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A.J.Bourke Model P Lathe - Australia
Other Australian-built lathes: Advance, Burden,
Clisby, Great Scott & Conrik, Hercus, A.E.Herbert, Premo, Qualos,
Macson, Mars, Nuttall, Parkanson, Purcell, Rolfe, Sheraton,
Tillico, T.N.C.  Veem

Previously unrecorded until 2018, the Bourke precision "Model P" lathe was manufactured by A.J.Bourke of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Almost certainly made during WW2, when there was a grave shortage of machine tools in Australia, the lathe looks to be based on technology from the 1930s.
From the unusual photographs - the lathe is being held by a miniature manikin - it's rather difficult to judge the size, but it seems to fall between a heavier watchmaker's lathe and a small bench precision type. It appears - as the headstock has been moved back to over its left-hand end - that the bed may either have been shortened or something is missing from the tailstock end, various holes, bolt heads, dowel pins and slots being present. Carrying a heavy-looking 3-step pulley, the headstock spindle is held in very large diameter, plain double-taper bearings, adjuster rings being provided at each side to draw the two halves into their tapered seats in the casting. The lathe was intended for use only with collets and collet-mounted accessories, the spindle end lacking a thread or any other sort of fitting.
If you have a similar lathe or any other machine tool by the A.J.Bourke Company, the writer would be interested to know.

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