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Machine Tools, Accessories & Parts Wanted

Machine Tools - lathes, millers, drills, shapers, etc. - For Sale

To place a wanted advertisement phone: 01298-871633 from 09:00 to 23:00 6 days or email:

We can't promise that every "Wanted" advertisement will work as well as the following - but you never know:
"I thought you might like to know that the last of my advertisements has been very successful, as were all the others. This was a 'Wanted Advert' for a Thiel high-speed vertical head, It was only on your advice that the advert mentioned I would also consider a 'complete machine' and, as a result, the foreman of the University workshop in L****** (who was viewing your site, looking for a woodturning lathe) spotted my advert and contacted me. His workshop capacity was being reduced - and I am now the proud owner of a fully equipped Thiel 158 with the rare high-speed head, all the collets, universal table and special Thiel circular table - all resplendent in unmarked original paint. The university decided to keep the dividing head but I couldn't grumble as everything was offered for just 100. I didn't negotiate, just drove straight there and bought it! There was even a handbook, spares catalogue and the original test certificates."
So your site definitely works for both Sales and Wants - and in my case knocks E-bay out of sight. Thank you for an excellent service,

Wanted: within an hour or so of Buxton, Derbyshire: a retired, time-served machinist with reasonably well-equipped home workshop interested in taking on a constant supply of small machining jobs. Please phone : 01298-872874 for details.


WANTED: Myford Super 7B "Big Bore" with 1-inch through the spindle and mounted on the maker's cabinet stand. A late-model machine in immaculate, little-used condition preferred. I'm ready to pay well anywhere in Europe for a good example. Please phone: 0047-90085761 or email:

WANTED: small high precision lathe and milling machine e.g. Toyo ML1, Schaublin 70, Lorch KD50, Levin, a BCA Mini jig borer, Aciera F1, Wolf Jahn, Mikron - or similar.
Please phone Chris on: 01132-302561 or 07793-815730

WANTED: Emco milling head,  4-speed or 6-speed, 3-phase or single phase, to fit the Emco V10, V10P or Super 11 lathes
. Anything considered. Would also buy a complete Emco V10 or V10P lathe with a milling head if necessary.
Please phone Peter: 01954-212832 (Pictures of these lathes and milling heads here)

Wanted: Favorite lathe accessories and parts (Favorite) Anything considered, anywhere.
Also sought for mutual help, contact with owners of Favorite lathes. Please phone John on 01773-543055 or email:

Wanted: Pittler C3 lathe accessories and parts
- anything considered - and would welcome contact with other Pittler owners and enthusiasts. James Waterfield or phone: 01205-352188 (Lincolnshire UK)

Wanted: DECKEL G1L Pantograph Engraver and a DECKEL SO Tool & Cutter Grinder (or the Alexander equivalent).
Also sought: Engraver and tool and cutter grinder accessories. Machines in good condition preferred, but anything considered. Phone: 01522-809989 or 07769-757876

WANTED: Harrison M250, Harrison M300, Colchester Student 1800, Myford Super 7B and Harding HLV-H lathes
. Please contact: Tenga Engineering Co Ltd. Phone: 01425-622567 or email details with photographs to:   01/03/17

Wanted: the rise and fall table for a Fobco 7/8 or 10/8 drill
.  Or, any table around 17" x 20" from another make of drill that we could adapt (we have the facilities). Although we're in the Falklands we are happy to pay shipping, etc. to get the part. Please email details to: or phone: 00500-21116

Wanted: Horizontal "conversion kit" for a Bridgeport turret miller.
Consists of the right-angle attachment, arbor and drop bracket  - a picture of the parts is here. If you can help with any of the parts, please phone: 01297-35232  01/02/17

Wanted (
FOUND--thank you!)  Dore Westbury Mk. 2 milling machine. I would prefer one in really good condition and well equipped. Please reply to: Nick at ***A Dore Westbury Mk.2 miller can be seen here  01/02/17

WANTED: Myford big-bore Super 7B lathe on the maker's cabinet stand and in good condition
. One with a metric screwcutting conversion set fitted would be preferred, but anything considered. Please contact Helge Rokeberg on: 0047-90085761 or email:  01/01/17

Wanted: Wanted Centec Mk. III quill head and ramReady to pay well for good order component with sound bearings and seals. Please phone: 0049-212-818305 or email:

Wanted: TOM SENIOR M1 Milling Machine with an "S-Type" vertical head
(as seen on this page) or a MYFORD VM-E or VM-F Series miller (as seen here) Private buyer happy to travel. Please phone: 07831-244568 anytime.

Wanted: a Startrite EFI Pillar Drill Type FG2
A complete drill or any parts required. Would consider a whole machine, working or not working or parts. Main items sought are the gearbox housing casting (broken in transit), the foot-switch pedal control knobs and lever for locking the table in place. Distance not a problem, I can arrange collection. Please contact Graham on 01856-888849 or email:  01/10/16

Wanted: I am looking for the following machines:

1) SIP MP-3K jig borer, must be in excellent condition, tooled or untooled
2) Sunderland 5B gear planer
3) Gleason bevel gear planer
, single tool template machine, 24" capacity or Gleason bevel gear generator, two tool machine, up to 12" capacity
Please contact Andrew at:  011/010/16

Wanted: for a Quorn Tool & Cutter Grinder
, the set of engineering drawings. Any version would be very acceptable to help me finish my machine. If you can help, please phone Phillip Peaster on: 01278-732853   01/010/16

Wanted: Top guard cover hinge mechanism for a Fobco 10/8 drilling machine
- it doubles as the belt- tensioning device. Please phone: 01522-813668

Wanted: I am looking for a Centec 2B in good order, with or without the table power feed
- but must have horizontal overarm and arbor  for horizontal work.  Also looking for dividing head and tailstock, machine vice and rotary table for same, if possible.  Will cover all costs of packaging and shipping to Germany. Please  contact Hugh on 0049-21281-8305 or email:  09/01/16

: Hydraulic spinning lathe (Leifeld PLB or similar) and/or large manual spinning lathe. Required for young metal spinning company based in Hampshire. Telephone: 07885-991906  050916

WANTED: A Grayson lathe - or one badged "London" or "Granville". Phone 07919-367916  09/01/16

WANTED: A Hendey Lathe--any model considered.
Please phone: 01604-686685 or 01858-575280  (Hendey lathes can be seen here)

WANTED: Is anyone able to supply a copy of any drawings, diagrams etc showing the interior details of the Leinen / Boley & Leinen MLZ4S lathe quick change gearbox, especially showing the set-up of the three controls in relation to the various gear clusters. Mine has probably had its cover removed and replaced at some time, resulting in some mis-alignment of one or more of the three control shafts/gears. Please email peter on:  09/09/16

: Lorch KD50 lathe parts - absolutely anything considered, even to a complete lathe in poor condition. Phone: 07966-906621 or email:

Wanted: Fixed and travelling steadies, thread-dial indicator and a splashback to fit a Harrison M250/Bantam Mk. 3. Also sought a table power feed unit to fit an Emco FB2 milling machine. Phone: 0049-212-818305

Wanted: two items
1) in working order a 2-speed 3-phase motor
1400 r.p.m at 3.3 kW and 700 r.p.m at 2.2 kW foot mounted
2) a large spinning lathe with a minimum centre height of 36 inches (91.5 mm) - but the bigger the better and by any maker. Please phone: 02392-698674 or email:

Wanted: Cuthbert / Warner / Reffells con-rod boring machine (as seen here) and a main-bearing boring machine. Any condition, complete or not and any location. Please phone: 01279-718868

Wanted: HOLBROOK Model H Type 15, 17 or 20 lathe. Absolutely anything considered, anywhere. Also sought: Holbrook accessories and literature, etc.  Phone: 01947-603650

Wanted: Myford VMA milling attachment (like this), one for the Hobbymat (like this) or an Emco Vertical head--like this. Please phone: 07768-848004  01/07/16

Wanted: Thiel 158 Duplex accessories, tooling and any other equipment - UK or Europe
Please phone: 01752-896821 or 0781-5501974 or email:

Wanted: Deckel FP2 milling machine. Private buyer would like to obtain an example in good order with as many accessories as possible. However, anything reasonable considered as well as any separate accessories. Please phone: 01522-809989 or mobile: 07769-757876

Wanted: Genuine Boxford Taper Turning Attachment wanted. Must be in an EXCELLENT or un-abused condition and be totally COMPLETE. Please call Diane 07712 865950

Wanted: I would like to make contact with the owner of a Harrison M300 lathe to discuss one or two technical aspects. If you could phone: 07500-432016  or email: I'd be very grateful

Wanted: Smart & Brown Model-M Mk. 1 lathe in any condition (required for spares). Also sought: a tailstock for a Smart & Brown Model M Mk. 2 lathe and any accessories or other parts. Please phone: 01842-752572  01/09/16