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Union Tool & Cutter Grinder
Books on tool and cutter grinding are available

Introduced in the early 1950s and designed to complete with smaller types of cutter grinder such as the well-known Clarkson and Astra/Elite, the compact and versatile Union was also sold (as companies changed hands) under the Harrison and Boxford brands - though is the latter case a completely different model, the G.200, was to supersede it during the early 1970s.
Available as either a bench or cabinet model, the Union carried a dust-proof double-spindle 0.25 h.p. 2800 r.p.m. motor mounted on a plate atop a cast-iron column that could be rotated through 360 and raised through 6
5/8", so enabling the centre line of the spindle to be put a maximum of 93/8" and a minimum of 2 " above the table. An engraved scale surrounded the base of the column, whose elevation was under the control of a friction-micrometer-dial equipped handwheel low down on the right-hand side of the machine. Each end of the motor could be fitted with either a standard or extended wheel adaptor and was equipped with simple but adequate guards mounted on adjustable, articulated carriers that allowed the fitting of almost any form of grinding wheel or cutting disc.
As was usual with this type of compact grinder, the table was in two parts, the upper section (machined with a single central 7/16" T-slot) being able to pivot through 180 on the lower with a scale provided that gave taper setting in inches per foot.  20" long and 2
3/8" wide, the table ran on finely ground flat and V-ways and was propelled by rack-and-pinion gearing (or by hand pressure if required) through 11" of longitudinal travel; a pair of limit stops was fitted, carried in a front-mounted T-slot. Cross travel was 4", controlled through a feed screw with its handwheel equipped with a friction micrometer dial.
Supplied with the machine was:
- a pair of centres (complete with centre points in slide-adjustable holders) that allowed work up to 12" in diameter to be mounted (at extra cost a pair of raiser blocks was offered that gave an increase in capacity to 16").
- a compound universal work support - a base casting that carried a swivelling angle plate to which was fitted a housing able to carry cutters
- a universal tool rest
- one cup and one dish grinding wheels
- one dish grinding wheel
- a set of spanners
- pressure oil gun
- instruction book
Available at extra cost were a number of items including a motor-driven workhead (bored to pass 1" with a No. 4 Morse taper and a threaded nose); a surface grinding kit consisting of a magnetic chuck, mounting plate and a plain grinding wheel; a simple 2-bolt vice for the Universal Work Support; a centre height gauge; clearance angle setting gauge; diamond dressing tool; micro-adjustable finger for obtaining clearance angles using the linear setting method and for grinding form cutters; raising blocks to fit beneath the centres; a collet attachment to fit the Universal Work Support (collets were extra and ranged from 1/16" to " in increments of 1/16"); an end mill grinding attachment to mount on the angle bracket of the Universal Work Support; a side and face cutter arbor for use with the Universal Work Support; dust extraction unit; low-volt lighting; a radius grinding attachment and a cabinet base with storage (the latter also able to be equipped with built-in electrical controls)..

Union Tool & Cutter Grinder

Re-gashing a slitting saw located on the side-and-face cutter arbor mounted in the Universal Work Support

Grinding the periphery of a side-and-face cutter in conjunction with the clearance angle gauge

Grinding a formed cutter true to axis with the cut applied by means of the micro-adjustable finger

Grinding the front clearance on a lathe turning tool using the vice mounted on the angle bracket of the Universal Work Support

Grinding a 45 lead on a reamer mounted between centres

Motor-driven workhead

Clearance angle setting gauge

Centre height gauge

Micro-adjustable finger

Raising blocks to lift the two centre heads

Vice to mount on angle bracket of Universal Work Support

Collet set for Universal Work Support

Small magnetic chuck for surface grinding

Cabinet stand with storage

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Union Tool & Cutter Grinder
Books on tool and cutter grinding are available