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WANTED: Machine Tools, Accessories & Parts

Machine Tools - lathes, millers, drills, shapers, etc. - For Sale

To place a wanted advertisement phone: 01298-871633 from 09:00 to 23:00 6 days or email:

We can't promise that every "Wanted" advertisement will work as well as the following - but you never know:
I thought you might like to know that the last of my advertisements has been very successful, as were all the others. This was a 'Wanted Advert' for a Thiel high-speed vertical head, It was only on your advice that the advert mentioned I would also consider a 'complete machine' and, as a result, the foreman of the University workshop in L****** (who was viewing your site, looking for a woodturning lathe) spotted my advert and contacted me. His workshop capacity was being reduced - and I am now the proud owner of a fully equipped Thiel 158 with the rare high-speed head, all the collets, a universal table and the special Thiel circular table - all resplendent in unmarked, original paint. The university decided to keep the dividing head - but I couldn't grumble as everything was offered for just 100. I didn't negotiate, just drove straight there and bought it! There was even a handbook, spares catalogue and the original test certificates."
So your site definitely works for both Sales and Wants - and in my case knocks E-bay out of sight. Thank you for an excellent service, Regards, Dave Quatermain.

Wanted: Butler "Super Shaper" with an 18 to 24-inch ram stroke. Would also consider other makes of a similar size. Absolutely anything considered. Please phone: 01335-330158

WANTED: a Pittler C3 lathe in working order, either an 18" or 24" between centres. Ideally with it's original supplied equipment and the universal  joint for automatic ball turning and power cross feed etc.  I'm also looking for accessories for the Pittler B2.
Please email:  180921

WANTED: Hardinge HLV-H lathe in good condition and, if possible, with accessories - but anything considered. Willing to travel and pay a good price. Please phone: 07761-714337

WANTED: Colchester Bantam Mk.1 or Mk.2 in really good condition, single or three-phase. A very good price is available for the right machine. Please let me know what you have. Phone: 0789-4859417

WANTED in working order, and with  T-slotted cross slide: a smaller, older lathe such as a Portass, Zyto, Drummond, EW, Faircut, Myford, Grayson, Mellor, Perfecto, Pools, Relm, Winfield, etc. Please phone: 01484-663321  070921

WANTED: Harrison 140, 155, 165 or 190 lathe.
Anything considered, any location. Private buyer. Please phone: 07484-380484 or email

WANTED: The base for the top slide of a Hardinge HLV-H lathe. I also need the eccentric bolt/shaft that holds it all in place - clamping the slide base to the cross slide. I would be delighted to have the whole top slide if necessary. Happy to pick it up. Please phone Don Palmer on: 077-69911-911

Wanted: Perris SL90 or Cowells lathe complete, or any parts or accessories in any condition. The SL can be seen here and the very similar Cowells here .Please phone: 07813-921869

WANTED: spindle tooling (No.2 Morse) and accessories - rotary tables, microscope, etc - suitable for a Hauser 3BA jig borer.
Would also consider a complete 3BA in any condition. Also sought, a Holbrook Minor or similar high-quality lathe. Please phone: 01442-872673 (from overseas +44-1442-872673) or email:

Wanted: a BCA MK 111 Jig Borer/Miller. Please contact Tenga Engineering Co Ltd. Phone: 01425 622567 or email:

WANTED: Fobco Star bench drill in good, sound condition. Private buyer. Please phone: 07877-111192

WANTED : Travelling steady for CVA No. I Precision Lathe
- or would part exchange for a D1-3 5C Collet chuck. Phone: 01797-260416 (evenings) An example of the steady can be seen here and here and the type of lathe here

WANTED: Symtec woodturning lathe. Anything considered, any condition, any location. As this make of lathe is particularly easy to use, one is required to help handicapped and the blind and partially-sighted with woodturning. Please phone Gordon on 01454-260395

WANTED for restoration, a Myford ML2, ML4 - or an ML7 or ML10 requiring restoration. Anything considered in the Manchester and Liverpool  area - or within about  50 miles of Warrington. Please phone: 0161-775-8256

Meyer and Burger/Astoba UW1. K Model preferred with the shorter bed, but all considered. Must be in good, sound and useable condition and have enough basic accessories to be able to turn, mill and drill etc. Details of Meyer and Berger/Astoba machines here

Wanted - a high-quality, smallish toolroom lathe, such as a Hardinge HLV-H (or Taiwanese copy such as a Barer, Cyclematic or Sharp) or a Schaublin 125C
.  Must have imperial (or dual inch/metric) screwcutting gearbox, infinitely-variable spindle speeds and feeds, etc.  All well looked after, fully-functioning examples considered (there seem to be lots of cheap, knackered ones online at the moment).  I'm looking for something that my grandchildren will still be enjoying in 50 years' time. Going to a good home! Thanks. Please phone: 07826-848351

Wanted: a small lathe and bench-top milling machine. A keen student will consider anything in the London Area. Please phone: 07497-347007 evening Monday to Friday and all day Sunday.

FOUND! : Boxford lathe. An underdrive type VSL, AUD or BUD would be ideal. Single-phase or three-phase and condition unimportant so long as complete. Any location, as I'm prepared to travel. Private buyer.

WANTED: Maker's accessories for a Tom Senior M1 milling machine. Anything considered included a rotary table, dividing heads, slotting head, etc. Would also consider a complete machine with accessories. Please phone: 01935-432153

Wanted: a BCA Jig Borer Boring Head. Please telephone 01425-622567 anytime.

Wanted: a die filing machine such as an Opus, Pius or Tool Fast
- but anything of a similar type considered, perhaps a LinmaticThiel-Produro or similar. Please email Peter at:

Wanted Herbert "Quick Change drill chuck No. 5" No. 5 Morse taper, though a 4 Morse might be useful. Also sought, a Dean Smith & Grace 1609 in good condition. Phone: 00353-599151417

Wanted by a retired toolmaker who cannot be idle - a vertical milling machine of the "industrial class".
Something like a Parkson No. 2 or No. 3 (the No. 2 vertical can be seen on this page) a Jarocin or anything similar. Preferably with a power-down-feed quill and a table travel of between 24 and 40 inches. Please phone, in the first instance: 07816-374858.

Wanted: Drummond "Little Goliath" lathe, a "Graves NV Portable Model J" or a similar interesting miniature lathe. Anything considered. Phone: 07813-921869

WANTED: 10 mm collets to fit a Lorch L-Series lathe (LL, LAS, etc). Anything considered, from a complete set in metric and imperial or individual items. Phone: 01440-820371

WANTED: Record metal-working Vice No. 518
1/2 - the extra heavy-duty type. Any location. Please phone: 01522-813668

Wanted: Universal vertical head for a Kearney & Trecker 2CE milling machine.
Some basic dimensions: distance across the two bars at the top 67/8"; diameter of both overarm supports is 27/8"  and 9 inches across the dovetail at the front. Preferably with the drive gear, but anything considered, any location, even overseas. Phone: 077-67008644 (from overseas ++ 4477-67008644)

WANTED: Aciera F5 milling machine. Anything considered, any location. Also sought, accessories and parts for any model of Aciera miller Please phone: 01732-779016

WANTED: Vertical head for a Harrison Horizontal miller - or would consider a complete machine with a vertical head. This make and model of miller can be seen here Please phone: 01707-879889 or mobile 07768-997520

Wanted: Capstan unit and cut-off slide to fit a Pultra lathe - anything considered - or would even consider a lathe complete with such equipment. Also sought, a good Hardinge HLV-H lathe and tooling suitable for the Pultra capstan head such as Coventry die heads, tool holders, roller boxes, etc. Please phone: 07976-733908

Wanted to buy: the Holbrook lathe Model B with an overhead drive that used to belong to Gerald Penn of Saffron Walden.
I am Gerald's grandson and would like to buy the machine back into the family. Any information most welcome. Please phone: 0779-4609316 or email:

Wanted for a Schaublin 70 lathe: collets of all types, imperial or metric, wire, cone and fir-tree
. Also sought, turning tool holders for a capstan head and absolutely anything else at all. Please phone (from Europe): 001-239-641-922 or USA 239-641-9255 or email:

Wanted: Lorch KD50 lathe (like this) Anything considered, any condition, complete or otherwise, anywhere within the European Union. Please email Roman at

Wanted: Cowells 90ME lathe (as seen here)
. Preferably with accessories, but anything considered, any location. Would also be interested any separate Cowells accessories. Please phone: 07711-350552

WANTED: Harrison M500 fixed steady and an imperial thread-dial indicator -
would also consider other M500 accessories. Phone: 01900-817432

WANTED: accessories for a Colchester Chipmaster or Bantam:
Burnerd lever-operated Multi-size collet chuck and collets; rear splash guard; telescopic taper-turning attachment; rear toolpost and its mounting block; fixed steady and 127 tooth metric transposing changewheel. Phone: 01622-820172

Wanted - BOLEY 4H or 4E plain-turning production lathe parts and accessories
. 120  mm centre height - would also consider a whole machine--any condition. Parts required - cross and top slide assembly - screw or lever feed; 4-jaw chucks, chuck backplate; tool holders for cross slide or cut-off slide; tailstock; collets (161e); tee bolts and nuts. Any interesting accessories considered. Also looking for 3/4" straight shank turret tooling. I'm based in Ireland but can collect from UK in person, or pay for packaging and delivery. Text or phone and I'll call you back. I'd also be grateful for any information on the manufacture of these machines, particularly the spindle and bearings design and tolerances etc, the exact thread size of the spindle nose, and any other advice or tips on these lathes and their operation. Thanks. Phone: 00353-876211694

: Myford 254 Top Slide or top and cross slide - any associated parts. Please phone: 01223-560721

FOUND: Vertical or Universal Miller such as Aciera F3, Tom Senior E-Type or Junior Vertical or Light Vertical, Beaver Model A, Elliott 00 Omnimill, Deckel FP1 - or something similar.

Wanted: parts for - or a complete - Pools 3-inch Special lathe of the type shown here. Anything considered, any condition, ant location. Phone: 07530-470440 181212

WANTED: Jones & Shipman miniature cylindrical grinder Type 520
--as shown here. Anything considered, even incomplete, any location. Please email:

WANTED in sound running order: a small universal milling machine - for example, an Elliott 00 Omnimil, a Beaver Model A, an Aciera F3, a Deckel FP1, an Alexander Master Toolmaker, a Centec 2B,  a Metba, a Mikron, a Schaublin 13, a Maho, a Sharp - or anything similar. Please phone: 01772-687775 office hours.

FOUND: Hardinge HLV or HLV-H lathe. Anything considered (these lathes can be seen here) Please phone: 0752-7407878 (no answer phone, so please keep trying if no answer) ends 15/03/19

Wanted: a swivelling work head for an early Myford MG12 cylindrical grinder (the one with the 10-inch wheel).
Would also consider a complete early MG12 in any condition - and also any accessories. Phone: 07484-380484

Wanted: a Denbigh D-Type Milling Machine with a vertical head - or just a vertical head. A picture of a Denbigh Type-D is here. Please phone: 07951-030955 (An article on Denbigh millers is here)

Wanted: Can anybody help with the dimensions of the quill return spring in the Centec vertical head?
The spring looks like this If so, I would be very grateful. Please email Hugh at: 

Deckel Medallion Attachment for KF1 pantograph die sinking machine--any location. Please contact: or phone: 01753-662285

Wanted: help with a Swiss Wahli 76 multi-function machine
: if you have a sectional drawing of the headstock, or experience replacing the spindle bearings, I would be very grateful to hear from you. Please email David on:

WANTED for a Boxford VSL lathe:
1. Motor disc brake unit, complete or any odd parts considered as mine is incomplete.
2. Vice for the maker's vertical milling attachment. 
Please phone 07740-309293 or email:

Wanted: Myford ML10 dog-clutch lever - or any other parts for the assembly. Please phone: 01686-627816 and ask for Ian.

WANTED: three machine tools: a Lorch LLV or similar quality bench lathe: an 8 mm watchmakers' lathe in WW format and Hauser 3BA jig borer accessories - especially the circle scribing tool on a 2 MT shank.
Please contact or phone: 01753-662285

WANTED: Manual for Mitsubishi HL-300 lathe. Please phone: 01298-872875

: I'm looking for a Boxford AUD or VSL lathe. I don't mind if it's single or three-phase - but it needs to be in good condition. Other than that, actual spec is not overly important. I'm based in Essex but would be prepared to travel for the right machine.

WANTED: I'm looking to set up a home workshop and seek three main items:
Colchester Bantam with the accessories; a Boxford VM30 Vertical milling machine (or similar) and a Pedrazzoli Mec Brown chop saw (or similar). Can be either three or single-phase equipment. No dealers please and will travel for the right equipment. Would also consider a complete workshop. Please phone; 01707-333038 or email Steve at: