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Myford Super 7B
with a capacity of 60" between centres -
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At least one standard centre height Super 7B lathe with a capacity of 5 feet between centres was also made - and last reported to be in the north of England in the late 1980s. The reason for its manufacture was not, unfortunately, recorded by the factory. The bed casting is quite different in form to that on the ordinary Super 7 and very much deeper -  though the ways are identical. It appears to have been fitted with a variable-speed DC spindle-drive motor and, at the tailstock end of the leadscrew, another DC motor (it looks to be by Paravlux) with a reduction gearbox to provided a variable-speed drive to the carriage (on your lathe much the same effect can be obtained by using a 12-volt windscreen wiper motor and gearbox)