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R. Prudor Lathe - France

Manufactured by R. Prudor of 127 bvd Richard Lenoir Paris, the Prudor lathe could date from 1850 onwards - but is most likely, having regard to the well-supported headstock spindle, box-section foot beneath the headstock and the proper compound slide rest to have been constructed circa 1890 to 1920.
Plain turning, with no evidence that the carriage could be propelled along its triangular bed by a screw, the spindle appears to have just a 2-step pulley driven by a round leather rope - a system widely used on small lathes until as late as the 1930s.
Nothing is known of the maker and should any reader have further details or won a similar machine, the writer would be interested to hear from you.

R. Prudor lathe--France
Examples of other makers who offered triangular beds include: GlashutteBoley, H Strube & Filse (also from Paris), Dalgety, an unknown make from France, yet another of East German origin and, of course, Henry Maudsley with his original screwcutting-by-changewheels lathe.