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Rivett Lathe & Grinder
Views of the Plant of the
Rivett Lathe & Grinder Corporation
Boston, Brighton, Mass. USA

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Rivett Wooden Stand
Rivett 608   8" Precision Lathe   Nos. 3, 4 & 5 Lathes   
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A complete Instruction Book and Workshop Manual is available
for the Rivett 608 - covering the 8" Precision as well.

Rivett's original company, the "Faneuil Watch Tool Co.", had been formed in 1884 and, by 1894, the illustration immediately below was appearing in their catalog. The building was: ..situated in the city of Boston, Brighton District, Ward 25, at Faneuil Station (100 feet from the depot) on the Boston & Alband R.R., six miles from the business centre. It can also be reached by the Oak Square Electric Cars.
Additional text accompanying the illustration was revealing:
In 1884 we recognized the need of a really good lathe, and commenced to manufacture a lathe such as we though might meet the demand. In a few years we found it necessary to increase our facilities, and without delay a brick factory, with freestone trimmings, 125 feet long was built, which we think is one of the best equipped in the country, having 150 windows, and located on the side of a hill commanding a fine view of the Charles River. The light is completely unobstructed, a fact which all good workmen appreciated in the manufacture of fine tools." 

The original 10,000 square foot factory of the Faneuil Watch Co.

Steam trains, horses and carts - and the greatly-extended building of 1908

Motor vehicles, electric street lights - and the new extensions made to the rear of the Rivett factory in 1915 and 1920. By then the firm was known as the "Rivett Lathe and Grinder Company". To find the orientation of the picture, look for the steam train on the far side of the factory - and who lived in the two houses in the factory grounds ?