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Unknown Lathes - page 31
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Almost certainly an American-built precision bench lathe of the Stark and Cataract type* - and with not only a horizontal milling attachment at the headstock end, but a (very distinctive) long section of bed overhung at the tailstock. The headstock is very robust and, amazingly, identical at each end so that for conversion to a milling machine there is no need to turn it round on the bed. Behind the headstock is a chase-type threading attachment with an integral thread counter - an unheard of refinement on this class of lathe - together with an ingenious safety mechanism that disengages the drive from the spindle in event of a severe dig-in or off-balance load. This lathe appears to have been built not only to an very high specification but also carefully designed so that serious work could be undertaken at one work station.
*B.C.Ames, Derbyshire, Hjorth, Potter  Pratt & Whitney, Rivett, Stark, Wade, Waltham Machine Works, Wade, Rivett, Cataract, Hardinge, Elgin,, Remington, and Sloan & Chace.