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Willow Bandsaw
Manufactured by Willow Tools Ltd. Island Farm Estate
West Mosley, Surrey

One of several models offered by Willow, the 15" "Widethroad" appears to have been their top-of-the-range offering and was available with a single or 3-phase 1/2 h.p. motor. It could be had in either a  direct-drive, single-speed form or, as a "geared" model with a wide range of eight speeds including slow ones for metal cutting. The latter arrangement consisted of a motor fitted with a 4-step, A-section pulley and the input shaft driving through a small, 2-speed reduction gearbox.
In its single-speed, 1-phase form, the Willow's blade ran at 1150 feet per minute, but with the geared system a most useful range of 100, 180, 270, 400, 860, 1450, 2200 and 3240 ft/min became available. With so wide a speed range - and with the right blades to hand - the bandsaw would have been able to tackle an unusually wide range of materials. When equipped with a 950 r.p.m. 3-phase motor the range became a rather more restricted, but still very useful 70, 120, 180, 270, 570, 960, 1460 and 2160 ft/min.
Cast in a ribbed light alloy, the main frame and its balanced, pressed-steel wheels were covered by guards in fibreglass and the tilting, 15.5-inch by 14-inch table in a ground-finished cast iron. Although this was a relatively small bandsaw, with a throat depth of some 15 inches and able to saw wood up to 6.5 inches thick, it had a decent capacity for the home user - and even, taking into account the wide speed range of the more expensive models, for light professional use as well.
The Willow would have competed with the far-better-known Startrite Company and their S.P.154 single-speed, S.P.155 4-speed and S.P.147 eight-speed models. Although listed as having been founded in November 1941, when Willow Tools Ltd. of West Molesey stopped trading is unknown..