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Bosch "Wood Combi" Type 500
Wovon alle träumen der grobɮe BOSCH-COMBI Schrank Typ 500

Bosch "Metal Combi"   Bosch Drill-powered Wood Lathes

Restoration of a Bosch Wood Combi Type 500

Seldom found, the original Bosch wood-turning lathe appears to have been a machine first advertised in 1956 or 1957 as the "Combi", a very clever multi-function wood-working machine. So far, just a few of the very first examples have come to light with one, in the United States, being a complete kit probably brought back from Germany by a returning serviceman. It had been sold in 1957 - confirmed by the original German-language sales brochure and price lists surviving with the machine - and consisted of the maker's fitted wooden storage cabinet complete with the lathe, table saw, bandsaw, band sander, box-joint device, planer and a drum sander - only the disc sander was missing, this being replaced by a replica made by a kind, fellow Combi owner in Germany. As the cabinet was not in terribly good condition - just 25% of the original structure was useable - , it was decided to restore the whole assembly to as near-new as possible. The cabinet reconstructed and the mechanical parts carefully repaired where necessary, with a little welding being used to build up broken parts. Then, with everything overhauled, all the cast parts were sandblasted and powder coated.
Unlike the later Bosch wood lathes, the Combi was driven not by a conventional electric drill with a handle, but a Bosch "
Handmotor", this being cylindrical in section and also sold as a kit, in a metal box, with a wide range of accessories to fit the supplied drill chuck. When used on the Combi, the unit retained the Jacobs-like chuck to secure the various fitting, but with the assembly guarded by a cover in cast aluminium with a hole provided to engage the chuck key.
Other Bosch wood-lathes were rather more prosaic, being similar in concept to the original Black and Decker type of the 1950s. Common amongst the Bosch range is the S18 light-duty model, this being supplied less a suitable electric drill but otherwise complete with everything needed to begin work - even to a set of three turning tools.

Pictures below are large files--and may take time to open

An original, 1957 Bosch "Combi" wood-machining centre.

Bosch "Wood Combi" unit: a restored maker's cabinet and a complete collection of accessories

Bosch "Wood Combi" lathe and motor unit - the heart of the assembly

The Bosch Combi could even be set up as a drill press

Bosch "Wood Combi" sanding disc and work-support plate; note the unusual design of metre gauge

Bosch "Wood Combi" lathe and faceplate and pressed-steel turning tool rest

Bosch "Wood Combi" drum-sanding accessory

Bosch "Wood Combi" with a wood-drive centre in place

Bosch "Wood Combi" - a view to the rear of the chuck mounting. Note the crescent-shaped part with the knurled-edge screw that wraps around the front of the housing. This is the "table-raising device where, turning the screw, gives fine control of the table's rise and fall.

Bosch "Wood Combi" - the bandsaw

Bosch "Wood Combi" - bandsaw with guard hinged open

Bosch "Wood Combi" - lower section of the bandsaw

Bosch "Wood Combi" - the bandsaw blade-guide holder was in bronze

Bosch "Wood Combi" - lower section of wood planing attachment

Bosch "Wood Combi" - saw-bench attachment

Bosch "Metal Combi"   Bosch Drill-powered Wood Lathes

Restoration of a Bosch Wood Combi Type 500
Bosch "Wood Combi" and later Drill-powered
Wood-turning Lathes

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