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A Shaper - Unknown Machine No. 128

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Of conventional design, this neat little shaper may be of French origin - at least one of the oiling points being dual stamped huile and oil.
While the stroke is unknown, it appears to have been around eight inches, the same as on the similar South Bend and Boxford models. The box table carried T-slots on the top and left and right-hand faces but, like many shapers intended for lighter work, the front of the table lacked support. Driven by lacked a front support bracket. Simple but effective, the self-contained V-belt countershaft system was neatly hinged on the rear of the machine and carried what appear to have been a 0.5 to 1 h.p. motor that provided four stroke rates, these perhaps being in the region of 42, 75, 120 and 195 per minute that gave cutting feeds of approximately 3 to 114 feet per minute. Speeds were changed by lifting a long, ball-ended lever on the machine's right-hand side, this releasing the tension of the (unguarded) belt and so allowing it to be moved from pulley to pulley..