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Boxford Countershafts
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Gap-bed Boxford
A detailed Manual & Parts List  is available for all Boxford lathes.
We also manufacture changewheels and many other spares

The picture above shows the underside of the headstock-end bed foot (left) and the motor platform (right) as used on early rear-drive lathes. The quick-action "thread" with its operating arm and shaft are shown at the top.

Side elevation of the early "quick-set" countershaft showing the foot support at the rear of the motor plate and details of the operating nut and adjuster mounted against the front face of the bed foot.
Because the first production batch of these lathes was flat-belt driven the maker's, following usual practice for this type of drive, used pulleys separated by as much distance as could be reasonably achieved. Unfortunately, when the change was made to V belts (which can be run successfully on much shorter centres) the opportunity was not taken to bring the countershaft nearer to the back of the lathe.

The ME10 had a very compact countershaft unit bolted to the back of the bed - and was fitted with guard covers which, unlike the earlier rear-drive machines,  needed no extra space to swing open into.