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Coronet Flat-bed Wood Lathes
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Thought to have been introduced during the late 1940s but out of production by 1952, this Coronet wood lathe broke with company tradition in having a flat-topped bed in cast-iron. With a centre height of 6.75 inches, and a capacity between centres of 32 inches, it was ideally sized for the amateur. Unfortunately, the No. 2 Morse taper ball-bearing supported headstock spindle carried only a 3-step, V-belt drive pulley - so limiting the speed range and, no doubt, compromising the usefulness of the 17.5-inch diameter capacity of the bed's gap.  Typical of its era, the lathe was well constructed from heavy castings and of proportions decent enough to absorb vibration - although the size of the gap was rather generous and would, on a metal lathe, have weakened the structure unduly. Substantially built for a wood lathe, the tailstock  carried a No. 2 Morse taper socket.

An early Coronet wood-turning lathe made during the late 1940s

High speeds--the spindle was driven directly from the electric motor