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Tom Senior "Junior"

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Although specially designed for model and experimental shops - and for instructional use in schools and colleges - the "Junior" was still made to Senior's exacting, high-quality standards. Sized at 20" x 4.75" with a longitudinal travel of 10", a cross travel of 4.5" and a vertical movement of 10", the table was a useful size and carried two T-slots. Three rates of power feed were provided, the gearbox being driven directly from a V-belt extension on the main spindle motor.  Impressively, the Timken taper roller bearing spindle had 12 speeds from 60 to 4000 RPM, for the miller retained the heavy-duty lathe-like "backgear" assembly within the main column body fitted to the larger models. This valuable feature enabled it to mount slab milling cutters in the horizontal mode, yet run fast enough to make the best use of smaller end mills and slot drills when stub milling directly from the horizontal spindle nose.
Later version of the "Junior" had the electric motor in the cabinet base and, although they retained the twelve spindle speeds, the range was compressed to 50 - 2800 RPM.
Stripped of its horizontal spindle and backgear assembly, and fitted with an S-Type self-contained vertical head, the Junior was sold as the "Light vertical", a useful miniature style of  "ram-head" machine
The Junior stood 5 feet high ((1.5m) and the chip tray measured 29" x 22" (737 mm x 559 mm)..