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Which Tool & Cutter Grinder Should I Buy?
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In the UK - and some other English-speaking countries - the following tool & cutter grinders are relatively common:   (they made several types to go with their engraving machines)

In the USA and Canada the following are likely to be available: well as some older or specialised types such as:

Some are complex, professional machines, other simple devices that still perform adequately in the amateur's workshop - they fall into three broad categories:
1) special types of limited functionality used, for example, for the sharpening of "D bits" and other cutters used by pantograph engravers
2) standard machines for the grinding of the such ordinary items as, for example, mills, slot drills, side-and-face cutters and slab mills
3) more versatile "universal" machines, such as the K.O.Lee, where the design allowed other forms of grinding - surface and cylindrical for example - to take place. When considering the purchase of a tool and cutter grinder be sure that it does not fall into category (1) - check that it has a similar range of movements and settings available on standard machines such as the Clarkson and Quorn. Should you need a more versatile example, compare it to the K.O.Lee, LeBlond and Jones and Shipman Model 310 and 1014. While tool and cutter grinders (especially "Universal" models like the Greenfield) are a most useful addition to any workshop, do beware of buying one without accessories; although some limited work is possible, to exploit the capabilities of a machine fully, rather more is required than just the basic unit. Installed in a professional workshop a typical example might well be complete with such as items as: a radial grinding attachment; collets; a universal grinding head; universal (double swivel) work-holding fixture; a self-contained, table-mounted motor-driven workhead; sensitive workhead and a selection of precision, very slightly tapered arbors to hold workpieces.

While operation manuals are available for many of the listed machines, should one not be listed for yours you will find one or more of the following useful - these are supplied regularly for tool & cutter grinders where the maker is unknown and the instructions missing. The two with the most direct, hands-on approach are coded: MC180B and ME200/MA700A

A basic book:
No. 38 "Tool and cutter Grinding". This is especially useful in containing drawings for the manufacture of various useful accessories.
8.75 including UK post. 9.75 to Europe or 14.75 world-wide air-mail.
It can be ordered securely on-line here with payment by credit or debit card or PayPal:

More specific information:

CLARKSON Tool & CUTTER GRINDERS. A complete 192-page data set for the Mk. 1, Mk. 2 & Mk. 3 machines together with all the supplementary booklets (originally published separately) for the Controlled Spiral Grinding Attachment, Radius Fixture, Drill Point & Tap Lead Attachment, Air-bearing Flute Grinding Attachment and a comprehensive Accessory Catalogue titled "Tool & Cutter Care" - the latter a publication very useful in showing the range & mounting of the various Accessories. Included is a separate early edition that shows, in greater detail, how to set up many common tool-grinding jobs.
It can be ordered securely on-line here:

ELITE (ASTRA) TOOL & CUTTER GRINDER Model AR5-E (Elite). Operator's Instruction Manual and Maintenance. Includes a copy of the detailed Technical Sales & Specification and Accessories Catalogue.
It can be ordered securely on-line here:

CUTTER & TOOL GRINDING (by Jones & Shipman) 60 page Tool & Cutter Grinding. Explanatory Booklet - which details the principles, which must be adhered to for successful operation of a Tool and Cutter Grinder. Shows specific examples with wonderful photographs & explanations. The instructions are also applicable to other makes of grinder. Includes a copy of the Jones & Shipman Tool & Cutter Grinder Sales & Specification & Accessories Catalogue.
It can be ordered securely on-line here: