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Cincinnati 8" x 18" Mk. 1
Tool and Die Milling Machine
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Available for the Contourmaster and 8" x 18" are
Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manuals

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Cincinnati Toolmaster Millers   8" x 18" Tool & Die Miller

Made from around 1947 until the late 1950s, the 8" x 18" Tool and Die Milling machine was built in two very similar models - a Mk. 1 until 1955 and a later, short-lived Mk. 2  from 1956 to 1959. The newer version had an altered main column casting, built-in electrical controls and other minor modifications. To reduce costs, the model was finally dropped and the special head and ram unit made available for fitting to a modified version of the Toolmaster and sold as the Contourmaster.
The  two early versions of the "Tool & Die" can be immediately distinguished from the "Toolmaster" modified type by their use of V instead of right-angled edges to the ways for the table's cross feed.

Mk. 1 version of the 8" x 18"  Tool and Die Milling Machine as made until 1955. Note the V-edged cross-feed ways

Mk. 2 8" x 18"  Tool and Die Milling Machine with built-in electrical controls as available from 1956 to 1959