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Unknown Lathes No. 91
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A most unusual, very well specified lathe with two steel bars forming its bed. Resident in Australia but of unknown make and origin. It is hoped that additional, higher resolution pictures will be available in the near future.
Metal-turning lathes of a similar configuration (but of widely different specification) include the English Barker, Kneller, Edwards and Scope multi-function; the Australian  Hercus, Burden & Bagear and Rolfe; the American Swayne Robinson, Honacast and Metal Master; the "Unknown-35, "Unknown-66" and "Unknown-66-87"; the Bite from Lithuania; the Swiss "Lesto", "Scinta", "Cintra" and "Bläsi"; the German Wabeco; the Swedish Almkvist;  and French Traub, Haulin, S.I.A.M.E. and Codima S2F Lyon.