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TOS (MAS, Strojimport & Zbrojovka) Machine Tools
Links to Articles on Milling Machines and Lathes
Manuals and Catalogues are available for many TOS Machine Tools

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TOS Milling Machines

TOS Anniversary Booklet Factory Tour

TOS Zbrojovka FA3 Millers

TOS Zbrojovka FA4 Millers

TOS Zbrojovka FA5 Millers

TOS FA5-BV, FA5-BH & FA5-BU Millers

TOS FC-63 H, V and NC Millers

TOS FB-25 Millers

TOS FB-32 Millers

TOS FD40 Millers

TOS FGS-25/32 & FGS-50 & FGS-50/63 NC Millers

TOS FGU-32, FGH-32 & FGV-32 Millers

TOS FH-20-Horizontal Miller

TOS FN-20 and FN-32 Universal Precision Miller

TOS FN-22 (Early version) Deckel-like Universal Miller

TOS FN-40 Universal Precision Millers

TOS FN-20 & FN-32 Universal Precision Millers

TOS FNGJ-20 Toolroom Miller

TOS FNK-25 Ram-head Miller

TOS FQH-50A Bearbeitungszentrum (German Text)

TOS FV-20 & FH-20 Millers

TOS FYA-31 & FYA-41 Vertical Millers (with notes
on the FWA-31, FWA-39, FWA41, FXA-31 & FZA-41)

TOS Lathes

Early Volman (later TOS) Lathes

TOS MN80 & SU16 Small Precision Lathes

TOS S28 Toolroom Lathe

TOS S32 Lathe

TOS SN40, SN45 & SN50 Lathes

TOS SN55, SN63 & SN71  Lathes

TOS SU40 Lathe

TOS SUS63, SUS80, SSS63 & SSS90 Lathes

TOS SU100 & SU125 Lathes

TOS SU50A, SS50A, SUK50A & SSK50A Lathes

TOS SU63A, SU80A & SU90A Lathes

TOS SUI-32 Lathe

TOS SUI-40 & SUI-50 Lathes

TOS SUI-63 & SUI-80 Lathes

TOS (MAS & Zbrojovka) SV-18R Lathes

TOS (MAS & Zbrojovka) SV-18RA, SV-18RB & SV-18RD Lathes