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Rivett No. 3, 31/2 & 4 Lathes
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The design of  the Rivett No. 3, 31/2 & 4 lathes was patented in 1887 - and was the first of the Company's plain-turning, precision bench types. The No. 3 and 31/2 had a 7 inch swing and the No. 4 8 inches, with both standard models accepting around 18 inches between centres. However, there was also a short-bed No. 3, catalogued as the Manufacturers Model and intended for the mass production of small parts - the tailstock being of the "half-open" type that was able to take three spindles at once with each easily changed by the operator. The hardened and ground headstock and tailstock spindles were the same as those used on the (later) "8-inch Precision" lathe and collet sets from 1/64" to 5/8" capacity were available with either a hand-screw or quick-action lever-type closer.
While the No. 3 was given a utilitarian finish, that on the 31/2 and 4 was intended to showcase Rivett's very high standards, with the headstock and tailstock machined all over with form cutters, hand scraped and then polished to produce an unmistakably, high-quality appearance. Apart from some other models of Rivett, possibly the only other precision bench type to enjoy such a naturally beautiful "metal" patina was the Swiss-built
As with other Rivett lathe, a huge variety of accessories was offered that allowed the owner to tackle almost any small, high-precision job; this
page, about the "8-inch Precision", shows some of that range offered..

Rivett No. 3 lathe 7" swing; weight 90 lbs

Rivett lathe No. 4  8-inch swing, weight 140 lbs