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CROMWELL Mk. 1 Precision Plain Lathe
Cromwell Home Page   Mk. 1 Cromwell Plain Lathe   Smallpiece Multi-cut Lathe
Rebuilt Cromwell S800   Mk. 2 Screwcutting Cromwell

This, the first-ever Cromwell model, had 3.5-inch centre height, admitted around 20 inches between centres and had a traditional flat-topped, bevelled-edged bed. It was made as a precision plain-turning lathe only and few can have survived. Although the writer has seen various parts over the years, the lathe shown below is the only complete example known.
The "Mk.2" backgeared and screwcutting Cromwell lathe was also built as a plain-turning model, but this used a different bad fitted with V-way "wings" at front and back machined to accept the saddle.