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Derbyshire Model "A" Lathe
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Largest of the Derbyshire Precision Lathes (and developed from the American Gilman), the Model A and 750, shared many accessories and parts - but the two machines, though so similar in appearance and function, did differ significantly enough for the makers to advertise them separately - with the A shown more frequently with a compound slide rest for precision hand work - and the 750 in a production set up with capstan head and lever-operated slides. The lathes were priced differently too; in 1970, for example, the basic bed and headstock for an "A" cost $579 but that for a 750 was $495; a ball-bearing Model "A" headstock was $384, for the 750 it cost $300; a complete cone-bearing headstock for an "A" was listed at $325 whilst for a 750 the price dropped to $208, a huge difference. The result was that a complete bed and headstock assembly, fitted with a lever or hand-action collet closer - and ready to take any of the identical (and commonly priced)  accessories - tailstocks, slides rests, etc. - cost  $695 as a Model 750 and $800 as a Model A.
The overall length of a mid-1950s Model A was 25" with a bed length of 22" and a between centres' capacity of 12". The centre height was 75 mm (2.953") and the maximum collet capacity 0.315" (5/16" or #80 metric). Both plain cone-bearing and ball-bearing headstocks were available, the latter with two speed ranges: a 1 : 1 pulley arrangement giving 600 to 5,000 rpm whilst the 2 : 1 ratio offered 1200 to 10,000 rpm; the maximum recommended speed was 18,000 rpm..

A Ball-bearing headstock Model A (#15600A) of 1970 mounted on the maker's steel cabinet (#3860) and fitted with the triple Compound Slide Rest (#3655), the Wheel Cutter & Milling Attachment (#3671), Screw Feed Tailstock (#3640), electronic variable speed drive for the headstock (#10245) and a Variac Control Unit (#10250) to provide variable-speed drive to the milling attachment.

Model A ( #15500A) fitted with a Radius Attachment (#80201). The two dial indicators show the depth and radius of the cut being taken.