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Schaublin 102-VM Accessories
A Operator's & Maintenance Manual is available for the 102-VM

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If you have a Schaublin machine tool of any kind - or special attachments, etc. - 
that you would like to see displayed in the Archive, please do contact the writer

Dividing attachment for the headstock. This could only be mounted in the absence of a lever-action collet closer and was made with different fitting for the W20 and W25 headstocks

Lever-operated collet closer. Versions were made for both the W20 and W25 headstocks

Lever-action collet closer in place complete with spindle-nose protection cap

Spherical turning and grinding carriage complete with (starting top left and going anti-clockwise) setting block with flat and locating cross; centring arbor; adjustable toolholder and (mounted on the slide) another, shorter, toolholder. 102VM Home Page