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"Waveney" Shaper

Marketed from 48 Straithe Road, Bungay in Suffolk, England by the proprietor a Mr. J. Ecclestone, the Waveney 8-inch shaper was strongly built and had an excellent specification. Although compact, with overall dimensions of 30" x 24" x 30", it was, at 4.5 cwt heavy for its size and provided as standard with two rates of automatic power feed in both directions of 0.006" and 0.012" per cycle of the ram.
Drive to the ram came from a rear-mounted 1/2 h.p. motor using twin V belts to a 3-speed gearbox and clutch unit and then to heavy drive gears (with the largest supported on a 5-inch diameter bearing) that gave a final output of 19, 40 and 79 strokes per minute. Positive lubrication to the gears and bearings, an unusual feature on any small shaper (let alone one from an almost unknown manufacturer) was arranged by a pump drawing oil from a sump in the base of the machine.
The maximum ram stroke at 8.25" was just a little longer than advertised, with adjustment possible while the machine was running. A heavy 5-inch capacity vice (with jaws of the same width) was fitted as part of the original equipment and could be located on the table so as to point either sideways or laterally. The box-form table carried 3 T-slots in its 5.5" x 7" top surface and two in each of the  6.375 x 6" sides; however, it could not be swivelled, but was supported at its front end by an adjustable bar that slide along a machine surface formed on the front of the integral base plate. The cross travel was 6.75" and vertical 6".

Waveney 8-inch stroke shaper