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Taiwanese Geared-head Lathe Type 2
- recognition pictures for various brandings -

An Operation and Maintenance Manual with parts as clear
Exploded Component Drawings is available for this lathe

This common Taiwanese lathe was built from the 1970s until the early 2000s. Various brand names were affixed for different countries - but the position of the headstock-mounted control and those on carriage remained unchanged with one exception, for the US market - and possible others - the carriage handwheel was on the left rather than the right-hand side of the apron.
Another typical Taiwanese-made small geared-head lathe can be see here and, apart from its geared headstock, the lathe shown below is, in most identical to the very popular and now common belt-driven headstock version shown here.
Another common Taiwanese small geared-head lathe can be seen here