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Lorch Collets
- as shown in catalogues from around 1910 until 1930 -

More information about Lorch Lathes is contained in various Manuals, Parts Lists
and well-illustrated Sales & Technical Specification Brochures and can be purchased on-line here

Lorch Home Page

NOTE: Lorch lathes were advertised using Roman numerals - but are also found stamped using decimal notation e.g. the AV1-K might be found stamped  A 6 K and the AV11-K as A 7 K

Lorch Home Page

Larger lathes branded
Lorch, Schmidt & Co.

LAS Precision Screwcutting and LAS, AV1-K, AV11-K, LLRGN,  AVRG, BVIRG, LLRN, AVR  &  BVIR Lathes

Lorch LL "tall-feet" Clockmakers' Lathe       

Precision Plain Lathes: LLS, LLV,LLK     Sliding Headstock Screwcutting BVIPK

Precision 50 mm Lorch KD50

Toolmakers' Screwcutting Lathe AVI-L
Screwcutting Type AB

Precision Screwcutting Lathe BL27LZ

Toolmakers' Miniature Lathes: LA, LAN, LLN & LLPN Plain and Screwcutting with Leadscrew

Lorch lathes--Newer Accessories

Lorch lathes--Older Accessories

Larger Screwcutting Lathes D27 & BIIZ

Lorch Dividing Apparatus for Watchmakers' Lathes


Lorch Watchmakers' Lathes

Lorch "Triumph" Watchmakers' Lathe

Lorch Junior Watchmaker's Lathe

Lorch Lathe - a restoration
   Lorch Lathe Restoration - 2   

Early Lorch Model A Lathes

Lorch Milling Machines