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Hendey Songs of WW2
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These songs were found in papers from the defunct company. Of World War II vintage, they were played on the local radio station ...

To the tune of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"

Our lathes are turning out more lathes to
lick our enemies,
Our shapers are in shape to put those Japs
on their knees,
Departments all along the line from one to
sixty three,
March on to victory!
Hendey's men are eighteen hundred strong,
Working day and night to right an awful wrong,
They will turn out lathes and shapers by the score
till Tokyo is no more!

We've got to lick those Japs so we are working overtime,
making lathes and shapers just to beat the axis line,
Hendey's men are loyal and best men in their line
So keep them rolling on!

To the tune "Marine Hymn"

Hendey's men are 1800 strong and loyal as can be.
We're producing lathes and shapers too just to save democracy
Our production line are battle lines and to this you must agree
For we have to help the men who fight to win this victory

Hendey's men are rising to the cause
to the cause of liberty,
Working hand in hand with one idea
in their drive for victory
All departments in this factory are busy as can be
So we'll lick those axis monsters from far across the sea.