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Colchester Student, Master and Triumph Lathes
Clausing 13-inch and 15-inch
Spares, repair parts and Operation and Maintenance Manuals
are available for most Colchester & Clausing Lathes

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A "Mark-one-and-a-half" Colchester Triumph/Clausing 15-inch (the Student, Master and Clausing 13-inch were laid out in an identical fashion) with the same rounded headstock but fitted with the improved design of "Safety" apron shared with the Student and Master models.

"Safety" apron as fitted to the last of the original geared-head Triumph lathes.  The push/pull knob to select either power sliding or surfacing was in centre of the apron's front face and the engagement lever, which could be adjusted by turning its handle to vary the load under which the feed would automatically disengage, in the middle of the apron's bottom edge.
Interestingly, the two pictures above are the only ones known to show a "black dial" toolroom-specification lathe.