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Quorn Tool & Cutter Grinder
Quorn modified to sharpen gear hobs

Long a favourite amongst model engineers - and based on the Deckel SO and SOE machines - the Quorn was designed by Professor D. H. Chaddock and available only as a kit of parts for completion at home. Today, with even well-used Deckels and Chinese-built replicas still commanding high prices, the Quorn remains an attractive proposition - though a challenging exercise to complete, even for the skilled.
Originally devised to sharpen the milling cutters necessary when building the Dore Westbury milling machine (of which Prof. Chaddock was an owner) the grinder can (without modification) also tackle lathe, shaper and planer tools, taps, reamers and twist and centre drills. With some adaptations it can also be used to modify or create special cutters - for example, those necessary when thread milling and cam forming in hard materials. Although at first sight a complex piece of apparatus it is, essentially, very simple to use and even a beginner can produce first-class results after only perfunctory practice. The secret of its success is the ability to mount a range of different wheels - while being able to present the work to them in an almost unlimited number of ways. The cutter, once mounted in a suitable collet, or held in a clamp, can be slid lengthwise under the control of a micrometer-equipped screw whilst also being rotated (oscillated or indexed) tilted and rocked in multiple planes. Degree engravings, protractor scales, setting pins, micrometer and limit stops are fitted where required and added greatly to the simplicity and ease of use.
Not only is the Quorn an amazingly useful tool, but building it an absorbing pastime, allowing the creator to produce either a utilitarian working example or one finished to the very highest cosmetic standards.
If you have an immaculate Quorn, or one modified in some way, and would like to contribute a set of high resolution photographs, the writer would be delighted to hear from you..

This superbly finished and equipped Quorn was photographed at an exhibition in 2007 and mounts a  rare Quorn accessory - the thread-grinding attachment. The arrangement is not dissimilar to that for thread chasing on a lathe  and uses a master thread and leader - pairs been necessary for each pitch it is desired to produce. Other non-standard features and enhancements include: damping of the motor feet with pads of  spongy material; elegant knurling on the knobs for releasing the drive belt cover, a satin finish on the ball handles and very fine rotary divisions on the column scale
Examples of the thread chasing system on a lathe can be seen here  and here

A clear view of the bronze "star wheel" on the Quorn thread-chasing attachment

A superbly finished Quorn resident in the United states