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Lathes of the 1920s & 1930s
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4C Lathe

The Carriage-spacing Attachment was designed to meet the needs of toolmakers who wished to position the lathe carriage to within 0.0001". The unit was of simple design, but beautifully made; a bed clamp, positioned to the right, carried a thread in its upper part into which was screwed a threaded rod attached to a worm and wheel unit bolted to the saddle. The worm and wheel unit carried a direct-reading, 6-inch diameter zeroing micrometer dial fitted with a roller handle by which means the carriage could be advanced in steps of 0.0001" without the use of a vernier scale. The screws for the 12-inch and 14-inch lathes were 0.875" in diameter and 8 tpi; for the 16-inch, 18-inch and 20-inch lathes 1.25" x 5 tpi and, for the 24-inch lathe, 1.5" x 4 tpi; the micrometer dial on the unit built for the latter machine was 7 inches in diameter.

Direct-reading, Carriage-spacing Attachment.

Powered ball-turning attachment - which could also be used with screw and lever feeds - with exposed drive gears.

Forming Attachment.

Large diameter tripe-start thread of coarse lead cut with the use of the Sub-headstock.

Speed-reducing Sub-headstock

A 6-start thread with a 4-inch lead

2-start thread with a 6-inch lead