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Parts to fit Boxford Lathes
Belt-drive 4.5" and 5" Models

Boxford Home Page

A detailed Manual & Parts List  is available for all Boxford lathes.
We also manufacture changewheels and many other spares.

Prices (except literature) are plus post and VAT. Please phone 01298-871633 (09:00 to 23:00 7 days) or email for details of post and VAT amounts. Payment can be by cheque or credit or debit card. Cheques payable to:

A single Boxford Operator's & Maintenance Manual and Parts List covers all the original belt-drive machines, including yours, as shown and described by myself here

BOXFORD Lathe Operation, Maintenance Manual and comprehensive Data Pack. This has been specially put together by Tony Griffiths with the aim of providing as complete a set of information as possible. It consists of a  complete 160-page publication for all models of belt-drive Boxford lathe from first to last. Contains the larger and far-better early manual with clearer pictures and drawings together with additional sections and charts added not included in the original including, for example, how to generate pitches not shown on the screwcutting gearbox, which pitches the lever positions produce, a full list of standard and extra changewheels (and how they were set ex-factory) and data on metric to inch and inch to metric screwcutting conversions. Wiring diagrams for the Dewhurst and Stanton switches and a wiring connection diagram for the VSL (also works for the Underdrive models). Includes an additional 40-page illustrated spare section for all years including Models: A, B, C, CUD, BUD, AUD, VSL, CSB, T, TUD, ME10 and an historical account of the lathe's development. A collection of the best Sales & Accessories Catalogues that shows the complete range of models made and all the many accessories as they changed over the years. 50
It can be ordered securely on-line here with payment by credit or debit card or PayPal:

The Underdrive Boxford lathes use an A-section "T-link" belt (originally called a "Brammer" when it had round-headed link pins). Because the top and bottom pulley centres are fixed the method only way of adjusting the belt tension (which should be very tight) is to remove or add links.
For underdrive models with 4.5-inch centre height 1.4 m = 53.20 inclusive post, packing and 20% VAT
For underdrive Mk. 2 models (lever on top of the headstock) 5-inch centre height 1.5 m = 57.40 inclusive post, packing and 20% VAT
For Rear-drive models (headstock drive 1.5m = 61.50 inclusive post, packing and 20% VAT
T-Link belting can be ordered here


NEW HIGH-QUALITY, UK-MANUFACTURED T-SLOTTED CROSS SLIDES suitable for all South Bend and Boxford lathes of 4.5" and 5" centre-height. Ready to fit and use with gib strip and recessed degree scale. The design of the slide has recently been revised to improve its versatility and now includes a slot across the front - as well as three to the rear - and machined sides. The T-slots are spaced the same distance apart as those on a Myford lathe and thus the milling slide from maker can be used. These modifications allow the unit to be more easily used as a small boring table - and provide flat, vertical locations against which other items can be registered. The later type of "inset" rotational scale for the top slide is included, so the unit can be left on the lathe for regular operations as well. Fully machined and ready to fit. Your existing cross-feed screw and nut just transfer across. Another advantage of the slide its that, unlike the standard unit, it's a full-length type and so provides a more rigid platform for the top slide - as well as evening out way on the cross-slide ways.

Picture & dimensions here:
UK delivery = 175 + 13 insured post and packing = 188 + 20% VAT  = 225.60 total
EU Delivery = 175 + 45 insured post = 220 + 20% VAT = 264 total
International air-mail post = 165 + 75 air-mail post  = 240 inclusive (no tax)

I was particularly impressed by the quality of the finish and detailing of the T-slotted slide. You have one very happy customer: John Bates, Australia.

Picture here:

Cross and Top Slide Feed Screws and Nuts:
NEW cross-feed bronze nuts - English or Metric thread 46 + 3 P + P  = 49 + 20%  VAT = 58.80
NEW cross feed screws for hand or power cross feed models: 67 + 3 P + P = 70 + 20% VAT = 84
NEW cross feed screw and nut together: 113 + 4 P + P = 117 + 20% VAT = 21.60 = 140.40 total
NEW top-slide bronze nuts 32 + 3 P + P = 35 + 20% VAT = 42
NEW top-slide feed screws 42 + 3 P + P = 45 + 20% VAT = 54
NEW top slide screw and nut together: 74 + 4 P + P = 78 + 20% VAT = 93.60
NEW Genuine Boxford (old stock) FIXED STEADY (Steady Rest) for 4.5-inch model. 165
NEW Genuine Boxford (old stock) Travelling Steady for 4.5-inch model. 95
NEW Thread-dial Indicator Thread-Dial Indicators: Inch Type = 95 - in stock
NEW Thread-Dial Indicators: Metric Type include adjustment block & 2 gears  = 105 -stock by October 2009
NEW Micrometer Carriage Stop. Fasten to bed and allow a precise setting to be made to the carriage travel 125

See below for changewheel lists

Boxford/South Bend Tailstock
NEW tailstock barrels: 75 (can be supplied very slightly oversize for polishing to a fit)
NEW tailstock feed screws: 38
NEW tailstock feed-screw bronze nut: 19
Boxford/South Bend Changewheels, Tumble Reverse & Leadscrew
NEW Tumble Reverse gears: 29 Please note, if your Boxford is a Mk.2 (with a backgear engagement lever on top of the headstock you need to mention this when ordering)
NEW fibre Tumble Reverse gears for the Boxford ME10 (type that accepts a bronze bush or needle-roller bearing of either 7/8" or " diameter. 26
NEW CLASP NUTS for the leadscrew - inch or metric: 85
Boxford/South Bend Cross and Top Slide Screws, Nuts & Dials
NEW cross-feed bronze nuts - English or Metric thread 46 (note: for models fitted with taper turning a 2-bolt "rectangular" nut without a locating boss was used)
NEW top-slide bronze nuts 34
NEW cross feed screws for hand or power cross feed models: 67
NEW top-slide feed screws 42
NEW Micrometer Dials - metric or inch: 45
New T-bolt for top slide 14 (centre drill marked but not tapped - tap to your requirements)
Boxford/South Bend Backgear Assemblies

BACKGEAR shaft ASSEMBLIES (often damaged but easy to repair):
if the small gear on your back shaft is damaged, pull off the large gear and send the rest for a service exchange. For both rear and under-drive models:
- fitted with new small gear: 65
- replacement large gear (no need to send shaft, the gear just pulls off
- fitted with both large and small gears 130
- small main-spindle gear (fits on main spindle and has 2 pins into end of drive pulley) 42
- main spindle gear repaired with a new ring of teeth 75

- also available for South Bend and Boxford, Hercus, etc.-a RING GEAR to repair the main spindle Bull Wheel. Machine off the damaged teeth and shrink or Loctite the new gear in place. 55

FACEPLATES: 200 mm (8-inch) faceplates properly-made in cast iron Fully-machined and ready to screw on  - 65
BACKPLATES: heavy-section 162mm (6.3-inch) diameter backplates. Properly-made in cast iron in the UK. Fully-machined and ready to screw on - 49
BACKPLATES for the L00 spindle nose as used on some VSL Models. 7-inch diameter. 147
NEW T-Link (Brammer) sectional belting for all Underdrive and rear-drive Models CUD, BUD and CUD 53,20 including post, packing and VAT Usually 1.4 metres is require -can be supplied for other models as well.

CHANGEWHEELS to fit Boxford 4.5" and 5" lathes and South Bend "9-inch", "Light Ten" and all other South Bend clones. All are British-made from top-quality materials:
All models of Boxford (with either changewheel or gearboxes) can generate either inch or metric threads with the appropriate conversion changewheels in place.

16T, 18T, 20T, 21T, 22T, 23T, 24T, 26T, 27T, 28T each:  20

30T, 31T, 32T, 34T, 35T, 36T, 37T each:  23

38T, 40T, 41T, 42T, 44T, 45T, 46T, 48T, 49T each:  27

50T, 52T, 53T, 54T, 55T, 56T, 57T, 58T, 59T each:  32

60T, 62T, 64T, 66T, 68T, 70T, 71T, 72T, 75T, 76T, 78T, 79T each:  43

80T, 82T, 88T each:  49

80T idler with boss 54

90T, 95T, 96T, 100T each:  72

101T, 108T, each:  81

127T, 130T, 135T each: 93

100/127T compound gear (English to metric conversion with bushed centre):  120

127/135T compound gear (Metric to English conversion):  130

54/18T compound gear:  72
72/18T compound gear:  75
48/24 compound gear: 68
64/54t compound gear: 78
76/65t.compound gear (with bronze-bushed centre): 93

For overseas delivery gears are plus 38% air-mail post

A detailed Manual & Parts List  is available for all Boxford lathes.

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Parts to fit Boxford Lathes
Belt-drive 4.5" and 5" Models

Boxford Home Page