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Which Surface and/or Tool & Cutter Grinder
Should I Buy? -
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Although Instruction Books are available for many of the machines below, if yours does not, then the following two publications will help:

Surface Grinding:

"Workshop Precision Grinding" by Churchill. A definitive, 127-page book covering: cylindrical, centerless, internal, surface together with useful pointers on the design and operation of grinding machines including: grinding spindles, internal spindles, workheads, universal workheads, tailstocks, selection and use of wheels, operation and maintenance, etc.   

Grinding Techniques by Jones & Shipman. Precision Grinding Techniques - a Primer. Covers the essential basics of Surface, Tool, Cylindrical andInternal precision grinding. 87 pages.

"Precision Surface Grinding" by Blohm Every detail of the process is covered in great detail.   


Tool & Cutter Grinding

A comprehensive, 192-page Data Pack for the popular Clarkson Tool & Cutter Grinder that is applicable to other makes

An all-round guide: Tool & Cutter Grinding by Jones & Shipman

A simple introduction to the basics: Tool & Cutter Sharpening


Surface Grinders
While for the big professional workshop there is an almost unlimited range of machines available, some very large indeed, for the smaller outfit or home workshop the choice is somewhat limited. Amongst the more easily-found models are the following hand-operated types:

Herbert Junior
EXE (Miniature model)
and some less likely to be found in the UK:
Feinpruf (probably restricted to continental Europe)
Sanford and Harvey Miniature (but only if you live in the USA - or are keen enough to import one)
LIP (a superb miniature machine restricted to continental Europe)
Macson (but only 12,000 miles away in Australia)

If a compact surface grinder with power feed is required the following are recommended:
Jones & Shipman 540
Harbots (now seldom found)
Churchill NB (probably a tad too large)

Tool & Cutter Grinders
While tool and cutter grinders (especially "Universal" models) are a most useful addition to any workshop, do beware of buying one without accessories; although some limited work is possible, to exploit the capabilities of a machine fully, rather more is required than just the basic unit. Installed in a professional workshop a typical example might well be complete with such as items as: a radial grinding attachment; collets; a universal grinding head; universal (double swivel) work-holding fixture; a self-contained, table-mounted motor-driven workhead; sensitive workhead and a selection of precision, very slightly tapered arbors to hold workpieces..

Tool & Cutter grinders considerably in size, weight and complexity with conventional types including the:
Astra AR5E A popular imported (Spanish) Universal type
Clarkson A popular machine also found branded as March, Smart & Brown and DeVlieg
Dormer (rare)
David Dowling A Universal type not as common as the Clarkson
Bauerle (mostly in continental Europe)
Frikla (Klaiber) Numbers of these fine Universal machines have been  imported to the UK
Cabo (unlikely to be found in the UK)
Greenfield and Turner Universalr Older, almost identical models that are occasionally found in the UK and USA
LeBlond An interesting Universal model from the USA of which numbers were imported to the UK
Jones & Shipman Heavy, high-quality professional models; scroll down the page to see them all
Jones & Shipman Older Model Now seldom found - but excellent if complete with accessories

Smaller, compact models are highly sought after and recommended ones include:
Quorn A versatile, kit built model that is much sought after
Deckel and Alexander High-quality Models SO, SOE and S11
Boxford A compact and effective bench machine
Union (UK) A compact and effective bench machine
Kennett A simple but effective kit-built machine
ETA An early vintage type and now rare
Stent A versatile, kit-built model
Scripta High-quality Swiss or French manufacture
Perfecto British-made but very, very rare.
Jackobsen A simple machine probably confined to Sweden
Carson An American Universal imported in the 1930s and 1940s through the Churchill Group and still found, very occasionally, today.

One way of locating a machine (and often being presented with a choice) is to place a "Wanted" advertisement on the sales and wanted pages

Keep the wording simple and non too-specific, you never know what might turn up. Don't ask for one in perfect condition - a well-used one might be inaccurate but have masses of valuable accessories included. Buy the complete outfit, save the accessories, throw the remainder into the local canal - and keep looking. Something along the following lines, tailored to your requirements, can be effective

Wanted: small tool & Cutter grinder. Any model considered, in any condition. Please phone: *************

For the coverage, the costs are modest: 42 including VAT per advert for up to 150 words and - the great advantage - a display duration of 6 months and the facility to have the words changed later - any number of times you like - free of charge. For example, if you find what you are looking for you can change the advertisement to ask for accessories, or even something completely different.
To place a "Wanted" advertisement it's best to phone: 01298-871633..