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Boxford Gap-bed Lathe
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We also supply changewheels and many other spares including

beltsthread-dial indicators and faceplates

We also supply changewheels and other spares including

beltsthread-dial indicators and faceplates

A detailed Manual & Parts List  is available for all Boxford lathes

An example built by the parent Company Denford Small Tools (D.S.T.) and discovered in South Africa during 2013, this most unusual Boxford had an entirely different bed to the normal models - much longer than standard and fitted with a detachable gap. Using otherwise standard parts - headstock, carriage assembly, screwcutting gearbox and tailstock, it was a relatively early Model A from around 1950 and preceded the equivalent South Bend 9-inch version by 10 years, that model being introduced circa 1960 (the Boxford being based, of course, on the original South Bend "9-inch").
Possibly an experimental machine taken to South Africa by an ex-employee, it was bought by its present owner from a gentleman who had discovered it amongst a warehouse full of tools sold to him by a person moving back to England. However, it is also likely - bearing in mind that it has a Denford inspection stamp in the bed - to have been one of a batch built to an importer's or Government agency specification; however, it's almost certain that it's origins will remain a mystery forever.
Should any reader have further information, or example of the same lathe, the writer would be interested to hear from you..

Boxford Model A long-bed, gap-bed lathe circa 1950