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Johann Weisser Factory - circa 1918/20

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From the 1920 catalogue, so almost certainly photographed during 1918 or 1919, this set of pictures shows the Weisser factory as it would have appeared immediately after the Great War of 1914-18. Typical of its time, with large windows to make the most of daylight, it retained its Victorian-era line shafting - but with the drive coming not from a steam engine but a number of electric motors.

Initial assembly of  lathes

Two lines of small cantilever-bed lathes at their initial-build stage

Judging by the two milling machine castings in the immediate foreground, the drive to the second miller by a horizontal belt from the first and vice-equipped workbenches benches to the right, this may well be a section of the factory where finished machines were run up under test.

Small capstan lathes in use

Initial lathe assembly - the number of very young apprentices is clearly evident

Specialist turning - to the right is a fitting that looks to be part of a set up for the
quick and economical production of multi-step flat-belt drive pulleys

A view from the other end of the turning department with some machined, 4-step pulleys in the foreground".

Planing department. In the foreground, to the left, a large grinding wheel and, on the first planer, a lathe bed

Planing department. On the middle machine can be seen a lathe bed - the cutting tools being mounted one on each upright

Screw-machine department--view 1

Screw-machine department--view 2

In the foreground a pile of milling machine knees and beyond a view of the machine shop

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Johann Weisser Factory - circa 1918/20
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