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Baby Grand Drill

Baby Grand Home Page

As a product aimed at the amateur market, the 4-speed Baby Grand drill was a curious, rather expensive though effective design. Instead of the usual and inexpensive jockey-pulley arrangement (as seen for example on this IME drill and Relmil drilling attachment), at the rear of the Baby Grand and level with its base, a right-angle drive gearbox to which, conveniently, almost any motor or even "foot-motor" drive system could be attached. The need for this arrangement arose because the entire head assembly, instead of having a quill sliding within it, was moved bodily up and down the main column by rack-and-pinion gearing. If the head and its pulley moved, then so must the matching drive pulley which was therefore arranged to slide on, and be driven by, a long vertical shaft which emerged from the top of the gearbox. The drive was intended to be by a round leather "gut" rope but today a length of Polycord can be used, or even a narrow-section V-belt.
If you have a Baby Grand drilling machine, the writer would be delighted to have a set of photographs to add to this page.