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Paco Miniature Drilling Machine

Of simple construction and designed for amateur use, the Paco miniature drilling machine was current during the 1950s and early 1960s and not dissimilar, in many ways, to the better-known (and superior) Champion.
Control of the drilling feed was by a lever with a leverage ratio of around four to one, the mechanism needing considerable force in order to get the drill bit to cut satisfactorily. In comparison, the Champion was fitted with a properly engineered rack-and-pinion drive to the spindle, this allowing much lighter pressure to be employed and so improving the "feel" of the machine. Rack-and-pinion  drive is, of course, used as standard on most drills of 1/2" capacity and above.
Like all of its type, the Paco used a remotely-mounted motor that drove the spindle with a round belt that passed over a pair of jockey pulleys, these being adjustable on their mounting arm to set the belt tension.
The Paco is rare and, should you have one, the writer would be delighted to have photographs.
Other simple, lightweight drill presses include the  include the Cameron, Baby Grand, Champion, Baldwin, Dixi, Dumore, Hamilton, Hauser, IME, MicromeccanicaOldak and Apex, Paco, Progress No.10, Ruka, Schaublin and WA-CO..