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Barrow Hales Lathe

Unknown to the writer as a make until 2019, the 50 mm centre height plain-turning "Barrow Hales" looks to have been a product of the 1960s. Similar in design to the American Sherline and English Jason (also sold badged as the Pixi, Sartglen and Randa) the Barrow Hales used an economically produced, box-type headstock with the 3-step V-belt drive pulley overhung on its left-hand face. Similarly, the tailstock was also a box casting with the spindle driven by a lever - far cheaper and easier to make than a screw feed.
Driven up and down the bed by an overhung feed-screw fitted with a full-circle handwheel at the tailstock end of the bed, the slide-rest was just for cross feed - though it does appears from the pictures to have had enough room to mount a top slide - although if one was ever offered by the maker is unknown.

High-resolution pictures - may take time to open