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South Bend Lathes - The Factory
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8-inch and 9-inch South Bend Junior Photographic Essays

The Fellow Street Shop in South Bend. Established in 1906

East Madison Street Shop - 1920

1926 and evidence of further expansion along the railway frontage. The plant now covered more than 4 acres with 180,000 square feet of floor space devoted exclusively to lathe building and employed 300 workers. With a annual output capability of 4000 units 1926 saw total production of lathes pass the 35,000 mark and, on November 1st., the Company celebrated 20 year in business.
Besides the specialist machine tools from other makers the factory also employed one hundred specially converted lathes of their own manufacture. However, screwcutting leadscrews, a precision item requiring specialised machinery and knowledge to produce in quantities at reasonable cost, were still purchased from an outside supplier.

The factory in 1938