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Centec Vertical Head Raiser Block/Overarm
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Available for Centec Millers:
Copies of the Original Instruction Book for the 2A, 2B, 2C & Automill

Shown here installed on a Centec 2B the 4-inch raiser block will fit all models with the dovetail top to the column. It's long enough to be left in place when the head is not in use and can be slid forwards to fit the horizontal milling arbor support bracket. Hence, once the vertical head has been fitted there is no need to remove it. The blocks are made in batches and are not always in stock - please email for availability or check the entry on the Accessories Page..

An interesting picture showing a Centec 2C with both the maker's adaptor plate (to allow the standard vertical head to be fitted to its wider column) and the raiser block in place