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Wood Lathes and Working Machinery & Equipment

Charges (inc. VAT): "For Sale" or "Wanted" £43.20 per machine. Up to 250 words, 8 photographs and a 6-month run. Changes free. Extra pictures £1.20 each. Smaller machines or parts can be grouped in one advert. £12 rate available for items under £225.

In addition to the entry on this page each machine has its own web page e.g.:
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No commission is charged.  Just email or phone 01298-871633 for free advice.

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1) go to: where you can do everything online. If you wish, I can revise the advert it for you, or make helpful suggestions

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3) phone 01298-871633 to discuss any concerns - I'm always pleased to help.

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Thanks for the carefully crafted Schaublin advertisement; enquiries from Australia, United States and Europe; sold for the asking price: Many thanks for the work preparing the ad for my father's lathe; you are worth every penny charged, and you can't often say that these days: 3 inquiries in a very short time after the ad appeared, and it went to a lovely Irish gentleman who  picked it up and took it to Dublin: Over 20 enquiries, sold immediately without any hassle ! Mike:  I want to thank you for all the help you have given me; I could not have sold my machine without your excellent advice. Terence:  Thanks, Tony Inundated with enquiries; this has to be the best way to sell equipment; I'll be recommending your site to others who want to sell machinery. Steve: After many enquiries including the USA and Canada I sold the Myford for the asking price: Thanks for your help - I will certainly use your site in the future. Alan: I purchased the 6" lathe in the USA from your sales page; thanks for the site, I could not find anything in the US or anywhere else as good. R. Wren:   I received 3 phone calls and the Colchester was sold last night to the first viewer for the full asking price. Jon:  Found a very rare Boxford part thanks to your "Wanted Section" ! :  Thank you for identifying all the parts and listing them - a wonderful service.

For Sale: A short-bed Coronet Multi-function woodworker consisting of the saw bench and planer thicknesser, tool rests, tailstock, bed feet (and minor fittings as shown in the photographs) the correct double-spindle Gryphon  single-phase motor and the maker's stand. However, missing is the 2-inch diameter bed bar--though a length of suitable bar is easy enough to order from here. The machine is located SE London. Price: £275 or offers. Please phone: 07891-228798 for further information. Details of Coronet Major wood machinery here

For Sale: a well-built, large-capacity MiniMax wood-turning lathe. 200 mm centre height and taking 1150 mm between centres.
Fitted with a new and powerful single-phase motor. Spindle speeds 570, 1000, 1850 and 2500 r.p.m. This lathe has a lot  of capacity on an exceptionally small footprint. £425 Phone: 020-7737-0533 or mobile 07951-230086 (located Mitcham). Pictures of the MinMax wood-turning lathe for sale here

For Sale in excellent, original condition - a Coronet Minorette multi-function woodworking machine.
The unit has a planer, sawbench, mortising attachment and a tilting sanding table. Double-spindle, Single-phase Gryphon motor just fitted with a new £75 No-Volt safety-release starter and overload protection. The unit is mounted on well-made hardwood stand fitted with new casters from Axminster (£61) castors for ease of moving about. It could do with a new drive belt, but is otherwise in perfect working order. Space needed, so just £275 Phone: 07530-913379 Pictures of the Coronet Minorette multi-function woodworker for sale here and details of Coronet wood-working machinery here

SOLD: Meteor wood-turning lathe with bowl-turning attachment. Seldom found, this exceptional strong but compact Glasgow-built wood lathe has been fitted with raiser blocks giving a centre height of around 6.5 inches - and with a correspondingly vast bowl-turning capacity. Twin T-hand-rest supports, rotating tailstock centre, wood-screw chuck, 1-phase motor with push-button starter and mounted on a substantial bench. There may well be an assortment of turning tools and other small items available. £225 The industrial-quality  horizontal band sander shown below (I'm not sure if it works) is included in the price. Pictures of the Meteor wood lathe and band sander for sale here and details of Meteor wood lathes here

SOLD: Axminster MB9020 Bench Top Planer/Thicknesser. The machine is new and unused and only for sale due to the demise of the owner some five years ago. This is a really nice Hobby series machine with a powerful 1500 watt motor and a cutting capacity of 204 mm x 120 mm. Dust extraction outlet 100 mm in diameter; weight 27 kg. 1-phase electrics. Pictures of the Axminster Planer/Thicknesser for sale here

SOLD: Axminster Excalibur EX 21 Trade Series Scroll Saw In as-new, hardly-used condition and unused for the last five years, due to the demise of the previous owner. This 535 mm. (21") capacity saw is the mid-range model within the Axminster "Trade Series" and has some really interesting features not found on any other machine.
Heavily built from mainly plate steel, it has a 7 mm thick, heavy-gauge table with an epoxy-painted surface. The blade actuating arms are very short and driven by a lever-and-rod mechanism giving very precise control of the blade - plus exceptionally low vibration. The whole arm assembly tilts 45 degrees right and 35 degrees left, leaving the table horizontal so allowing much better control of the job, greater visibility and being able to work from a more comfortable, natural position. Variable-speed control from 400 - 1500 strokes per minute and features "Pegas" blade-chuck clamps - these being lighter so further reducing vibration. Blade changing is quick, easy and tool free. The saw has a built-in air blower and efficient dust extraction. Weight 29.5 kg. Overall Size  L x W x H     812 mm. x 380 mm. x 387 mm. Pictures of the Axminster EX21 Scroll saw for sale here  and the maker's sales page here

SOLD: Viceroy TDS-3 "Educator" combined metal and wood-turning lathe 5" x 24" and fitted with backgear for extra low speeds. Mounted on the maker's compact, underdrive stand with a single-phase motor and built-in switchgear. Used for many years by a maker of replica antique musical instruments and fitted with a very large capacity bowl-turning attachment and faceplate. Included is quantity of valuable seasoned wood (some a metre long and other sections), 3-jaw chuck, a number of wood turning tools, a light unit and Morse centres.. There may be other items as well as the workshop is being cleared. A bargain at £450 Phone: 07714-288639 (Croydon)  Pictures of the Viceroy Educator lathe for sale here and details of Viceroy Educator lathes here 

SOLD: Multico Model TH3 - a heavy-duty, professional grade wood thicknesser. 3-phase electrics. Full working order £550  Pictures of the Multico TH3 mortiser for sale here

SOLD: Floor-standing White chain and chisel mortiser with grindstone attachment. Powerful 3-phase, 2 h.p. motor and in working order - though long-term unused. £375 Pictures of the White chain mortiser for sale here

SOLD: vertical bandsaw for woodworking by "White". A heavily-built but compact machine  with a cast-iron frame and table. 3-phase electrics. £175. Pictures of the White bandsaw for sale here

SOLD: Dominion Pattern-maker's Wood-turning Lathe. I bought two of these very heavy-duty, professional machines years ago. I think this one is from the early 1950s and has the very useful hand-driven, rack-feed carriage with a compound slide rest assembly - this allowing really fine control of a cutting tool on precise work. I have spent a good deal of money modernizing the lathe: the original 2-inch Whitworth spindle thread has been converted to 1.5 inch x 6 t.p.i. and the outboard end an adapter to 1.5 inch x 6 t.p.i . New spindle bearings have been fitted and the original flat-belt pulleys replaced by modern, highly effective aluminium J-section 8-rib PolyVee pulleys. A modern 2-h.p. motor has been fitted controlled by a variable-speed inverter running from the ordinary single-phase mains and fitted with a remote stop-start switch. Speeds available are 0-750 rpm and 0-1500 rpm - which is all that I've ever used - though the inverter parameters are easily changed to double these speeds if needed for small diameter work. The drive is now as smooth as silk with masses of torque - I have turned successfully some huge lumps of wood with the bed gap section removed.
The lathe weighs 3/4 of a ton, has a centre height of 8.5 inches and takes 48 inches between centres. Headstock spindle and tailstock are both No.3 Morse taper. The last two photographs show the size of the lathe and one of the old drive pulleys compared to the new. To give some scale, the "small" hand T-rest is from a Harrison Graduate. Delivery is possible - please email for a price (the tools and parts around the lathe are not for sale).
Pictures of the Dominion Wood-turning lathe for sale here and details of heavier Dominion lathes here

SOLD: Sedgwick Planer-Thicknesser Type 255. This is the Rolls-Royce of planers and built on a substantial cast-iron bed that will last a lifetime. 240 volt single-phase electrics. Full details of these splendid machines can be found here:   The planer has only ever done one real job in its lifetime: cleaning up a sycamore kitchen floor - so is in excellent, almost unused condition. Complete with accessories and the maker's Instruction Manual. Please ask any questions that you may have. £1700
The retail price of the PT255 is now £2976, so this represents a real saving. Pictures of the Sedgwick planer-thicknesser here

SOLD: Myford Mystro Variable-speed Wood Lathe. A top-of-the-range model that is comprehensively equipped and mounted on a good wooden bench with three drawers. Spindle speeds from 175 to 24000 r.p.m. 3/4 hp 1 phase motor with emergency stop /start button and reversing switch, 2 Morse taper headstock spindle, 40 " long bed with 10 " bowl turning over bed, headstock swings 90 degrees to a separate bowl turning attachment with its own  pull-out banjo and toolrest that allows work up to 20" in diameter to be turned. Equipment includes 7" face plate, 4" face plate with locking nuts and Tommy bar, 4 tool rests and a 24-division indexing plate. £245  Also available separately a range of other accessories. Pictures of the Myford Mystro for sale here and details of Mystro lathes here

SOLD Sheffield-made Record RPML wood-turning lathe. A very well-built, all cast-iron and steel machine. Single-phase motor, self-centring Record 4-jaw "wood-collet" chuck. A good set of turning tools, a fitted box set of as-new wood-carving tools, a rotating tailstock centre and a pair of goggles. Unused for some time, this is a complete, compact  wood-turning outfit - everything you need to get stated and make progress in one kit. £195
Available separately a mint-condition Robert Sorby RS2000 "Deep Hollowing System" £150 (this lovely unit is currently listed at £250)

SOLD: Startrite/Robland X Series (branded Startrite Super 310) Multi-function Woodworking Machine. Heavily built - it weights 400 kg - this versatile and well-constructed machine has five main functions:
- 10 inch circular saw
- 12 inch surface planer
- Thicknesser
- Spindle moulder
- Morticer 
Complete with an assortment of blades and the maker's Instruction Manual. This is the larger of the two models offered and is a particularly fine example, still in its maker's original finish and in excellent working order. £1500 Phone: 01684-292529 Pictures of the Startrite/Robland Multi-function Woodworker here

SOLD: Harrison Jubilee wood lathe 5" x 30" with bowl-turning attachment and on a self-contained on an underdrive stand. Well equipped with: wood-collet chuck and collet jaws, an assortment of drive and tailstock Morse centres, tailstock rotating centre, tailstock chuck, inside and outside calipers, 29 turning tools and a light unit. 1.5 h.p. 1-phase motor. The lathe has been stored unused for some time and needs just a good clean to put back in service. The lathe dismantles easily into three parts - headstock plinth, bed and tailstock-end foot - and can be transported in a hatchback with the rear seats folded. £375 Picture of the Jubilee wood lathe for sale here and details of Harrison Jubilee lathes here

SOLD: a Swedish-built 6" x 32" Luna SP800 Wood-turning lathe mounted on the maker's stand. 1-phase electrics. Little used and in perfect working order. This lathe offers a lot of capacity on a compact footprint. £375 Pictures of the Luna wood lathe for sale here

SOLD: Harrison Jubilee Combination wood-turning lathe 5" x 30". This is a top-of-the-range version with a hand-driven carriage assembly that allows both precision wood and light metal turning to be undertaken. The lathe is complete with a large 4-jaw chuck; bowl-turning attachment; two tailstock--one lever-action the other screw-feed; standard short, long and two curved tool rests for bowl turning; four inboard and outboard faceplates; four sanding discs; a good set of over 20 wood-turning tools and some metal turning tools; a LowVo light unit; blocks of wood for turning and my set of wood-turning instructional books. 1 h.p. single-phase motor. The lathe is in good working order and available for inspection under power. It's easy to move in something as small as a hatchback car--the headstock-end plinth, bed and tailstock-end foot all dismantle very easily. £750 Pictures of the Harrison Jubilee lathe for sale here and details of Harrison Jubilee lathes here

SOLD:  Coronet No. 1 wood turning lathe with a capacity of 48" between centres. Little used and in perfect working order. Equipped with: Multistar Duplex Wood-turning Chuck with 'A' & 'D' jaws; tailstock revolving centre; 13 mm keyed drill chuck and 1MT arbor, 4-inch faceplate; 1½" screw chuck; ⅞" 4 prong drive centre; ½" 4 prong drive centre; Cone centre; Cup centre; 16-inch double-support tool rest (2 banjos included); 10-inch T-rest; 7-inch tool rest; 5-inch tool rest; hole boring centre kit; faceplate ring; screw chuck; carrier for 1 Morse taper accessories and the original instruction booklet. 220/240 volt ½hp single phase motor with no-volt safety release. £250 Pictures of the Coronet No. 1 wood lathe for sale here

SOLD: Myford Mystro 5.5" x 20" Woodturning Lathe mounted on a rigid, powder-coasted steel stand. One careful owner from new with both the lathe and accessories in superb condition. Sturdy cast-iron headstock swivels for large-diameter work using the bowl-turning attachment No. 2 Morse taper hollow spindle runs on 2 large taper roller bearings and has a 11/8" x 12 t.p.i. nose and carries a ring of 24 indexing holes. Comprehensively equipped to tackle a wide variety of work with the following accessories: Myford compound slide, calibrated in metric, for metal turning with a 4-jaw self-centering engineering chuck. Sorby "Patriot" woodturning chuck with standard jaws; ER 20 collet chuck; six hand T-rests from 2" to 12" long; drilling jig; 4 inch faceplate; 2 Morse taper drive & tailstock centres; wood screw chuck and the maker's instruction book. Reversible variable-speed drive using a 1-phase to 3-phase inverter with a 1 h.p. 3-phase Brook Compton motor (i.e. just plug into the domestic supply and it all works). The lathe made to my specification by Myford in Nottingham in 1999 Reason for sale: downsizing £500

: Arundel K450 woodturning lathe. A late-model, British made machine with a rigid, twin-bar bed made from solid steel and mounted on a substantial, purpose-built steel bench. I purchased this lathe new and used it very carefully. For bowl turning the headstock is slid to the tailstock end of bed where a separate bowl-turning rest is located. .Swing 9-inch over the bed, 18" over the bench and admits 36" between centres. Drive is from a 1-phase motor through smooth-running Poly-V belt speeds. Speeds: 500, 850, 1350 and 2150 r.p.m. Complete with a lot of useful equipment - in fact everything you need to get started and progress: a high-quality Robert Sorby precision combination chuck Model 900 with  extra collets and turning accessories, Screw-chuck, faceplate, revolving tailstock centre, jaws for the dovetail work, pin chuck, a set of six Ashley Iles turning tools plus a long hole boring chisel. £350  More turning tools are available, individually priced.  Pictures of Arundel for sale here

SOLD: Coronet Major Multi-function Woodworking Machine comprising:  a between centres (30") wood lathe with bowl-turning attachment, a  21/2" woodscrew chuck, rotating centre, 3/8" drill chuck, double-length tool rest, standard tool rest, end-turning rest and a good range of wood-turning tools. Saw table with mitre gauge (with micro-adjustment fence) and 10" TCT 30t blade + a new spare blade. 41/2" planer with thicknesser attachment. Coronet grindstone kit  The machine fitted with the original and correct Brooke Crompton 'Gryphon' 1 h.p. 2800 rpm double-ended motor with push-button starter and a 5-speed drive system. Also available if required is a separate double ended grinder and a stout, homemade stand/cupboard unit. £ - any sensible offer considered

SOLD: Coronet Major Multi-function Woodworking Machine consisting of:  a between-centres (30") wood lathe with bowl-turning attachment; planer and thicknesser, Mortising attachment, saw bench with several spare blades, moulding block with 4 cutters, wood-collet chuck, long-hole boring equipment, faceplate, double-length and short T-rests, spare drive belts, spare drive pulley. wood-drive and plain Morse centres, and 25 high-quality Sorby bladed wood-turning tools and other small items. 1-phase motor (the original double-spindle Gryphon type) with push-button starter and reversing switch. £550

SOLD: Coronet Major Combination wood lathe and multi-function woodworking machine. Serial No. 203 JN 69. Fitted with the correct Brooke Crompton 'Gryphon'  1 h.p. 2800 r.p.m. motor with a push-button starter and the very rare speed-reduction countershaft system. All the guards for the main drive, planer drive and both over and under saw blade are in place. Mounted on the maker's original cabinet stand with a new oak edged 18 mdf top. 7/8" x 16 t.p.i. spindle thread with a thread protector. Very well equipped for a wide variety of wood machining operations: Saw table with mitre gauge (with a micro-adjustment fence) and a new 10" TCT 40t blade just fitted.  4 ½" planer with the thicknesser  attachment. Morticing attachment with the correct collet chuck and chisel holder . Combination table with support roller (used for sawing large sheets of wood). 5/16" Long hole boring kit (no auger) 6" faceplate, 8" sanding disc, 2 x tool rest banjos, double-length tool rest, standard tool rest, 2 x 2-prong Morse taper wood-drive centres, 1-Morse taper centre, 1 Morse taper dead centre, 1 Morse taper rotating centre, New main drive belt, planer belt and reduction pulley belt. Rewired  using  15A rubber flex cable. The machine has been completely  stripped, cleaned, primed and painted with Tekaloid machinery enamel and both looks superb and performs faultlessly.  An opportunity to acquire a well-equipped and especially well-made wood machining centre. £650

SOLD: Harrison Jubilee Wood-turning Lathe. 5" x 30". This is an unusually well-specified Jubilee complete with the rarely-found rack-and-pinion driven carriage and cross-slide assembly that allows both precision wood turning and light metal working to be undertaken; two tailstocks, one screw-feed the other lever operated; bowl-turning attachment; inboard and outboard faceplates; short T-rest; long T-rest and a special curved bowl-turning rest. Also included is a set of 16 turning tools and an Axminster-type wood collet chuck complete with all the fittings.  1-phase motor with push-button, no-volt release starter.  In good working order and ready to use. £650 The lathe dismantles easily into headstock plinth, bed and tailstock-end foot and can be moved in a hatchback.

SOLD: a one-owner-from-new Myford ML8 4 ½"x 38" woodturning lath. Mounted on a 2-inch thick solid ash work top that is carried on a stout  2" x 2" x1/4" welded angle-iron stand--the legs being fitted with castors. 1-phase British Thomson Houston 1/3 h.p. 1425 r.p.m. motor mounted on the proper Myford underdrive countershaft unit. The lathe is complete with the outboard bowl-turning attachment, a large 10" faceplate/sanding disc, 6" inboard and outboard faceplates, 3 tool rests (one extra long,) wood drive and hollow Morse centres, a ball-race tailstock rotating centre , ½" tailstock drill chuck, a good set lathe tools and the original Myford assembly instructions. Also included is a Trend lightweight battery-powered respirator unit, one large plank of 2" thick beach, two planks of Mahogany and sundries blank pieces of turning wood to get you started. All in  excellent original condition and perfect working order ready to use.  Spare (working) 1-phase 1/3 hp 1425 rpm motor included.  £350

SOLD: Mejix Wood-turning Copy Lathe. Ideal for amateur or professional use this is a robust machine that can accurately reproduce spindles, table and chair legs and faceing work to the highest standards. In very good condition and little used. 1-phase, 1-h.p. motor with 4-step V-belt drive, 150 mm faceplate and carrying centre, Fixed steady, set of three templates, 300 mm tool rest , silent block leg stand with stabilizers. Instruction manual.
Specification: Max over bed without copier 380 mm.  Max over bed with copier 85 mm.  Max between centres without copier 1000 mm.  Max between centres with copier 960 mm.  Spindles & Tail stock taper 2 Morse. Spindles thread 20 x 1 mm.  4 speeds 830-1150-1900 and 2700 r.p.m.  Overall length 1600 mm.  Overall width 700 mm.  Overall height 1200 mm.  Weight 100 kg  £270.00

SOLD: Arundel K Series twin-bar bed wood-turning lathe. Widely regarded as amongst the finest small woodturning lathes ever made, they feature all cast-iron and steel construction and are noted for their fine finish and smooth, vibration free running. This a 4-speed Poly-V belt drive model with a capacity of 36" between centres and an impressive 22" diameter for bowl turning. The bowl turning set-up is achieved by sliding the complete headstock-cum-motor assembly to the tailstock end of the bed so giving a clear access to the job. Accessories included: purpose built, very heavy steel stand, a genuine Jacobs drill chuck, faceplate, revolving tailstock centre, 2 curved bowl turning rests, a multi-function wood-turning chuck that features 2 sizes of pin chuck (1 ½" and 1"), a screw chuck, 4 sets of jaws and matching dovetail rings for bowl work. 1-phase motor. Collection from Swindon/Cirencester area. The lathe alone would fit in a reasonable sized estate/hatchback, the stand requires a larger vehicle: ring for details. £350
SOLD: Myford ML8 woodturning lathe 4" x 30". Mounted on a good wooden stand and complete with 1-phase motor, bowl-turning attachment, planer attachment thicknesser unit, tilting sanding table, 4 faceplates, wood-drive and hollow centres, tailstock chuck and a good selection of turning tools. All in perfect working order and ready to use. £275 Phone: 01254-812179 or mobile: 07763955425 (Lancs) 

SOLD: Harrison Union Jubilee Wood Lathe 5" x 30". Fitted with bowl turning attachment and in outstanding original condition. Accessories included a special curved tool rest for turning deep bowls, four faceplates/backplates, several wood-drive centres, tailstock chuck, tailstock rotating centre and a light unit. Fitted with a powerful cap-start, cap-run 1-phase Brook-Crompton motor and the correct push-button starter. Comes apart very easily for transport - will even fit in a hatchback with the seats down. £550

SOLD: Record CORONET No. 3 wood-turning lathe. Top-of-the-range long-bed model able to take 48" between centres. A top-of-the-range model it has an all cast-iron and steel construction with chrome-plated bed rails, 5-speed Poly-V drive from powerful 1-phase motor with push-button starter, swivel headstock for bowl turning (30" capacity). Combination Wood Chuck, tailstock rotating centre, special bowl-turning rest, calipers and a large collection of wood-turning tools. £395

SOLD: Coronet Major Wood Lathe - a late-model, one-owner from new machine and little-used. Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand. Very well equipped with: circular saw attachment; planer thicknesser; large bowl-turning attachment; panel cutting support; double-length turning rest; faceplate; box combing attachment; variable groove width cutter (new). Maker's Instructions. Single-phase motor. In full working order and ready to use. Located West Midlands.  £550

SOLD: Oliver wood-turning lathe 6" x 36" heavy, professional quality, all cast-iron construction. Under-driven from a powerful 1-phase motor with push-button starter. Well equipped with everything required to start wood turning: wood collet chuck, 6-inch 4-jaw independent chuck, 5-inch 3-jaw chuck (new, unused), single and double-length tool rests, curved bowl-turning rest, set of chisels, tailstock rotating centre, tailstock chuck, wood screw and wood-drive centres, etc. Fitted with the excellent Doug Ward Cam-locking Tool Slide. The lathe was overhauled before storage by a professional engineer with new headstock bearings, a ground bed, etc. In full working order ready to use. £450

SOLD: Axminster Model M950 wood-turning lathe with swing headstock (that can be positioned anywhere on the bed), variable-speed drive and mounted on the makers legs with lock-down castor attachments for ease of moving about. Complete with top-of-the-range Supernova chuck, tailstock chuck, bowl-turning attachment with curved rest. set of chisels, calipers, wood-drive and rotating Morse centres, etc. 1-phase electrics with push-button starter. One owner from new, little used, in perfect working order and ready to run with everything needed. £295 

SOLD: Coronet Major Wood Lathe and Wood Machining Centre. Mounted on a stout bench and complete with: planer/thicknesser attachment, mortising attachment, saw-bench assembly, long-hole boring steady, twin bed-mounted T-rests, faceplates and a good set of turning tools.. Fitted with the original "Gryphon" double-spindle 1-phase motor. £550

SOLD: Myford Mystro woodturning lathe mounted on the maker's stand and complete with a range of useful accessories. The lathe has a 40-inch bed, variable-speed 1-phase drive, a swivelling headstock, two long stem tool rests, a large-capacity bowl-turning attachment, a 7 inch faceplate and a tailstock rotating centre. Also included is a superb 4-jaw Administer precision chucking system (with five sets of jaws) and a Multistar Duplex four-chuck system with three sets of jaws. The lathe was purchased in 1994, has had little use. It is in full working order and complete with all the original documentation. £650

SOLD: a superb, one-owner-from-new Coronet Major Wood-working centre. Consists of the Major lathe with a planing and thicknessing attachment with extension table; 10" saw-bench assembly; mortising attachment with milling bits and 4 square chisels and sharpener; bowl-turning unit; tilting sanding-disc assembly; faceplates; milling block and shaping facility; table support unit. Various other items included extra saw blades, new drive belts, single and double-length T-rests, turning tools, tailstock rotating centre and a host of minor fittings and tooling. One private owner from new. 1-phase motor with push-button starter. Little used, in full working order and ready to use. £675

SOLD: Arundel J4 Junior little used from new. UK made, solidly built and constructed from cast-iron and steel. Complete with: 4 jaw chuck, a Craft Supplies Combination Chuck, an outboard bowl-turning attachment, 2 tool rests, Coronet revolving centres, tailstock chuck, a lace bobbin tool, a selection of faceplates, tapered drills, a screw chuck, wood-drive centres, gouges and chisels and a sanding table and a face disk. Also included is a good stock of wood - enough to keep even a keen turner busy for some time. 1-phase motor. £350  Pictures of the Arundel lathe for sale here and details of Arundel machines here

: Coronet Major lathe equipped as a wood-machining centre. Fitted to the maker's cabinet stand and complete with: compound slide rest for metal turning; Saw bench assembly with fence and guard; planer/thicknesser attachment; front-mounted large-capacity (24")

: Sedgwick wood planer/thicknesser. Table X" x Y" and thicknessing capacity Z". Single phase motor with push-button starter and emergency stop button. Bought new in 1999 by a private owners this planer cost £1400 and has had hardly any use. Apart from some age staining on the bright parts it is as new.
Surface capacity 255 mm Thicknessing width 255 mm Thicknessing depth 180 mm Rebate depth 13 mm Surface table length 1200 mm Infeed table length 600 mm Surface table height 830 mm Thicknessing table length 600 mm Cutter block diameter 80 mm Cutter block blades 3 (upgraded fro the 2 fitted as standard--the original owner was particular about his tools) Feed-roller diameter 40 mm

SOLD: Wadkin RS long-bed wood-turning lathe. 78" between centres with detachable gap and 10" centre height - this being the largest and most useful version of the RS made. Fitted with the rare rack-driven carriage assembly with compound slide rest - ideal for precision turning. Standard and the special inboard bowl turning rests and tailstock rotating centre. 3-phase motor with a 1-phase to 3-phase inverter drive giving infinitely variable speeds. Although stored for some time it is in full working order and runs very smoothly. £1850

SOLD: ARUNDEL Type J4 MK II 9" Swing Wood Turning Lathe - UK-manufactured and of high-quality construction. 3-foot bed with double-ended headstock for large-diameter bowl turning--this being achieved by a separate and very heavy, bolt-on rest assembly. 4-Speed 3/4 h.p. 1425 r.p.m. Brook Crompton Parkinson electric motor and "no-volt" safety push-button starter. Complete with a set of twelve 12 turning tools, sanding table, tool-rests, live centre, fixed centre, large chuck, backplate for bowl and front faceplate set up for sanding. The lathe is mounted on a well-made bench with drawer and rear tool-storage rack. Complete and ready to run. £325

SOLD: CORONET MAJOR long-bed wood turning lathe with a number of useful attachments and fitted to the manufacturer's original cabinet stand. In exceptionally good, little-used condition and still in its maker's original paint finish. Extras include: circular saw attachment; surface planer with thicknessing attachment; horizontal belt sander, morticing unit, large capacity bowl-turning attachment, panel-support plates (for sawing large sheets); standard and double-length turning rests; 14 high-quality Sorby turning tools, a live centre, faceplate and a large chuck. Also included are spare V- belts and spare saw blade. a set of and a selection of wood turning books. Brook Crompton Parkinson 1 h.p. 1-phase motor with safety push-button "No-Volt" starter and 5-speed Poly-V drive to the headstock. Everything you need to start wood turning and machining in one compact, carefully-used package. REDUCED PRICE - now only £550

SOLD: a superb set of wood-turning equipment including: Record CORONET No. 3 wood-turning lathe. Top-of-the-range long-bed (48" between centres) model mounted on the maker's stand. All cast-iron and steel construction with chrome-plated bed rails, 5-speed Poly-V drive from 1-phase motor, swivel headstock for bowl turning (30" capacity) and the maker's very heavily constructed bowl-turning unit. Equipped with four wood-collet chucks with attachments and instructions, faceplates, centres, etc..
Also included are a number of useful and interesting items that would enable the new owner to start productive wood turning immediately: A Hollowmaster by Robert Sorby and is complete with 2 cutters. The carving tools come in a handmade box (made by Mr. Sharman) and consist of: set of 6 x Ashley Iles; set of 6 x Ramelson U.S.A. 20 x Marples (9 of which are antique from around 1900). 12 x other tools with spare blades; a full set of miniature turning tools, a box of sawtooth bits of various sizes, 2 x long-hole borers with support attachment; a set of 10 diamond rifling files; 2 ceramic whet stones from Spyderco Inc. U.S.A. 1 x medium, 1x fine, sharpening paste and leather strop. 2 x carvers mallets, 1 x apple wood, 1 x lignum vitae.
200 or more blanks of various shapes, sizes and timbers including oak, ash, beech, mahogany, etc.
A set of wooden moulding planes are of unknown origin but complete (the toothing plane has no blade). One gauge, with brass inserts, is a Marples the other has no markings. A level marked
J. Rabone & Sons Birmingham, Warranted No 1626 Correct. The 15 moulding planes are a mixture of makers: W. Hasler, T. Turner Queen Street, Sheffield. P. J. Ark & son Sheffield The screw-system plane is by T. Turner, Sheffield. All the moulding planes are stamped EWF (which stands for Earl Fitzwilliam, who owned the estate on which they were used). They were then used for N.C.B work at Elsecar Colliery Workshops, where the owner worked worked as a carpenter and were given to him on their closure in 1985). The turning tools are a mixture of Ashley Iles, Robert Sorby, Record Power and unmarked. There are 2 complete sets of thread chasers with instructions, Robert Sorby (10 T.P.I) and Crown Tools (18 T.P.I). A box of lathe spanners and chuck keys
Also: a Record cast-iron drill stand with Bosch drill. Assorted mortise bits and picture-frame mitre. Draper belt and disc sander. A Stanley No. 50 plane, boxed with all parts and blades.
Equivalent new cost of Record equipment (lathe, stand, accessories, wood-collet chucks, etc.) would be in the region of £1350 + the turning tools, wood stock, planes, sander, drill stand, etc. Offered at £750

SOLD: STARTRITE BANDSAW - Model 352. A very high-quality, UK-made professional model but of compact dimensions with a 45-degree tilting 450mm x 450mm (17.7" x 17.7") cast-iron table that has properly machined top and sides. Blade size 20mm (3/4") with dual-speed drive and so able to cut wood, plastics and light alloys, etc. Electrically interlocked bandwheel; covers, foot-operated brake, totally enclosed power transmission and well-designed blade guards. Stove-enamelled finish, sealed-for-life bandwheel bearings, iron guides with tungsten carbide thrust pads. Throat capacity 350mm with a 300mm capacity under the guides. 1 h.p. 3-phase motor so ideal for conversion to a low-cost inverter variable-speed drive. £450

SOLD: CORONET Major Wood-lathe and wood-machining centre. One owner from new and complete with: 1-phase motor, mortising attachment, planer-thicknesser with rebating, long-hole boring attachment, circular saw with ordinary and wobble saws, horizontal sanding attachment with new spare grit bands, panel-cutting support, Junna combing attachment, faceplate, double-length T-rest with twin holders, various centres and a good set of turning tools and other useful oddments. Also included is a spare double-shaft motor of the correct "Gryphon" type with a push-button starter. In excellent working order having been used only for private hobby work. Includes a copy of the maker's original instruction sheets. £575

SOLD: Harrison Union Graduate short-bed bowl-turning lathe. All cast-iron construction. In addition to the standard large-capacity bowl-turning unit this example is complete with the rare swan-neck assembly that allows short between centres work. Short and long T-rests, curved bowl rest and large sanding table and faceplate. Complete with dust-extraction unit. 3-phase motor. £750

SOLD: Viceroy short-bed wood lathe with large-capacity outboard bowl-turning head. Model TDS 6SBD. This is a heavyweight, all cast-iron lathe of real quality yet of compact design that fits easily into a smaller workshop. In perfect working order and converted to single-phase power. 4 speeds: 425, 775, 1330 and 2270 rpm. 14" between headstock and tailstock centres; inboard and outboard turning facilities with 10" between headstock centre and lathe bed and a useful spindle lock. Comprehensively equipped with: tilting sanding table, No. 3 Morse taper wood-drive centre, fixed centre, revolving centre and tailstock drill chuck. Comes with 12" outboard large-diameter faceplate, 5" inboard faceplate, 12" and 6" straight tool rests, inboard and outboard curved tool rests for internal bowl turning.

: Centauro Model T4 - 1600 professional wood-hydraulic copy lathe. Capacity between centres 1600 mm, centre height 250 mm. Many accessories including a special low-speed facility, steady bushes, special chucks and outboard hand bowl-turning (faceplate) facilities - and others, too. This version of the lathe is much more versatile than the standard T4 and over the years I have made a lot of money with this machine. It will turn anything from Stair Spindles, newels, caps, to narrow boat porthole trims. These lathes are around £10,000 new, mine is offered at £4,500 (no vat). In perfect working order, with a copy of the maker's instruction book, and a reluctant sale due to health reasons.

SOLD: Myford Mystro wood lathe - 12-years old and hobby use only by me from new. Excellent condition. Comes with the correct and robust Myford stand on rubber mounting pads. Single phase 3/4 h.p. motor with push-button starter. Approx 39 inches between centres and 5-inch swing over bed. Has a rotating headstock and a bowl turning attachment (10-inch swing). Also: combination wood-collet chuck, Myford fixed steady, faceplate, 2 long and 1 short tool rests, long-hole boring attachment, tailstock drill chuck, various morse taper centres, some chisels and a flexible drive unit. £595

WANTED: WOOD-LATHE PARTS and ACCESSORIES - especially for HARRISON GRADUATE and any WADKIN or DOMINION Models. Absolutely anything considered including main castings, tailstocks, carriage assemblies, hand-rests, etc. Would also consider a complete or incomplete machine in need of repair, damaged or neglected.


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