka (Haas' patent) because the clutches are, firstly, patented and, secondly, difficult to make).
This is an ideal machine for the smaller workshop with 19½" X 8¾" table having had 15 inches of travel and able, because of its open-sided design to take wide jobs. £650  Pictures of the Heinemann planer for sale here, full details of these planers can be found here (the first machine shown is the one for sale) and details of Heineman machines here 

SOLD: Cromwell S800 High-precision lathe 3.5" x 90" with screwcutting gearbox and power cross feed. Fitted with a precision, adjustable Burnerd "Grip-Tru" 3-jaw chuck, Dickson Quick-set toolpost one correct collet and the collet drawbar.  The lathe is for bench mounting, the original stand not being available. A bargain at £375  Pictures of the Cromwell S800 lathe for sale here and full details of these fascinating (and once very expensive) lathes can be found here

SOLD: Myford Super 7B 3.5" x 19" gap-bed, backgeared and fitted with a screwcutting gearbox. Mounted on a robust metal stand running on industrial locking castors and fitted with a full-length splashback. Unused for 20 years but carefully stored. The lathe is complete with all the former owner's tools and accessories including: 3-jaw chuck, two of the correct, half-depth body Burnerd 6-inch independent 4-jaw chucks, what seems to be an unused fixed steady, 4-way toolpost, rear toolpost, faceplate precision keyless tailstock chuck and thread-dial indicator. Also included is a toolmaker's cabinet with several 1-inch, 1 to 2 inch and 2 to 3 inch micrometers, two depth micrometers, sine bar, dial-test indicator, a dial indicator stand, T-squares, toolmaker's vices, a number of Morse taper sleeve adapters, a selection of high-quality calipers a of various kinds, thread-setting gauge, a good set of turning and boring tools, reamers, a number of side and face cutters (including some DP gear cutters), a large collection of drills and all the small "stored-in-tins" items that were collected over many years and associated with the lathe and its use. 1-phase motor and a Dewhurst reversing switch. £850
Pictures of the Myford Super 7 for sale here and details of Myford Super 7 lathes here

For Sale: RJH pedestal-mounted, double-ended grinder Model BN.
Fitted with a pair 400 x 50 carborundum wheels, one an A46 grit, the other A60. Included are two brand new boxed wheels to the same speciation (these are over £200 each to buy). Complete in perfect running order (3-phase) and with eye shields and tool rests. £1200 (the new price, including VAT, is £8280…) No pictures I'm afraid but an example of the same model (its still made) can be seen here in its brochure  Phone 01732-779016 (Ivan Stocks, Sevenoakes, Kent)

WANTED: three machine tools: a Lorch LLV or similar quality bench lathe: an 8 mm watchmakers' lathe in WW format and Hauser 3BA jig borer accessories - especially the circle scribing tool on a 2 MT shank. Please contact or phone: 01753-662285

For Sale: Plastic Injection Moulding Machine - bench mounting. Hydraulically operated from a commercial single-phase, 240 volt (Savery Ltd) power-pack, 3/4 h.p. 55 bar working pressure.
The 600-Watt heaters are regulated by an adjustable temperature controller and monitored by a built-in barrel thermocouple. The pellets can be fed from a simple automatic hopper feed for shot weights up to 10 gm or manually via a feed tube for heavier mouldings when the front tie rods are used to support the additional ram forces. (see pictures). The ram is 28 mm diameter with a stroke of 50 mm that allows the flow of pellets into the heating chamber. Throat depth in the work area is 115 mm, maximum mould height is 110 mm above the platen - which measures 230 mm wide X 190 mm deep. The whole unit can be powered from the domestic mains using about 6 amps. The complete unit is mounted on a fully castor based frame for easy manoeuvring and weighs about 150 kg. Measuring 70 cm wide by 80 cm long and 94 cm to bench top with an overall height of 183 cm. The whole unit can easily be stripped down to small components for transport. A clear polycarbonate safety shield has been removed to show the features more clearly also included is a photo of components recently moulded in HDPE at 200 degree C. A new PAT certificate for the power pack and heater system is included. All the hydraulic pipes and control valves are new and to the latest specifications. Working demonstrations a pleasure - by prior appointment near Thetford, Norfolk. Phone: 01842-659760 or email:  Pictures of the plastic injection moulding machine here

For Sale: Schaublin 13 Precision Universal Milling Machine with metric feed-screws. Complete with both worktables - the essential universal swivelling and tilting type and a standard fixed. Both vertical and horizontal milling attachments are included (the horizontal uses twin rather than a single support bar) together with a direct-fit collet set and a Clarkson Autolock chuck and collets.
Currently running from a 3-Phase converter. In full working order apart from the coolant pump - which I've never investigated. Can be placed on a pallet ready for collection. £3650 Phone:  07788-568870 Pictures of the Schaublin Type 13 milling machine for sale here and full details of these superbly constructed and highly versatile milling machines on this page 


There is slight damage to arm that operates the sliding bed - but otherwise in full working order. Open to sensible offers. For more details please contact Paul on: 0792-0104924 or email:
Pictures of the Jones & Shipman 540 for sale here and full details of Jones & Shipman 540 surface grinders here

SOLD: a very rare 6 mm Lorch watchmakers lathe in its original nickel-plate finish and complete with the special maker's wall cabinet (43 x 35 x 15.5 cm) with lock and key - it appears to be a version of the "Triumph" Combination V1 as shown in older Lorch catalogues. This is the standard type of Lorch watchmaker's lathe called a "right-hand" the headstocks being in the usual place on the left and not , as more usual in Germany formerly, on the right. Accessories include, amongst others:  a compound slide-rest assembly; 29 collets  0,2 / 0,3 / 0,4 / 0,5 / 0,6 /0,7 / 0,8 / 1,0 / 1,2 / 1,4 / 1,6 / 1,8 / 2,0 / 2,2 / 2,6 / 2,8 / 3,0/ 3,2 / 3,4 / 3,5 / 3,6 / 3,8 / 4,0 / 4,2 / 4,4 / 4,5 / 4,6 / 4,8 / 5,0 ; set of five ring chucks;  a box chuck; a crown chuck with the four heads (these are very rare); a separate fixed headstock;  a separate revolving headstock; another revolving headstock with the original Lorch dividing plate;  a vertical milling slide with attached high-speed, collet-holding swivelling milling/grinding spindle; an universal bezel chuck;  high speed grinding, polishing and milling accessory (Lorch Nr. 31a ) to take collets; drilling tailstock to take collets and other fittings;  lever-action drilling accessory Nr. 46;  single and double-roller filing rests; faceplate with draw-in spindle; a non-Lorch special tool/collet for opening up holes to take Jewels in a watch or clock plate (there is a special non-Lorch tool which takes up the collets - this is a beautifully-made item and perhaps a one-off, but I am not aware of its purpose). Also included are many other small accessories . This lathe is ready for use, but a collectors item.  Price £2750 GBP excluding postage.  Shipping £75 GBP within the EU or worldwide  £125 GBP  Pictures of the Lorch lathe for sale here and data about Lorch Triumph watchmakers' lathes here

For Sale: Myford Super 7B power cross feed lathe mounted on the maker's industrial cabinet stand. 3.5" x 19" gap-bed, backgeared and with a screwcutting gearbox. This was my father's carefully-used lathe and is complete with:
the correct half-depth body 6-inch Burnerd independent 4-jaw chuck, 3-jaw chuck with both sets of jaws, quick-change toolpost with four tool holders, fixed steady, travelling steady, thread-dial indicator, 10-inch faceplate with a set of clamps, tai;lstock rotating centre, tailstock chuck and Morse centres. 3-phase electrics so ideal for conversion to inverter-driven variable-speed drive. £2500. I'm unable to post pictures but this is a Super 7 ready for immediate use and inspection welcome. Please Phone Ivan on: 01732-779016  (Sevenoakes, Kent) Details of Super 7 lathes here

SOLD: Myford Super 7B 3.5" x 19" gap-bed, backgeared and fitted with a screwcutting gearbox. This is the chance to obtain an inexpensive Myford Super 7 that has stood neglected for some time. Complete with a set of metric transposing gears and the necessary mounting bracket,  a single-phase motor, Dewhurst reversing switch, thread-dial indicator, 3-jaw chuck, rear toolpost and an interesting set of "Norman Patent" quick-set toolholders, the lathe is complete and, in so far as is known, sound mechanical order, the lathe is mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with a deep chip tray and levelling blocks. It will need stripping cleaning, de-rusting, etc. - or could be dismantled for the many valuable parts it contains. £750 Pictures of the Myford Super 7B for sale here

For Sale:
Rodney milling attachment with Myford fitting -
Long-tern stored and rusty but certainly recoverable. £175 - Sold
Myford taper-turning attachment - as in the pictures. £95 - Sold
New England Shaper - an exciting project for a man with a tub of Jenolite, a wire brush - and a few spare days. £75
Phone: 01489-795442  Pictures of the items for sale here and details of  Rodney milling attachments here

For sale: Dore Westbury Vertical Milling Machine. This fine example was made some years ago by a gold-medal winning model engineer - and then used, very carefully, in the building of his models. The miller really is superbly made and finished with no play and only a small amount of backlash in the table feedscrews.  I have recently cleaned, inspected and tested the machine and it performs perfectly - I was unable to find any faults. The table and machine vice are unmarked, as are the handles and dials. The spindle has no measurable play and everything moves smoothly and locks firmly. Paintwork was finished to good standard - though there are a few age related marks - and the bright metalwork to a similar standard with some elements polished. As can be seen in the photographs, it has a single-phase motor, the optional and useful extra-long column and sits on a wooden unit with drawers and a shop-made fibreglass drip tray - which does have a crack in one corner. There are some accessories including: the proper machine vice, an Arrand milling chuck and collets and a modern ER16 collet chuck (not shown). This is a very fine example of a Dore Westbury and it would, I think, be difficult to find better. I would be amazed if a buyer felt any disappointed upon seeing the machine. Viewing welcome. I will be away over Easter, so email me and I will make whatever arrangements suit. Phone: 01327-263149 or email:  Pictures of the Dore Westbury for sale here and details of Dore Westbury milling machines here

SOLD: "Myford ML7RB 3.5" x 19" gap-bed, backgeared and fitted with a quick-change screwcutting gearbox, spindle clutch and the correct 3/4 h.p. single-phase motor. The ML7R was the result of Myford rationalising of production around just one design of bed, headstock and tailstock and was a Super 7 but with the ML7 cross and top slide unit - though this example has the longer of the two slides for that model and zeroing micrometer dials. Very well equipped with: Myford Imperial collet set, swivelling milling slide, milling slide vice, two independent 4-jaw chucks 6 and 4 inches in diameter, self-centering 4-jaw chuck, 4-inch 3-jaw chuck, 4-way indexing tool post, fixed steady, travelling steady, thread-dial indicator, graduated handle to leadscrew end, faceplate, spare chuck backplate, tailstock chucks, tailstock rotating centre, Morse taper centres, oil gun, spindle bearings C-spanner and the maker's instruction, maintenance and parts manual. The lathe is mounted on a professionally-built timber replica of the Myford stand complete with chip tray and raising blocks. I bought this lathe some years ago from the first owner who had hardly used it. Since then it has had only light use (I have a larger lathe as well) and in very genuine, unworn and undamaged condition. £1850 Pictures of the Myford ML7R for sale here and details of Myford lathes here and ML7R and Super 7 lathes here

A very useful, compact but powerful Mill-Drill - unfortunately for sale due to downsizing
.  Driven by a single-phase, 240 volts 1.5 HP motor. The  730 x 210 mm table enables quite large work to be machined. Fitted with an R8 taper spindle (and so access to high-quality but inexpensive and plentiful Bridgeport-type tooling), the head has the option of both a quick, lever-action down feed for drilling or a wheel-operated slow feed with more control for milling. A gear box enables 6 speeds to be selected from 80-1650 r.p.m. - a handy forward/reverse switch is also fitted.  Mounted on a professionally-made, substantial steel stand. The Miller is offered with: 13 mm drill chuck, a set of Imperial collets and a comprehensive clamping set.  The miller weighs about 320 kg - but will dismantle for carriage in a small van or estate car. Located at CA8 7NW about 25 miles from Penrith. Pictures of the Astra mill/drill for sale here.  Phone: 01434-381119

For Sale: a superb, high-quality floor-standing Abwood double-ended Carbide Tool Grinder with twin tilting tables fitted with degree scales. This Abwood is specially designed for the precision grinding of carbide-tipped and other cutting tools.
Spindle runs in Timken taper roller bearings, Full, quickly-detachable wheel guarding and built in coolant with swing-aside delivery pipes, a large coolant tray and splash guards over the wheels. 1 h.p. 3-phase reversing motor. Height 47", width 30", depth 21" inches (1190 mm x 760 mm x 533 mm) Weight  78b lbs (255 kg) £750 Phone: 01630-654455 or mobile 07976-918647 (Market Drayton) Pictures of the Abwood Grinder for sale here

For Sale: Boley UFR Precision Milling Machine and Jig Driller designed for high-class horology work. This rare and very special milling machine is mounted on the castor-equipped maker's stand with two tool storage cabinets. The swivelling vertical head - 45 degrees each side of vertical -  has both a fine down-feed by handwheel and rapid-action feed by handle - both feeds being along the axis of the spindle
. A built-in rotary table sits on its own compound table with travels of 140 and 120 mm - this being carried on a larger compound table with travels of 200 mm on each axis.. The head - adjustable up and down its two mountings ways - can be set at precise 25 mm intervals using a set of hardened and ground distance pieces that are held in their original Boley box. This miller is unusual in having the original 23-piece Imperial collets set from 1/32" to 3/8", the complete set of cutter guides, the full head distance-piece set, two removable handles, the correct Boley spanners and the collet-lock T-wrench. 1-phase electrics - with the original 3-phase motor supplied and so ideal for conversion to inverter-driven variable-speed drive. I have owned this wonderful machine for over 20 years. It is complete and in first-class condition and had only light hobby use. The machine can be removed from its stand and transported in a small van. £8000 For more details please phone: 01323-845845 or mobile: 0771-4073734 or email:   Pictures of the Boley UFR for sale here and details of Boley milling machines here

For Sale Milford Double-ended pedestal grinder with 10-inch diameter wheels. A heavy, all-cast-iron model intended for heavy-duty work,
In full working order and a smart, good-looking machine. 3-phase motor. £150 Phone Ivan on: 01732-779016 (Sevenoakes, Kent)

For Sale: 12-inch D1-4 CanLock faceplate with radial slots. This will fit the following lathes: Colchester Student 1800, Student 3100, Master 2500, Master VS-3250, Harrison M300, Harrison VS330TR, etc. £95 Phone Ivan on: 01732-779016 (Sevenoakes, Kent)

For Sales: Jones & Shipman Model 1400 Hydraulic Surface Grinder. In perfect working condition, this machine is capable of grinding work pieces up 24" long by 8" wide to a high degree of accuracy and surface finish. It is constructed on relatively simple lines and is basically similar in design to the well-known 540 model -  but with a larger grinding capacity. Hydraulically-operated table traverse, automatic cross-traverse and fitted power rise and fall to wheel head. £2950 Located Widness, Cheshire. Phone: 07703-676479 or email:  Pictures of the J & 3 1400 for sale here - a video of the machine working here - and technical details of the J & S 1400 found by scrolling down this page

For Sale: Deckel FP1 precision universal milling machine. This highly versatile, compact and beautifully constructed miller is complete with the larger table from an FP2, the vertical head and all the horizontal equipment - overarm, drop bracket and cutter arbor - and a Clarkson Autolock chuck. The machine was bought new by a school (I'm the second owner) and has, consequently, had little use and is very quiet running. 1-phase electrics with a nearly new 4-pole (1425 r.p.m. ) motor. £1750  Phone: 0161- 445-1459 (Manchester)  Pictures of the Deckel FP1 for sale here and details of Deckel FP1 milling machines here

Wanted: contact with owners of Leinen LZ4P lathes.
Please phone: 01286-676914

For Sale: Myford Super 7B lathe 3.5" x 19" with screwcutting gearbox, spindle clutch and gap bed. Spindle speeds from 25 to 2150 r.p.m.  Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with deep chip tray and levelling blocks and driven by the correct 3/4 h.p. single-phase motor with a safety No-Volt release push-button starter and a Dewhurst reversing switch.
In remarkable fine original condition, even to the maker's paint finish. Complete with a rage of accessories including: a Burnerd internally-threaded 3-jaw chuck, 4-way toolpost, lever-action tailstock attachment, rotating tailstock centre, graduated handle to the leadscrew end, faceplate, catchplate. drill chuck, Morse centres and light unit. Also included are all the previous owner's small tooling accessories, a spare Myford ML7 tope slide and, possibly, a cross-slide-mounted capstan unit. £1450  Phone: 07717-422932 (Croston, Lancs.)  Pictures of the Myford Super 7 lathe for sale here and details of Myford Super 7 lathes here

WANTED: Manual for Mitsubishi HL-300 lathe. Please phone: 01298-872875

For Sale: Colchester Master 2500 Lathe. 6.5" x 35" with a detachable gap to its hardened bed.
Complete on the maker's cabinet stand with a full-length splash-back (not shown in all the pictures) and a slide-out chip tray. Fitted with the seldom-found taper turning unit, a Burnerd 3-jaw chuck 4-way toolpost, a proper Low-Vo light unit, tailstock chuck, metric thread-dial indicator, coolant system and a set of anti-vibration pads for the stand mounting. Top speed a very useful 2500 r.p.m. driven through a forward/reverse headstock clutch. A versatile, heavy-duty lathe in full working - but reasonably priced, as we need the room. £1550 Phone: 07511-842648 Pictures of the Colchester Master 2500 for sale here and details of Colchester Master 2500 lathes here

For Sale: 6.5" x 25" Colchester Master 2500 high-speed lathe with screwcutting gearbox and power feeds. Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with a light unit.
16 spindle speeds from 30 to 2500 r.p.m. delivered through MATRIX forward and reverse clutches built into the headstock. 15/8" spindle bore. GAMET High-precision spindle bearings, Induction hardened bedways and Reishauer-ground headstock gears. Metric and Inch screwcutting gearbox with 39 metric pitches, from 0.2 to 14 mm; 45 Whitworth pitches from 2 to 72 t.p.i. and Diametral and Module pitches also. Micrometer dials on the carriage handwheel and tailstock barrel. Fitted 3-jaw chuck, quick-change toolpost, precision keyless and keyed drill chucks, thread-dial indicator, chuck guard, Morse taper drills, turning and boring tools - and all the miscellaneous equipment, material and tools used with the lathe by the previous owner.  £2500 Phone: 07717-422932 (Croston, lancs.) Pictures of the Colchester Master 2500 for sale here and details of Colchester Master 2500 lathes here

For Sale: Boxford "Union" Model PD8 Pillar Drill. This strong, compact drill is the sought-after type with reduction gearing in the head
that gives a very wide speed range with eight in total from 82 to 2900 r.p.m. 3-phase electrics so ideal for conversion to variable-speed inverter drive in which case the bottom speed might go as low as 10 r.p.m and the top to over 4000 r.p.m. Light school use only. £475  Pictures of the Boxford drill for sale here  and details of Boxford drills here.  Phone: 02086-395264 or email: (Langley Park School, Beckenham)

For Sale: Startrite 351 Bandsaw. Serial Number: 137931. The price includes a Health & Safety "Local Exhaust Ventilation" (LEV) booth- your choice of either a unit which requires fitting to a larger LEV system or a unit with extraction motor at the back of the LEV booth. 3-phase electrics. The machine has had light school use only. £475  Pictures of the Startrite bandsaw for sale here  Phone: 02086-395264 or email: (Langley Park School, Beckenham)

For Sale: Two RJH System Vertical 2000 Band-sanders
. These are compact, modern machines that have had school use only and both are in very similar condition. £650 Price per each machine but discount will be offered if both are purchased together.  Pictures of RJH Band-sanders for sale here  Phone: 02086-395264 or email: (Langley Park School, Beckenham)

For Sale: RJH Gryphon double-ended bench polisher
. An industrial-class machine but single-phase electrics with push-button, No.Volt release starter. Fitted with 200 x 25 x 20 polishing mops and guards. Light school use only.  £300 Pictures of the Gryphon polishing machine here  Phone: 02086-395264 or email: (Langley Park School, Beckenham)

For Sale: Harrison Union Graduate Wood Lathe Serial Number: 137911. Heavy, all-cast-iron construction with bowl-turning attachment, dust extraction, faceplate, standard T-rests and 6 chisels. Light school use only and in superb condition. 3-phase electrics so ideal for conversion to variable-speed inverter drive. £1100 Pictures of the Harrison Graduate wood lathe for sale here and full details of Graduate lathes here  Phone: 02086-395264 or email: (Langley Park School, Beckenham)

For Sale: Hegner Multicut S2 Scroll Saw. A professional-class machine on 1-phase electrics. Light school use only and in perfect working order. Model ID: 65869/64  £275 Pictures of the Hegner Multicut S2 Scroll Saw for sale here  Phone: 02086-395264 or email: (Langley Park School, Beckenham)

For Sale: a quantity of Record metal and wood vices: 14 for metal with wooden plates attached  75 mm (3-inch) capacity. 12 for wood that are designed to fit flush against the front face of a workbench (the wooden top blocks are included). £20 per vice--but a discount offered if a quantity is purchased.  Pictures of the Record vices for sale here  Phone:  02086-395264 or email: (Langley Park School, Beckenham)

For Sale: an original, vintage IXL "Leader" or "Invicta" backgeared and screwcutting lathe about 6" x 24". Mounted on the maker's treadle stand and fitted with power cross feed.
T-slotted saddle, very deep gap bed, set-over tailstock and tumble-reverse fitted to the leadscrew drive. Actually made in Germany by the Ehrlich Company, the lathe is in sound, original order and looks to be in need only of light cosmetic restoration. Complete with a 3-jaw chuck. £350 Phone: 077624-59126 (North Devon) Pictures of the IXL (Ehrlich) lathe for sale here, details of IXL lathes here and pictures of lathes the same as the one for sale here

For Sale, Harrison "11-inch" lathe. 5.5" x 24" with detachable gap bed, full screwcutting and feeds gearbox, power cross feed and a spindle clutch
. In good condition for its age with little bed wear and about 4 thou backlash in the cross slide and 10 in topslide. Complete on the maker's cabinet stand with a full-length splash-back and the following accessories: taper-turning attachment, 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, fixed steady, travelling steady, 4-way toolpost, thread-dial indicator, faceplate, catchplate, bed-mounted carriage stop, digital read-out on the tailstock spindle, the proper Low-Vo light unit, Morse-taper adapter bush for the headstock spindle and the chuck-removal and headstock spindle bearings spanners. £1700 Phone: 0747-1182510 after 2 pm please and ask for Graeme. Details of these Harrison lathes and their development here

For Sale: Raglan "Five-Inch" lathe Serial number 4128. 5" x 24". Backgeared and with a full screwcutting and feeds' gearbox to give power sliding and surfacing feeds.
The often-problematical drive system on this lathe has been cleverly modified to accept any motor - the one fitted being a powerful DC type with variable-speed drive. Well equipped with: Burnerd Super-precision 5-inch adjustable 3-jaw chuck, Burnerd 6-inch 4-jaw chuck, Dixon quick-set toolpost with four holders (two standard, one boring and one parting-off), fixed steady, travelling steady, thread-dial indicator and the maker's handbook. In excellent working order and ready for immediate use. Also available, a large bench unit. £800. Phone: 07884-496724 (North Suffolk). Pictures of the lathe for sale here and details of raglan lathes here

For Sale: Late-model, Lorch LLK miniature, high-precision lathe 65 mm centre height and 225 mm between centres. The lathe offered is the final, most highly-developed of the LLK range and fitted with the maker's neat, under-drive countershaft system
(from a 1-phase AEG motor) operated by a rotating boss on the left-hand face of the headstock foot. Spindle speed range spans 375 to 4200 r.p.m.  Spindle bore 10 mm. Complete with two tailstocks: a standard screw-feed type and a very special unit that incorporated a 6-station capstan head. Precision ring-scroll three-jaw chuck, collets, 4-way toolpost, Morse centres, steel chip tray and mounting board. £1750  Pictures of the Lorch LLK for sale here and details of Lorch LLK lathes here  Phone: 01449-676859 (Suffolk) Happy to deliver within a reasonable distance.

For Sale: Wicksteed 6-inch capacity power hacksaw. A typical Wicksteed being heavily-engineered but very compact. In full working order and complete with a dozen or so new, packaged 14" x 1" blades.
3-phase motor. No  pictures I'm afraid, but any inspection will confirm the description. £325 Phone Ivan on: 01732-779016 (Sevenoakes, Kent)  Details of Wicksteed saws here

For Sale: an older but very robust Denbigh horizontal milling machine.
Complete with a built-on motor system, a backgearing system for high torque at low speeds, various arbors, a good selection of cutters and a large machine vice, this Denbigh has been standing unused for some time. With a little care and attention this would make an excellent general-purpose miller. £375 For more details please phone: 07963-508882 (near Wickham, Hampshire) Pictures of the Denbigh miller for sale here and details of Denbigh millers here

For Sale: a late-model Mk. 2 Atlas "6-inch" lathe 3-inch centre height and about 18 inches between centres.  Timken taper roller bearing headstock with 8 spindle speeds spanning a very useful 50 to 2000 r.p.m .
Compete with 4-jaw chuck, 4-way toolpost, single-phase motor and an original copy of the maker's comprehensive instruction book.  A very compact but versatile little lathe - 34" long, 11" high and weight about 125 lbs. Long-term stored so in need of some cleaning and lubrication. £375 For more details please phone: 07963-508882 near Wickham, Hampshire. Pictures of the Atlas Mk.2 6-inch lathe for sale here and details of Atlas Mk.2 6-inch lathes here.

SOLD: Myford Super 7 lathe 3.5" x 19", gap bed, backgeared and screwcutting. In fine condition, still in its maker's factory paint finish and mounted on a refurbished Myford cabinet stand with a deep chip tray, splash back incorporating a tool tray and a swarf guard to protect the motor, levelling blocks and new cork mats. The lathe has a spindle clutch, graduated handle to the leadscrew end, quick-change toolpost with three standard and one ' V' groove holder, a 3-jaw chuck with inside and outside jaws,  faceplate, thread-dial indicator, Jacobs tailstock drill chuck, a full set of screwcutting changewheels and a copy of the maker's Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual.  Single-phase electrics recently professionally rewired and fitted with a new combined forward-reverse switch and No-Volt safety-release push-button starter together with a separate emergency stop button. Prior to my purchase, the lathe had been in the long-term ownership of a retired Rolls Royce engineer who used it for model engineering. I have owned it for three years and am only selling as I have upgraded to a larger model. A very well cared for lathe. £1475  Pictures of the Myford Super 7 for sale here and  details of Myford Super 7 lathes here

For Sale: Gun barrel boring and rifling machine. This is a modular-designed, bench-top 3-phase inverter-powered 2 h.p. machine that drills perfect bores and rifles them.
It will currently drill and rifle 28.0 inch solid bars of any material composition up to RC50 in the range of 1 in 7 through 1 in 16 but may be extended further by gearing.  Disassembles into manageable  pieces. £25,000 - offers invited. I'm prepared to pack and ship world-wide. I have also a very rare Fell deep-hole borer for sale around 20-years old now; this was the only one ever made. Just need to find a home for this one as an offer to remove, it's more a museum piece, but could be sorted to work again. Pictures of the gun barrel drilling and rifling machine for sale here and full technical details here  For more details please phone: 01723-376764 or email: Chris Whitehead

For Sale: late-model Leinen watchmaker's lathe. This is the version built onto a neat base with an integrated 1-phase motor and multi-speed drive system making the whole unit portable.
Included is a range of valuable extras including: two Lorch headstocks, milling slide with high-speed grinding milling spindle, pump-centre faceplate, two compound screw-feed slide rest, precision ring-scroll 3-jaw chuck,, collets and other parts.  £3750 Phone: 07798-641577 (lathe in Ipswich) Am happy to pack and ship world-wide at cost. Pictures of the Leinen watchmakers' lathe for sale here and details of modern Leinen watch lathes here

For Sale: Myford Swivelling vertical milling slide of the later 2-bolt-per axis type complete with the correct maker's machine Vice and the slide's original box
. In pristine condition and appears unused. £225. Small rotary table in perfect order, again appears unused. £55  Pictures of the Myford vertical milling slide and rotary table for sale here.  Please phone: 01254-823570 for more details

For Sale: Colchester Bantam lathe 5.75" x 22" with metric screwcutting gearbox, power sliding and surfacing feeds and mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with a full-length splash back.
This 3-phase machine is ex-college and so lightly used, well maintained and kept in excellent condition and fitted with an emergency-stop foot brake. Complete with: coolant system, 3-jaw chuck with both sets of jaws, an unused 200 mm 4-jaw independent chuck by Toolmex, Dixon quick-change toolpost with 3 holders, the maker's standard set of changewheels to extend the threading range of the gearbox, tailstock chuck, work light, chuck guard with electrical cut-out, turning tools, all the correct keys and a new drive belt.  £1250. Contact Malcolm on: 01993-882102. Located in Oxfordshire. Can be viewed and demonstrated by appointment. (Ref:5/17) Pictures of the Colchester Bantam for sale here and details of Bantam lathes here

For Sale: American-made Simplex Lathe approximately 6.5" x 30". A high-quality, all-geared headstock machine with power sliding and surfacing feeds and a full screwcutting and feeds gearbox. 
The property of an ex-Rolls Royce engineer, the lathe is in full working order and running from a single-phase motor. Well equipped and including a large collection of metal bar stock, blocks of bronze and other items stored in the workshop with the machine - these appearing to include: 3-jaw chuck (possibly two), 4-way toolpost, thread-dial indicator, tailstock chuck, drive dogs. Morse centres and adapters, cutting and milling tools. Morse taper drills, some R8 fittings, arbors, collet chucks, taps, dies, die holders, etc, etc. There may be other items and accessories as well. This is a really useful, strongly built yet compact lathe complete with everything needed to start work. £650 Phone: 0797-6070077 (lathe in Darley Dale, near Matlock, Derbyshire). Pictures of the Simplex lathe for sale here and details of Simplex lathes here

For Sale: Myford ML7R 7 lathe 3.5" x 19" gap-bed, backgeared and screwcutting and mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with levelling blocks and deep chip tray
. The ML7R is actually a Myford Super 7 but with ML7 cross and top slides - the lathe shown is a late model and also has the Super 7 spindle clutch. In immaculate condition having had hardly any use from new - and then only on clock parts. Kept in a heated garage and well equipped with: 1-phase motor and Dewhurst reversing switch, two precision ring-scroll 3-jaw chucks, 4-jaw chuck 4-way toolpost, graduated handle to leadscrew end, fixed steady, travelling steady, large faceplate, small faceplate, catchplate, spare chuck backplate, chuck guard, Morse centres, a set of screwcutting changewheels, set of turning tools, tailstock rotating centre, tailstock chuck, rotary knurling tool, thread-dial indicator and the maker's Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual.  £3250 Phone: 01254-823570  Pictures of the Myford ML7R for sale here and details of Myford 7 Series lathes here

WANTED: I'm looking to set up a home workshop and seek three main items:
Colchester Bantam with the accessories; a Boxford VM30 Vertical milling machine (or similar) and a Pedrazzoli Mec Brown chop saw (or similar). Can be either three or single-phase equipment. No dealers please and will travel for the right equipment. Would also consider a complete workshop. Please phone; 01707-333038 or email Steve at:

For Sale: SIXIS S101 High-precision Milling Machine. Since we moved house, I now find I have little space for all of my toys and so am gradually arranging to sell some of them off. The S101 is a high-quality, Swiss-made machine and comes with many accessories as shown in the photographs.
It is powered via a 3-phase inverter which in turn plugs into a UK standard mains socket (230v). It has hardly been used during the last few years and, as such, is in good condition. Various W12 arbors are included and (not shown) some W12 collets which are in fair condition - although these are relatively easy to obtain. Also included is a genuine Sixis machine stand with cupboard storage. Feel free to contact me should you require further information. The machine breaks down into manageable parts and so will easily fit in a small van or estate car. £3950 Tel: Matt on 07831-644447 Pictures of the Sixis S101 for sale  here and details of Sixis machines here

SOLD - Myford Super 7B lathe 3.5" x 19" gap-bed, backgeared, screwcutting and mounted on the maker's industrial cabinet stand with deep chip tray and raiser blocks. Fitted with a screwcutting gearbox, the lathe in lovely, lightly used condition, was built in approximately 1963 (Serial number SK62015), has metric graduations and is fitted with single-phase electrics. The following accessories are included: taper-turning attachment, fixed steady, travelling steady, 3-jaw chuck with reversible jaws, 4-way toolpost, faceplate, driveplate,  tailstock chuck, tailstock rotating centre, the maker's fitted machine cover and a Lo-Vo light unit with the proper transformer. Also included is a Myford tool holder, various turning tools, oil can, Myford oil gun plus the original Myford literature and my dated purchase invoice.. Moving house necessitates the sale of this excellent lathe hence the bargain price of £1750 Pictures of the Myford Super 7B for sale here and details of Super 7 lathes here here

Wanted: Allanson lathe (as seen here)
Anything considered. Please phone: 07703-030993

Wanted: Compact, high-quality screwcutting bench lathe admitting at least 12 inches (300 mm) between centres and with a centre height of at least 3 inches.
Requirements and budget flexible - something like a TOS MN80a or TOS  SU16, a Lorch LAS or similar would be ideal - but anything considered, anywhere in Europe. Please phone: 0035-8505-699596 or email:

Centrix Micro backgeared lathe
made by Centrix Precision Products in Shoreham-by-sea in the 1960s. Preferably one in good condition sought. Phone: 07973-709427 or email:  Pictures and details of the Centrix lathe here

Wanted: Set of Engineering Drawings for the Dore Westbury Mk. 2 Milling Machine. Please phone: 01298-872874

Wanted: Centrix Micro backgeared lathe made by Centrix Precision Products in Shoreham-by-sea in the 1960s. Preferably one in good condition sought. Phone: 07973-709427 or email:  Pictures and details of the Centrix lathe here

For Sale: a circa 1914 Hardinge Toolroom Lathe 4.5" x 28". Designed personally by Mr. Franklin Hardinge in the United States, a number of these superb and very expensive lathes were exported to the UK during WW1.
The specification was advanced, even for today, with a 1.25-inch spindle bore, a full screwcutting and feeds gearbox (with the addition of three quick-change settings for each pitch or feed selected), power sliding and surfacing feeds and an automatic, precision pre-set disengage to the carriage feed (with safety-clutch override). Equipped with two 3-jaw chucks (one a Taylor conical-scroll with many sets of jaws), a 6-inch 4-jaw independent chuck, 4-way toolpost, 8 collets and the collet draw tube. Built-on drive system with a 1-phase motor and push-button starter. Sensible offers invited. Phone: 07808-812788 Located: Hadley (Hampshire). Pictures of the Hardinge cataract for sale here and  full details of these fine lathes here and continued here

For Sale: an unusually large example of an "English Mandrel" - "Swiss Universal" watch and clockmaker's lathe signed
Hamacher & Hahn Dortmund. 23 inches long and 12 inches high and made of solid nickel silver and steel with a 5-inch diameter faceplate with the traditional clamping system, hand T-rest, compound screw-feed slide rest and a tailstock. This model, with its round-belt drive system, will be an early example of the type and would make an attractive display piece as well as being an effective working tool. Will pack and ship to anywhere in the European Union, but would prefer collection from Chichester, UK. £1200 Ron Matthews Phone:  01243-641635 or e-mail   Pictures of the lathe for sale here and details of English Mandrel and Swiss Universal machines can be found here

For Sale. Faircut Junior lathe 3" x 12" gap-bed and screwcutting. Mounted on a good wooden stand with the maker's countershaft unit, 1-phase motor and Dewhurst reversing switch
. Complete with a Burnerd ring-scroll 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw independent chuck, faceplate, set of screwcutting changewheels, tailstock chucks, small faceplate on tailstock centre, standard and 4-way toolposts, a collection of turning tools and a light unit. This is a beautifully constructed, Sheffield-made lathe of a very handy size and good specification. In the hands of one owner for many decades. £375. Please email: or Phone: 01142-301200 (Sheffield) Pictures of the Faircut lathe for sale here and details of Faircut lathes here

For Sale: Tom Senior M1 Milling Machine complete with the sought-after robust vertical knucklehead with a No. 2 Morse taper spindle and drawbar. All the horizontal equipment is included - overarm, drop bracket and cutter arbor.
Table 31" x 6.5" in excellent condition with the later oil-bath power-drive mechanism. 12 speeds from 50 to 1660 r.p.m. with, in addition to direct V-belt drive of the horizontal spindle, internal backgearing to give a range of especially slow and powerful speeds for all kinds of milling.  This is a really lovely well looked after machine. Drive motor is  3-phase (1 h.p.) and both wired "delta" for 220 volt 3 phase operation - I currently use this with a programmable inverter which is not included here in the sale. The entire machine is in really excellent order - a very capable compact machine that can be disassembled for transport - but an engine hoist is essential due to the weight of each piece. An international house move forces the sale of this much loved machine! £2500  Phone: 07711046849 (machine in Hitchin, Herts.)
Pictures of the Tom Senior M1 milling machine for sale here

Wanted: Tom Senior Milling Machine - preferably an M1 Major, VS or ELT. Also sought an S-Type Vertical Head. Private buyer with cash waiting. Please 07797-746396 or email:

Wanted: Original 3-phase motor (usually by AEI). Anything considered, working or not. Also sought, any Centec accessories. Please phone: 07777-692479 or email:

For Sale: Sedgwick Planer-Thicknesser Type 255. This is the Rolls-Royce of planers and built on a substantial cast-iron bed that will last a lifetime.
240 volt single-phase electrics. Full details of these splendid machines can be found here:   The planer has only ever done one real job in its lifetime: cleaning up a sycamore kitchen floor - so is in excellent, almost unused condition. Complete with accessories and the maker's Instruction Manual. Please ask any questions that you may have. £1400  The retail price of the Type PT255 is now £2976, so this represents a real saving. Phone: 01434-381119 (Brampton, Cumbria)  Pictures of the Sedgwick planer-thicknesser here

For Sale: Deckel FP2 precision universal milling machine. Complete with a range of valuable equipment including: the essential universal swivelling and tilting table, vertical milling head, a Deckel dividing head with division plates and tailstock, slotting head, all the horizontal equipment (cutter-holding arbor, overarm and drop bracket), a set of collets, collet holder, a number of cutter holders and a genuine Deckel tool cabinet. Spindle is a 40 ISO, speeds run from 40 to 2000 r.p.m. and inch graduations are on the feed-screw micrometer dials. £4750 + VAT. Please contact Nigel Wilson Machinery on: 01245-221200 (from overseas +44-1245-221200)
Pictures of the Deckel FP2 for sale here, details of Deckel milling machines here and a photographic essay of the FP2 here

Wanted: Pultra 17/50 or 17/70 lathe and any associated Pultra accessories. Absolutely anything considered - any condition from mint to poor.  Please phone: 07422-678792 or email:

BCA Jig Borer/Miller Mk. 3 maker's cabinet stand--used but very good with tool storage on the side, a halogen light unit and switchgear
. Best offer over £125 plus VAT secures. This stand would also suit a range of smaller vertical or horizontal milling machines. Buyer arranges collection. Also available: various BCA accessories e.g. collets, toolmaker's vice, etc., and various spare parts. Please phone Tenga Engineering on 01425-622567 for more information. Picture of the BCA stand here and details of BCA machines here

For Sale:
4-jaw chuck British made but no  maker's name. Jaws slightly chipped but nothing serious. £125
Vertical milling slide: 4" travel, no maker's name. £60 Phone: 01246-819021 or email:  Pictures of the Chuck and slide amongst those here

For Sale: an unused Hobbymat MD65 Lathe 65 mm x 300 mm (2.6" x 12"). 1-phase motor with reversing switchgear
. Complete with 3-jaw chuck, a complete set of turning, boring and threading tools and its standard equipment. £575 Details of Hobbymat MD65 lathes here
Bench drill: 1/2" capacity with compound slide rest. Little used and complete with a set of drills in a stand. £125 Phone: Tel 01235 767644 (Oxfordshire) Pictures of the Hobbymat lathe and drill for sale here

PROXXON Miniature Vertical Milling Machine. UNUSED and complete with a number of accessories including two boxed sets of work levelling blocks and spindle collets.
The head has both rapid-action drilling by lever and fine feed by handwheel. Spindle speeds: 280, 550, 870, 1250, 1700 & 2500 r.p.m. A great saving on new at £675 (Current price on eBay £899Phone: Tel 01235 767644 (Oxfordshire) Pictures of the Proxxon vertical milling machine or sale here

Wanted: Myford Super 7B "Big Bore" with 1-inch through the spindle and mounted on the maker's cabinet stand. A late-model machine in immaculate, little-used condition preferred. I'm ready to pay well anywhere in Europe for a good example. Please phone: 0047-90085761 or email:

Wilfin "Electrothathe". An early version of interesting vintage lathe around 6" x 30" backgeared and screwcutting.
A compact lathe with a useful capacity and well set up with a built-on countershaft, all-V-belt drive, 1-phase motor and ready to use. £225  Phone: 07840-954086 Pictures of the Wilfin Electrolathe for sale here

For Sale: Benson 3.75" x 20" Precision Screwcutting lathe mounted on a good metal stand with the drive system enclosed neatly within and storage stage. Backgeared, screwcutting, power cross feed, taper-turning attachment, large, zeroing micrometer dials and equipped with a genuine Benson "Overhead" drive to run toolpost-mounted high-speed milling and grinding spindles.
Accessories include: 3-jaw chuck with both sets of jaws, 6-inch 4-jaw independent chuck, set of standard and stepped collets with drawbar, vertical milling slide with spindle, Fixed steady, a high-speed milling and grinding spindle, radius-turning attachment, 4-way toolpost, standard toolpost, T-slotted faceplate, tailstock chuck, hand T-rest, set of screwcutting changewheels, thread-dial indicator and a spare chuck backplate. 1-phase electrics. £650 Phone: 01784-437990  Nottingham-made, Benson manufactured superb quality, high-precision machine tools. Pictures of the Benson lathe for sale  here and details of Benson lathes here.

BCA MK. 3 Universal Jig Boring & Milling Machine in superb condition and mounted on the maker's cabinet stand.
Fitted with a new 2-axis Inch/ Metric DRO together with various of accessories including a large set of collets. Please contact Tenga Engineering on 01425-622567 for more information. A picture of the BCA for sale is here and details of these particularly fine and useful machines can be found here

WANTED: small high precision lathe and milling machine e.g. Toyo ML1, Schaublin 70, Lorch KD50, Levin, a BCA Mini jig borer, Aciera F1, Wolf Jahn, Mikron - or similar. Please phone Chris on: 01132-302561 or 07793-815730

For Sale (choice of several) Harrison M300 lathes 167 mm centre height and a capacity between centres of 635 mm with gap bed. 
All mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with full-length splashback and tool tray. 2-axis DRO, dual metric/inch micrometer dials and well equipped. Full details and full pictures on request. Can be seen under power. Please contact: Tenga Engineering. Phone: 01425-622567 or email or visit our web site  Picture of a M300 for sale here and  details of Harrison M300 lathes here

WANTED: Harrison M250, Harrison M300, Colchester Student 1800, Myford Super 7B and Harding HLV-H lathes. Please contact: Tenga Engineering Co Ltd. Phone: 01425-622567 or email details with photographs to: 01/03/17

Wanted: I am looking for a Centec 2B in good order, with or without the table power feed - but must have horizontal overarm and arbor  for horizontal work.  Also looking for dividing head and tailstock, machine vice and rotary table for same, if possible.  Will cover all costs of packaging and shipping to Germany. Please  contact Hugh on 0049-21281-8305 or email:

Wanted for spares, repair or in working order, a round-head Mk. 1 Colchester Student or Master of the type shown here. Please phone: 01298-872874

Wanted: Hydraulic spinning lathe (Leifeld PLB or similar) and/or large manual spinning lathe. Required for young metal spinning company based in Hampshire. Telephone: 07885-991906

WANTED: A Grayson lathe - or one badged "London" or "Granville". Phone 07919-367916

Wanted: Favorite lathe accessories and parts (Favorite) Anything considered, anywhere. Also sought for mutual help, contact with owners of Favorite lathes. Please phone John on 01773-543055 or email:

Wanted: within an hour or so of Buxton, Derbyshire:
a retired, time-served machinist with reasonably well-equipped home workshop interested in taking on a constant supply of small machining jobs. Please phone : 01298-872874 for details.

Wanted: Pittler C3 lathe accessories and parts
- anything considered - and would welcome contact with other Pittler owners and enthusiasts. James Waterfield or phone: 01205-352188 (Lincolnshire UK)

Wanted: DECKEL G1L Pantograph Engraver and a DECKEL SO Tool & Cutter Grinder (or the Alexander equivalent).
Also sought: Engraver and tool and cutter grinder accessories. Machines in good condition preferred, but anything considered. Phone: 01522-809989 or 07769-757876

Wanted: the rise and fall table for a Fobco 7/8 or 10/8 drill.  Or, any table around 17" x 20" from another make of drill that we could adapt (we have the facilities). Although we're in the Falklands we are happy to pay shipping, etc. to get the part. Please email details to: or phone: 00500-21116

for a Quorn Tool & Cutter Grinder, the set of engineering drawings. Any version would be very acceptable to help me finish my machine. If you can help, please phone Phillip Peaster on: 01278-732853

Top guard cover hinge mechanism for a Fobco 10/8 drilling machine - it doubles as the belt- tensioning device.
Please phone: 01522-813668

Wanted: Horizontal "conversion kit" for a Bridgeport turret miller.
Consists of the right-angle attachment, arbor and drop bracket  - a picture of the parts is here. If you can help with any of the parts, please phone: 01297-35232

WANTED: Myford big-bore Super 7B lathe on the maker's cabinet stand and in good condition. One with a metric screwcutting conversion set fitted would be preferred, but anything considered. Please contact Helge Rokeberg on: 0047-90085761 or email:

Wanted: Wanted Centec Mk. III quill head and ram.  Ready to pay well for good order component with sound bearings and seals. Please phone: 0049-212-818305 or email:

Wanted: TOM SENIOR M1 Milling Machine with an "S-Type" vertical head
(as seen on this page) or a MYFORD VM-E or VM-F Series miller (as seen here) Private buyer happy to travel. Please phone: 07831-244568 anytime.

Wanted: a Startrite EFI Pillar Drill Type FG2 A complete drill or any parts required. Would consider a whole machine, working or not working or parts. Main items sought are the gearbox housing casting (broken in transit), the foot-switch pedal control knobs and lever for locking the table in place. Distance not a problem, I can arrange collection. Please contact Graham on 01856 888849 or email:

Wanted: I am looking for the following machines
1) SIP MP-3K jig borer, must be in excellent condition, tooled or untooled
2) Sunderland 5B gear planer
3) Gleason bevel gear planer
, single tool template machine, 24" capacity or Gleason bevel gear generator, two tool machine, up to 12" capacity
Please contact Andrew at:

WANTED: A Hendey Lathe--any model considered. Please phone: 01604-686685 or 01858-575280  (Hendey lathes can be seen here)

WANTED: Is anyone able to supply a copy of any drawings, diagrams etc showing the interior details of the Leinen / Boley & Leinen MLZ4S lathe quick change gearbox, especially showing the set-up of the three controls in relation to the various gear clusters. Mine has probably had its cover removed and replaced at some time, resulting in some mis-alignment of one or more of the three control shafts/gears. Please email Peter on:

WANTED: Lorch KD50 lathe parts - absolutely anything considered, even to a complete lathe in poor condition. Phone: 07966-906621 or email:

Wanted: HOLBROOK lathe Model Types H13, H15, H17, H20 or the "Marquis". Absolutely anything considered, anywhere. Also sought: Holbrook accessories and literature, etc.  Phone: 01947-603650

Wanted: Fixed and travelling steadies, thread-dial indicator and a splashback to fit a Harrison M250/Bantam Mk. 3. Also sought a table power feed unit to fit an Emco FB2 milling machine. Phone: 0049-212-818305

Wanted: two items
1) in working order a 2-speed 3-phase motor
1400 r.p.m at 3.3 kW and 700 r.p.m at 2.2 kW foot mounted
2) a large spinning lathe with a minimum centre height of 36 inches (91.5 mm) - but the bigger the better and by any maker.
Please phone: 02392-698674 or email:

Wanted: Cuthbert / Warner / Reffells con-rod boring machine (as seen here) and a main-bearing boring machine. Any condition, complete or not - and any location. Please phone: 01279-718868

Wanted: Myford VMA milling attachment (like this), one for the Hobbymat (like this) or an Emco Vertical head--like this. Please phone: 07768-848004

Wanted: Thiel 158 Duplex accessories, tooling and any other equipment - UK or Europe
Please phone: 01752-896821 or 0781-5501974 or email:

Wanted: Deckel FP2 milling machine. Private buyer would like to obtain an example in good order with as many accessories as possible. However, anything reasonable considered as well as any separate accessories. Please phone: 01522-809989 or mobile: 07769-757876

Wanted: Genuine Boxford Taper Turning Attachment wanted. Must be in an EXCELLENT or un-abused condition and be totally COMPLETE. Please call Diane 07712 865950

Wanted: I would like to make contact with the owner of a Harrison M300 lathe to discuss one or two technical aspects. If you could phone: 07500-432016  or email: I'd be very grateful

Wanted: for an early Henry Milnes lathe - parts and accessories. I am seeking anything at all for an antique Henry Milnes lathe - especially a wall or ceiling countershaft, steadies, etc. See the various links on this page.  Please phone: 01959-563487 or 07775-593743

Wanted: Smart & Brown Model-M Mk. 1 lathe in any condition (required for spares). Also sought: a tailstock for a Smart & Brown Model M Mk. 2 lathe and any accessories or other parts. Please phone: 01842-752572

: an Antique American Barnes Model 41/2 backgeared and screwcutting "twin-leadscrew" lathe. 4.5-inch centre height, 25 inches between centres. All original but long-term unused and a good restoration project. Complete with countershaft assembly and matching 3-step headstock pulley. £175 Proceeds of this sale go to Charity. Pictures of the Barnes lathe for sale heredetails of Barnes lathes here and of the twin-leadscrew model here

: Myford ML7 Lathe 3.5" x 20" gap-bed, backgeared and screwcutting. Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with chip tray and levelling blocks, this ML7 is in sound working order and complete with: extra-long T-slotted cross slide with a Super 7 feed screw, micrometer dial and handle, 3-jaw chuck, the correct half-depth body 6-inch Burnerd independent 4-jaw chuck, small 4-jaw chuck, fixed steady, a graduated handle to the leadscrew end, three angle plates, tailstock chuck, a set of screwcutting changewheels including some larger-than-usual examples, faceplate and catchplate. 1-phase motor with No-Volt release starter. £550  Pictures of the Myford ML7 lathe for sale here and details of Myford ML7 lathes here
I also have a Leinen LZ4P lathe and would appreciate contact with other owners

SOLD: Naerok Vertical Milling and Co-Ordinate Drill Machine. Table 23" x 7". R8 taper spindle (Bridgeport taper so lots of inexpensive tooling available) that has both fine feed by worm-and-wheel gearing and a rapid-action drilling handle. Unlike other similar machines by Warco and Whitecote, etc., the Naerok's head's travel for coarse settings is by a bevel box at the base of the column - this keeping the head in alignment as it is raised and lowered. Powered from a rear-mounted, 3/4 h.p. 1-phase motor with drive by an "A" section V-belt to an intermediate, self-aligning, 3-step jockey pulley and then to a 4-step front pulley - the arrangement giving 12 speeds that spans approximately 100 to 2000 r.p.m. £550 Pictures of the Naerok Mill/Drill for sale here and details of similar models and their useful attributes herehere,  and here 

SOLD--for the asking price: Centec 2B milling machine with power-feed table and the Mk. 3 swivelling head fitted with both fine and quick-action drilling feeds - both along the axis of feed. I have owned the miller for ten years in which time it has seen little use. Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand, the miller is fault-free, quiet running and on 1-phase electrics. Extras include: an original Centec dividing head, complete with tailstock and centres, all the horizontal equipment (overarm, drop bracket and two cutter-holding arbors of 0.75" and 1" diameter), both sets of table-feed pick off gears, a Clarkson Autolock milling chuck with collets, a quantity of 2 Morse taper tooling, an insert carbide-tipped endmill, a boring-head arbor, drill chuck, adjusting spanners, spindle locking spanner, spare feedscrews for all three axes, a feed nut for the Y-axis. A compact, versatile, high-quality machine. £1550 Phone: 01327-263149 (Woodford Halse, Northants) Further information and pictures of the machine here and details of Centec milling machines here

: Harrison M250 lathe with a Rishton Powered Vertical Milling Head with both in outstanding, little-used condition. A single-phase, all-metric machine purchased new from the factory by the only user and employed solely in his model engineering hobby. 145 mm (5.7")  centre height by 750 mm (30") between centres with all-geared headstock, full screwcutting and feeds gearbox, power cross feed, hardened bed and brand new, recently-fitted DRO system. Complete with a specially made T-slotted cross-slide boring and milling table, 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, Dickson quick-set toolpost, fixed steady, additional change-wheels for imperial thread cutting, micrometer dial on the carriage handwheel, thread-dial indicator, a set of the basic four metric to Imperial transposing changewheels, catchplate, light unit, the often-missing. spindle-nose sleeve-down adapter bush and a copy of the maker's Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual. The lathe is all single-phase and the all-geared Rishton milling head driven by a 1-phase to 3-phase inverter giving variable-speed drive on each of the head's speed settings. The head has a No. 2 Morse taper spindle and both fine and rapid-action feeds to the quill. £3750  Pictures of the Harrison M250 here and details of Harrison M250 lathes here.

SOLD: Myford VM-F vertical turret milling machine - the very best and most comprehensively specified of all Myford Millers. Ram-type swivelling head with 6.875" of in and out travel and fitted with both quick-action drilling by lever and find feed by handwheel to the R8 quill. As the R8 fitting is the same as that used on a Bridgeport it allows access to a wide range of high-quality yet inexpensive tooling. Power-feed table with large satin-chrome plated finish micrometer dials. Mounted on the maker's stand with chip tray and complete with coolant equipment, machine vice and all the small accessories used by the previous owner. A compact, highly versatile and power milling machine with 1-phase electrics.  £1450 Details of the Myford VM-F milling machine on this page

SOLD: "Alpine" Taiwanese-made Vertical Milling and Co-Ordinate Drill Machine. Mounted on a metal stand this useful miller has both fine feed by worm-and-wheel gearing and a rapid-action drilling handle. Equipped with a machine vice, parallels, a Clarkson AutoLock chuck, drill chuck, tooling and all the parts used on the miller by the previous owner. Powered from a rear-mounted, 3/4 h.p. 1-phase motor with drive by an "A" section V-belt to an intermediate, self-aligning, jockey pulley and then to a 4-step front pulley - the arrangement giving 9 speeds from around 150 to 2000 r.p.m. In full working order. £550  Pictures of the Alpine Mill/Drill for sale here

SOLD: Elliott "Progress" No. 2 Morse taper Model 2G bench drill in fine original condition. This is the Progress with oil-bath lubricated head "back gearing" that gives 10 speeds from 36 to 2570 r.p.m. - and huge torque for drilling large diameter holes. Table tilts left to right. 1-phase electrics. This is one the very best bench drills it's possible to buy - high-quality construction, compact, versatile and powerful. Also included is a double-ended bench grinder. £650  Pictures of the Elliott Progress No.2 Drill for sale here and details of Progress grills here

: South Bend Model A lathe 4.5" x 24" backgeared and fitted with a screwcutting gearbox and power cross feed. This "9-inch" South Bend is complete on a bench with, raiser blocks, chip tray, the maker's countershaft, 1-phase motor with isolator box, Dewhurst reversing switch and a light unit. Very well equipped with: 3-jaw chuck with both sets of jaws; large and small 4-jaw independent chucks,; fixed steady; thread-dial indicator; a set of useful tapered arbors for holding work between centres; tailstock chuck; surface plate with adjustable scribing block and two magnetic bases; Morse centres; drive dogs; turning tools; calipers and spanners. Also included are a spare cross-slide feed screw and nut, spare Dewhurst switch, drive belting and maker's literature. £675 Many Boxford parts fit the South Bend. Pictures of the South Bend lathe for sale here and details of South Bend "9-inch lathes" here

SUCCESS!: I'm looking for a Boxford AUD or VSL lathe. I don't mind if it's single or three-phase - but it needs to be in good condition. Other than that, actual spec is not overly important. I'm based in Essex but would be prepared to travel for the right machine.

SOLD: Myford ML10 lathe 3.25" x 13" backgeared and screwcutting. A late model with high-speed roller bearing headstock. Mounted on the maker's raiser blocks with a chip tray and fitted with the leadscrew dog clutch. Complete with: 3-jaw chuck with both sets of jaws, 4-jaw chuck, quick-change tool post with two standard tool holders and one parting-blade tool holder, graduated dial to the leadscrew end, a selection of change wheels, faceplate, drill chuck, rotating and fixed centres, a range of changeable-tip carbide turning tools, oil guns and manuals. Single-phase electrics with a safety, No-volt push-button starter. In nice tidy and lightly-used used condition. £795 Pictures of the Myford ML10 lathe for sale here and details of Myford ML10 lathes here

SOLD: Tom Senior M1 Vertical and Horizontal Milling Machine in excellent condition. Downsizing so unfortunately this most useful miller must be sold. This versatile miller  can mill horizontally and vertically with all attachments included. The 31" x 61/2" power-feed table has three rates of feed. The main drive has 12  geared speeds including a slow-speed backgear system gear for very high-torque cuts. The 3-phase motor is inverter driven with power from a normal single-phase supply to give variable speed control - the speed range is thus enormous and changing speeds by moving the belt position not really necessary. The inverter is included in the sale. Also included are a large-capacity drill chuck, a set of T-nuts and a selection of milling cutters. Please ask any questions you may have. £1650 Located at CA8 7NW about 25 miles from Penrith. Pictures of the Tom Senior Milling machine for sale here and details of Tom Senior M1 millers here

: Arboga U2508 Vertical Miller. A high-class Swedish machine with power feed to the 22" x 10" table that has 6.5 inches of cross travel and longitudinally of 15.5 inches with travel measurements by an Ortec 3-axis DRO. The U2508 is the heavier, more robust Arboga miller introduced during the 1970s. The vertical head swivels and holds a No.3 Morse taper spindle in a quill with a travel of 5.5". Spindle feed is controlled by both a fine-feed handwheel and a quick-action lever for drilling. Maximum nose to table distance 20" and eight speeds from 100 to 2900 r.p.m. This Arboga has the all-important threaded nose-retainer and associated tool-retaining washer - as well as a Clarkson Autolock chuck, a Jacobs drill chuck, a range of T-nuts, a pair of really useful stepped clamps, the maker's Operation and Parts Manuals and custom-made splash guards. The machine is run from a  Boost 3 h.p. 1-phase to 3-phase converter - and this is included in the sale. This is a compact, strong, very well-constructed and versatile milling machine. £1500  Pictures of the Arboga vertical miller for sale here and details of Arboga milling machines here

SOLD: Myford Super 7B lathe 3.5" x 19" backgeared and screwcutting, gap bed, mounted on the maker's late-type industrial stand with a full-length splash-back and a tool tray. Fitted with a screwcutting gearbox and power cross feed. One private owner from new and in superb, little-used condition. Comprehensively equipped with a vast range of useful items including: DRO system on the feds and a digital readout on the tailstock travel, 3-jaw chuck, 6-inch 4-jaw chuck, a smaller 4-jaw chuck, ER32 collet chuck complete; quick-set toolpost with 15 toolholders, a set of Myford "Quick-set" tooling with the carrying boat, 4-way toolpost, standard toolpost,  rear toolpost with a special +Q parting tool, fixed steady, travelling steady, ball-turning attachment, hand-operated spindle crank drive, tailstock die holder, thread-dial indicator, tailstock chuck, Myford floating tailstock chuck fitting, faceplate, set of faceplate clamps, catchplate with drive dogs, two bed stops, an indexing attachment to work from the spindle bullwheel, home-made coolant system, the maker's splash and chip guard over the motor, hard and soft Morse taper centres, chuck guard, LowVo light unit. Also included are two V-blocks by Eclipse, a 1-inch micrometer, vernier callipers, scribing block, the plugs for the cross slide, the maker's Operation & Maintenance & parts manual, a copy of the "Book of the Myford Series 7" and the correct Myford oil guns and headstock spindle adjustment spanners. Just fitted with a new inverter-controlled, infinitely variable-speed 3-phase motor - the original 1-phase motor is included. Reducing workshop due to the march of time.  If you want a really good, thoroughly well-equipped and carefully used Myford Super 7, this is it.  £4850 Pictures of the Myford Super 7B for sale here and details of Myford Super 7 lathes here

SOLD: Viceroy "Sharpedge". A machine for sharpening hand-tools such as chisels and planer blades, etc.  A late-model example, from the 1970s, in full working order with coolant, an excellent stone and in lovely condition - right down to the maker's paint finish. 1-phase motor. No  pictures I'm afraid, but any inspection will confirm the description. A bargain at just £200

: Mk. 3 BCA high-precision Jig Borer and Co-ordinate Drilling machine. This late-model, little-used example came from a research institute and has been in private hands ever since. Mounted on the proper maker's cabinet stand, in original condition with all the small fittings complete and in place - and unusually well equipped. Driven by the correct 2-speed motor run from a Transwave converter - which is included - that gives ten speeds spanning 300 to 3250 r.p.m. Control by a safety No-Volt push-button starter and rotary switch. Twelve Imperial collets (some duplicates and some threaded for end mills) with draw bar; a Lushington No. 0 boring head; a special dial-test indicator marked BCA; the maker's original tool kit with spindle-bearing adjustment spanners; a drill chuck, Lo-Vo light unit and a good selection of clamping tools. In fine working order and ready to use. £1250 Pictures of the BCA jig borer for sale here and details of BCA jig borers here

SOLD: a neat, bench-mounted AMA-16VA vertical milling machine. Variable-speed, 1-phase, 500 watt motor with digital r.p.m readout. No. 2 Morse taper spindle with a 50 mm travel and a digital read-out of its position. Drilling capacity 16 mm, end-mill capacity 16 mm and capable of running a face mill with a 50 mm diameter. Head tilts 90 degree each side vertical and has speeds from 50 to 2250 r.p.m. Table 400 x 120 mm with three T-slots, a longitudinal travel of 220 mm, and across of 160 mm. Each table axis has a ruler attached and its travel locked by a pair of powerful clamps with adjustable handles The head has a total travel on its the supporting column of 210 mm - again with a ruler fitted. This is a compact but heavily-built miller that weights 60 kg (132 lbs) and is complete with a rotary table and drill chuck. Price new with the rotary table around £950. I'm asking just £475  Pictures of the AMA vertical miller for sale here

: EXE screwcutting lathe 3.5" x 20" with a detachable gap to the bed . An interesting and unusual British-made lathe complete and in original condition. Partially dismantled for storage - it all just slips back together - it has the large, multi-step drive pullet, compound slide rest with a large T-slotted cross slide, tailstock, etc. Also included is a 4-jaw chuck, a set of screwcutting changewheels, tailstock chuck, drive dogs, Slocombe centres, a collection of Morse centres, Morse adapters, taps, dies, turning and knurling tools, a home-made fixed steady and various other small, useful items in addition to those in the pictures below. £275 Pictures of the EXE lathe for sale here and details of EXE lathes here

SOLD: Hembrug (Dutch) NC lathe partially converted to CNC operation. The chassis has been stripped down and retrofitted with stepper drives on both axes prior to a full conversion
To finish, the lathe basically needs to have:
- motor and drive unit installed
- lube system plumbed in (pump provided).
- one limit switch ( provided )
- CNC system and controller
Included is the original  4-way pneumatically-operated tool post,  covers and panel work.
Hembrug lathes are beautifully made, being built by Dutch National Armaments Group. This lathe was the Company's venture into the early NC lathe market and based on their well-received manual lathe. The whole machine is an extremely robust cast iron structure with hardened ways. Spindle nose D1-4 No. 5 Morse taper, tailstock 3 Morse, turning diameter over the bed is about 250 mm, 130 mm over cross slide and about 600 mm between centres. Main leadscrew 25 mm diameter with a planetary unit with a pitch of 1 mm. Cross-slide screw 12 mm diameter and 1 mm pitch running on a low-friction linear ball bearing system. Ample room for all the electrics and other components as can be seen in the photos. A fork truck is available to assist with loading . Overall size 1700 mm x 700 mm x1300 mm. £395  Pictures of the Hembrug for sale here and details of  Hembrug lathes here

SOLD: Myford Super 7 lathe 3.5" x 19" gap-bed, backgeared and screwcutting. Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with levelling blocks and deep chip tray. Complete with: Myford swivelling milling slide of the late-type two-bolt per axis design, rotary table, quick-set toolpost, standard toolpost, fixed steady, 3-jaw chuck, the correct half-depth body, 6-inch diameter independent 4-jaw chuck. Tailstock chuck, faceplate, catchplate, set of screwcutting changewheels, graduated handle to leadscrew end and Morse centres. 1-phase electrics. £1950 Phone 01223-560721 Pictures of the Myford Super 7 lathe for sale here and details of Myford Super 7 lathes here.
SOLD: Also available a Metals Research 'Macrotome' saw (the saw is now sold). This was used for cutting glasses and crystals for scientific applications but an engineer will find it useful on metals. Single-phase motor and with a collection of blades (including diamond-edged) and parts to support various specimens including waxes to attach awkward pieces. A picture is here £140

SOLD: Wabeco D6000 135 mm centre height by 600 mm between centres. This lathe is in  immaculate, hardly-used condition, one private owner from new, has a hardened bed, is mounted on the maker's stand with chip tray, full-length splash back and storage cupboard. 3 h.p. motor gives infinitely variable spindle speeds from 50 to 5000 r.p.m.
Well equipped with high quality accessories including a collet chuck and collet set, Burnerd 3-jaw chuck with both sets of jaws, a self-centring 4-jaw chuck, independent 4-jaw chuck, quick-set toolpost with four toolholders and the maker's Operating Manual. 1-phase electrics. This is a current machine, just the basic lathe costing £6206. Adding the stand, collets, chucks and toolpost would being the list price to just over £7250. Offered at just £4500 Pictures of the Wabeco D6000 lathe for sale here

SOLD: Schaublin 102VM precision lathe 4" x 17.5" backgeared and screwcutting. Mounted on the maker's self-contained stand. 24 Spindle speeds range from 40 to 3000 r.p.m. in direct drive and backgear This is a high-class toolroom lathe in excellent, smooth working order and complete with: a large set of metric and English collets, collet-mounted centres, 3-jaw chuck with hard and soft jaws, 4-jaw chuck, quick-set toolpost with nine toolholders, precision keyless tailstock chuck, hardened steel faceplate with radial slots and tapped holes, catchplate and a number of other useful accessories. Also included (but not shown) is a 2-axis DRO.  £6500 The lathe is in France  Pictures of the Schaublin 102VM for sale here and  full details of Schaublin 102VM lathes and their specification here

SOLD: Myford Super 7B with screwcutting gearbox. The lathe has just had a complete cosmetic refurbishment, any worn parts changed as necessary, and all readjusted according to the handbook. This is just the basic lathe with gearbox, a 3-jaw chuck, a spare 3-jaw chuck and a tailstock chuck. Apart from a few small hacksaw marks on the bed, the lathe is in very good condition - and looks immaculate. A new spare motor is also included. £950 Pictures of the lathe for sale here.

: Stark No. 4 Precision Bench Lathe approximately 3.5" x 20". This American-made high quality lathe is complete on a bench with a single-phase motor-countershaft unit (that includes a large pulley to drive toolpost-mount high-speed grinding and milling spindles), screw-feed compound slide-rest assembly and well equipped with: two milling slides, 3-jaw chuck, two 4-jaw chucks, faceplate, high-speed spindle to hold grinding and milling cutters, some collets, two tailstock chucks, two toolposts, centres, sets of drills, assorted milling cutters, slitting saws and a number of home-made accessories including a "Chase Threading Attachment", hand T-rest and various pieces of dividing equipment. Pictures of the Stark lathe for sale here and details of Stark precision lathes here and more information about "Bench Precision Lathes" and their makers here.

SOLD: Hobbymat MD65 lathe is "as-new" condition. Hardly used, this Hobbymat must be the best available and is complete with an extensive range of accessories, some very rare including: two spindle-nose collet holders and a set of collets, quick-change toolpost, Essel Engineering tailstock conversion,  3-jaw chuck (with a sets of soft and hard jaws), 4-jaw chuck, travelling steady, faceplate, handle for turning the spindle by hand, set of screwcutting changewheels, tailstock sliding die holder, tailstock die holder, tailstock chuck, tailstock rotating centre, set of turning tools, tailstock rotating centre, bronze drive dogs, chuck guard, machine vice, angle plate, set of turning tools, Morse centres, a spare pair of new drive belts, two spindle nose adapter plates and the maker's dust cover. £650 Pictures of the Hobbymat MD65 lathe for sale here and details of Hobbymat MD65 lathes here

SOLD: Denbigh H4 Auto Vertical Milling machine and kit. A heavily modified and accurate vertical machine complete with a comprehensive set of equipment. Infinitely variable power feed to re-machined 17" x 6" table. Slideways all good and all lock. No. 3 Morse taper in spindle that is also screwed to take a lathe chuck or faceplate, Vertical head with a No. 4 Morse taper and draw bar. Handwheel dials calibrated in 0.001". 48 speeds. Table travels (approx): longitudinal 13.625" (modified), vertical 13.5" (modified), across 3.2". 1 h.p. single-phase main motor and  0.25 h.p. table-feed motor - so ideal for home use. Extensive equipment includes: horizontal cutter-holding arbor, overarm and steady (need refurbishing)' dividing head with chuck and index plates, machine vice, arbors, Vee blocks, boring head, jacks, parallels, table extension plates, tee nuts, bolts, clamps, auxiliary screw-feed slides and vice, swarf guards, 4-off heavy-weight castors. Also included a variety of tooling: Clarkson Autolock holder, gear cutters, slot drills, end mills, etc. Can partially strip to lighten weight, then 2-3 man lift into van or large estate car. £475 Pictures of the Denbigh milling machine for sale here and details of Denbigh machines here

Sold (within a week…)
: a fine example of a Centec 2A vertical and horizontal milling machine mounted on the maker's larger, full cabinet stand with built-in coolant equipment. This machine has survived in extraordinarily good condition and is in full working order. Complete with a late-type swivelling Mk. 3 Head with a 30 INT taper and both fine and quick-action quill feeds (both along the spindle axis allowing great versatility in setting) and power feed to the table. All the horizontal equipment is intact - overarm, arbor and drop bracket - and the table has both screw and quick-action lever feeds  A variety of tools are also included: Clarkson Autolock chuck and collets and a variety of milling cutters - please see pictures. Single-phase electrics. £1350 Pictures of the Centec milling machine for sale here and details of Centec milling machines here.

: Myford Super 7B lathe 3/5" x 19" gap-bed, backgeared with a screwcutting gearbox and power cross feed. Mounted on the maker's industrial cabinet stand with levelling blocks and a full-length splashback. Fitted with a high-quality Mitsubishi inverter giving variable speed drive. Equipped with: fixed steady, 3-jaw chuck, faceplate, boxed Moore & Wright precision level, boxed Chesterman precision level, Magnetic base with Miutoyo dial gauge, a magnetic base with articulated arm, thread-dial indicator, boxed 2" - 6" micrometer, set of reamers by Dormer, graduated handle to leadscrew end, tailstock rotating centre, tailstock chuck, the maker's Operation & Maintenance Manual, Screwcutting Gearbox Manual and a Manual for the inverter. Still in its maker's factory paint finish, this Super 7 appears to have had an easy life. Room needed so a bargain price at just £1475 Pictures of the Myford Super 7B for sale here and details of Myford Super 7 lathes here

For Sale: Alan's Workshop Lot 17
Becks of London binocular microscope. In good condition in original wooden case with key. Two wide field  eyepieces ideal for watchmaking use, two 42 mm (X6 ) eyepieces and one 32 mm extension lens. £150 Pictures of the Becks here
SOLD: For Sale: Alan's Workshop Lot 16
Moore & Wright 50 mm "bench" micrometer with large barrel. £30 Pictures of the Micrometer here
SOLD: For Sale: Alan's Workshop Lot 14.
Swiss Universal - English Mandrel lathe. The classic watchmakers' lathe from the 1800s. Most unusually this is complete with a number of accessories including tool-post adjustment blocks, a round tool holder and an extended hand T-rest. Converted to belt drive but otherwise original £300  Pictures of the Swiss Universal-English Mandrel for sale here and Details of Swiss Universal/English Mandrel lathes here
SOLD: For Sale: Alan's Workshop Lot 13.
Home-made but very well constructed and strong "donkey saw" with powerful geared drive and the wiring safely encased in metal conduiting.
1-phase motor and mounted on a 3-drawer cabinet packed with metal parts to hold it down. £125  Pictures of the saw here
Phone: 0114-2886237 (Sheffield) ) mobile: 07860-113354 or email Graham at:   
Items can collected from Alan's Workshop near Sheffield. Cash, bankers draft or cleared cheque only.  Smaller items posted at cost if required. No PayPal please

SOLD: Myford Super 7BPXF 3.5" x 19" backgeared with screwcutting gearbox and power cross feed. Mounted on a cabinet stand with large chip tray and the maker's levelling blocks. This lathe was owned from new by my uncle (the second of two he had). I bought it from his family after his death some years ago but since I have other lathes to play with the Myford gets very little use nowadays. I have therefore decided to pass it on to someone who will get more pleasure from it. It was my uncle's pride and joy and, as such, it has always been very well maintained and remains in excellent condition. Comprehensively equipped, it comes with a host of desirable accessories: full maker's coolant equipment, capstan-handles lever-action tailstock attachment, three 3-jaw chucks with a variety of inside, outside, hard & soft jaws, the correct half-depth body 6-inch 4-jaw independent chuck, swivelling vertical slide, fixed steady, travelling steady, rear toolpost, quick-set toolpost, 4-way toolpost, standard toolpost, a set of drive dogs, thread-dial indicator, faceplate, catchplate and the makers Instruction, Maintenance and Parts Manual. Many of the accessories are still in their original boxes and have probably seen little, if any, use. £2200 Pictures of the Myford Super 7 for sale here and details of Myford Super 7 lathes here

: Churchill Redman  Cub Mk. 3 Lathe 6.5" x 24". In good working order, with an excellent specification and from the very long-term ownership by a retired gentleman. Fitted with: spindle clutch, screwcutting and feeds gearbox with a set of changewheels to extend the threading range that probably include metric transposing gears), power cross feed, gap bed and mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with storage drawers and cupboards. Spindle speeds of 48, 90, 168, 285, 534 and 1000 r.p.m. Well equipped: fixed steady, travelling steady, two 6-inch 3-jaw chucks, 8-inch 4-jaw independent chuck, large faceplate with T-slots, three spare chuck backplates, thread-dial indicator, two Jacobs tailstock drill chucks, tailstock rotating centre, Light Unit, Morse centres and a collection of bar stock, turning and boring tools, drills, reamers and chuck jaws, etc. Everything in, on and around the lathe is included. This is a compact lathe (just 5-feet by 2-feet) and very strongly built. Easily dismantled for moving in around 15 minutes. Fitted with a 3-phase motor so ideal for conversion to variable-speed inverter drive (there may be a phase "converter" with the lathe - if so, this is included). A reasonably quick sale is need so offered at the bargain price of £550   Pictures of the Churchill Cub lathe for sale here and details of Churchill Cub lathes here

SOLD: Colchester Bantam 2000 machine Mk. 2 Serial No. 3/0015/02157A and all-metric machine 280 mm swing, 750 mm between centres, hardened bed, 16 Speeds from 40 to 2000 rpm,  2-speed 3 Phase motor. 3 Morse taper in the tailstock in tailstock. In very good condition, everything works as it should with NO wear evident at all. Very well equipped as follows: Full taper-turning kit including cross-slide lead screw and nut and also the cross-slide leadscrew and nut for normal use in metric (the handle fitted imperial- I couldn't find metric handle at the time. Coolant tank and pump, 160 mm 3-jaw chuck with both sets of jaws, a 200 mm 4-jaw independent Burnerd chuck - this has never been used still in original box. Dickson quick-set toolpost with 5 tool holders and a Dickson Knurler with homemade handle. Fixed steady, travelling steady, carriage stop, an unused catchplate. 4 chuck keys including original pin spanner. Set of changewheels to extend the gearbox threading range - as supplied by Colchester and unused. The correct light unit. Negative points: a rub mark on top slide, I have dressed this up, also not sure if light works as it has no bulb. Hardwood tool shelf can be removed if not required. Includes a copy of the maker's Operation, maintenance and parts manual. Viewing welcome. Pictures of the Colchester Bantam Mk 2 for sale here and details of Colchester Bantam lathes here

SOLD: Cowells 90 Miniature Precision Lathe, Model 10/200B (the 90ME is the current equivalent) backgeared, screwcutting and gap-bed. In superb, little-use condition and complete with a range of genuine Cowells' accessories. The lathe was purchased from Cowells in 1983 for the making 'OO" locomotive parts. After little use, mainly turning brass and due to ill health, the machine was unused for 20 years and dry stored in the house. Included with the lathe are: a vertical mill slide (RG55), machine vice (RG57), fixed steady (RG39), a travelling steady (RG40), 3-jaw chuck (standard fitting Cowells Part No. RG9) independent 4-jaw chuck 60 mm O.D. (RG10), complete screw-cutting changewheel set (R45), 0 - ¼ inch (6.35 mm) drill chuck & arbour (RGB15), 90 mm cast-iron faceplate (RG28), 2 x hard Morse centre (R30), 3 x half centres (R32), angle plate (RGB56), a selection of tools and assorted cutting tools, the maker's post-production test and alignment certificate and a small handbook. £1800 O.V.N.O. (current retail price 08/2017 is £4400). Shipping world-wide possible. Pictures of the Cowells 90 for sale here and details of Cowells lathes here

SOLD: South Bend "Heavy Ten" 4.5-inch centre height lathe. This is the brother of the South Bend 9-inch (that Boxford copied and never equalled). It is the desirable, very heavily-built model with under-slung motor and two speed countershaft housed in the stand and the 1" collet capacity mandrel which will allow for 1 3/8" material to pass through. This machine dates from WW2. I have owned and regularly used this machine for over 40 years and am very attached to it but was seduced by a gorgeous Colchester Student .1 h.p. single phase motor with original Westinghouse reversing drum switch. Two speed countershaft plus three speed pulleys on the headstock plus back gear give 12 speeds. 6" 4 jaw chuck and spare back plate to mount a 3 jaw. Full gear box for imperial threads and feeds with tumbler reverse. Power feeds to both carriage and cross slide. Thread dial indicator. American toolpost and four way toolpost. Travelling steady. Taper turning attachment. Home-made coolant system Home-made filing rest. Allows for squares, hexes etc to be filed if you don't have a milling machine. Headstock sleeve adaptor with centre. 2 MT tailstock with 2 MT Jacobs chuck. Original period copy of "How to Run a Lathe" published by Southbend, full of specific and general information. Some tools and accessories. £750

SOLD in pristine condition: Harrison M300 lathe 167 mm centre height and a capacity between centres of 635 mm.  Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with full coolant equipment, a full-length splashback, foot-stop emergency switch and low-voltage halogen lighting. Very well equipped including: dual inch/metric dials; 3-jaw Burnerd chuck; 4-jaw Bernard chucks and keys; quick-change tool post with 5 holders and keys; a new travelling steady; fixed steady; metric 3-gear thread-dial indicator; extra changewheels to extend the screwcutting gearbox range; catch plate; new headstock spindle reduction sleeve and Morse centre; tailstock revolving centre; tailstock Jacobs chuck; chuck guard; general spanner set and Allen keys. Swing over cross Slide : 210 mm (8.250 ") Spindle Bore : 38 mm (1.5" ) Spindle Nose : N. 4-D1. 12 speeds from 40 to 2500 r.p.m. Tailstock spindle has a Morse taper No 3 Spindle and a micrometer dial. Forward and reverse control is on the apron via a third-rod control. A thorough mechanical and cosmetic refurbishment has just been completed and the lathe is in great condition, turns parallel with an excellent finish -  any inspection welcome
All gear boxes thoroughly cleaned out and checked  Headstock gearbox refurbished with new lay shaft bearings, oil seals and o-rings 2 gears replaced with new. (To cure a slight tapping sound no visible damage to the original gears! Originals available for inspection) Now no odd noises and runs quietly in all ranges.  Paint work re-finished to better than new standard . Oil replaced in all boxes with the correct grade. Saddle gaiter replaced. 3-phase electrics with no issues (3-phase converter available at extra cost.)  Lifting facilities available and delivery also possible. £3750 Pictures of the Harrison M300 for sale here and details of Harrison M300 lathes here

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