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PULTRA Lathe Accessories

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Pultra 17/70 Capstan Lathe

A full Pultra Data Pack and Catalogues are available

Production version HY42 (8 mm collet) and HU42 (10 mm collet) mounted on the cast-iron base plate (B128) and fitted with a bar feed, self-indexing head and cut-off slide.

A complex accessory set resulted in the special  the unusual  thread-milling lathe Model NT59. This dipped into the accessories catalogue to employ a cast-iron base plate (B128) in conjunction with a 16" Long Bed (PB2), a 50 mm centre height 10mm bore "geared headstock" (PH6A) with a 72 : 1 worm reduction, a guide frame (V124) and a "support" tailstock (PT6) that acted as a fixed steady. This version was designed for the accurate production of threads and worms and picked up the pitch from a "master thread" arranged (like those used in ordinary thread-chasing attachments), at the rear of the headstock, but cut the tread with a rotating cutter held in a live spindle (W123). The cutter could be adjusted to any angle either horizontally or vertically and the work held either in collets or (at a maximum length of 4.5") between centres using a drive plate.

Adjustable Roller Support (PM55/1).

Headstock set up for simple dividing with the Indexing Unit (PM26).

A headstock spindle indexing attachment of a type not shown in any known catalogue

Indexing plates (M16) were available with any number of divisions up to 120. The stop for indexing was carried by a bed-mounted clamp and various adaptors to carry the indexing rings were available for the different 8 mm and 10 mm collets headstocks.

V-Steady (PM55/2)
This was recommended for use with the thread milling attachment.

Miniature saw Bench Assembly with Table (PM24) and Saw Arbor (C18 or C22).

Raiser Block Set PV2 for "P" Type lathes
This set raised the centre height from 50 mm to 90 mm. Two identical blocks (V502) lifted the headstock and tailstock whilst the post (V501), in the middle of the picture, was used to bring the toolpost to the correct height. 

Raiser block set to left the headstock and tailstock of the later 17/50 and 17/70 lathes

End view of the 17/50 and 17/70 raiser blocks

Underside of the 17/50 and 17/70 raiser blocks

A 15/50 Pultra fitted with the maker's raiser blocks under headstock and tailstock

Travelling Steady (PM32/2)

Travelling Steady in Operation.

Hands rests and saw table. From left: 5325, PR21, PR1, PM24.

Fixed Steady (PM32/1)

The rare and desirable Pultra dividing unit. This assembly is complete with the headstock-mount  adaptor unit and special lengthened collet draw bar

Ultra rare: a pump centre and faceplate with clamps mounted for use on a P Type or 17/50 and 17/70 Models

The seldom-found Pultra capstan unit - almost certainly of WW2 vintage when it would have
been used in, for example, a factory making parts for mechanical instruments

Another very rare accessory: the super-fine, 10 mm collet-mounted drilling attachment complete with two tiny drill-holding collets in brass

The super-fine drilling attachment dismantled

A full Pultra Data Pack and Catalogues are available

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Pultra 17/70 Capstan Lathe

PULTRA Lathe Accessories