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Abene Milling Machines
VHF-2B & VHF-3
VHF-3 Older Model    VHF-3 Newer Model   Abene Photographs
Click HERE for pictures of the Abene in use
Abene Milling Machine Manuals and Parts Lists are available

Abene millers were of very high quality and made by AB E.N. Eklunds, Mekaniska Verkstad, Stockholm 15, Sweden. The range of machines produced by the company appears to have been limited to just two models: the VHF-2B, introduced in 1942, and the VHF-3 of 1956. Both were of the "Combined Vertical-Horizontal" type and of an unusual design in which the top of the main column was arranged to form a long, angled slideway up and down which the combined horizontal and vertical milling head could be wound; the base of the milling head contained a second motor to drive the table power and quick-return feeds - where fitted to all three axes. The designer could well have first looked at an American Van Norman miller before positioning his T-square.
Both early models, made until the early 1970s, had No. 4 Morse taper spindles made from hardened and tempered chromium-nickel steel which ran in adjustable, precision tapered-roller bearings made by SKF; later versions switched to the stronger and better supported 40 INT fitting.
Production figures for Abene millers can be seen at the bottom of the page..

The Abene VHF-2B shown set for horizontal milling.
The 4 hp motor gave 12 spindle speeds ranging between 50 - 1300 rpm whilst the table motor, mounted in the base of the machine provided 12 longitudinal power feeds from 1/4" to 15"/min (6 to 375 mm) for the 22 inches of the 40" x 10.25" (1000 mm x 260 mm) table's travel.
The traverse table travel was 8 inches, the distance between the spindle nose to the table ranged from 0 to 20 inches and the net weight was 2535 lbs( 1150 Kg).

A rear view of the Abene VHF-2B clearly showing the long, inverted V-slideway upon which the milling head could be moved.