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Unknown Lathe No. 69

Neatly designed, this 81 mm (3.2") x 190 mm (7.5") screwcutting (but not backgeared) little lathe featured a bed and headstock cast as-one, an overhung headstock spindle drive pulley, a flat-topped bed with V-edged sides and a simple tailstock locked down to the bed with a loose (self-hiding) spanner -  through with an unusually long-travel spindle. The cross-slide feed-screw extension bracket carried a crisply engraved micrometer dial and handwheel remarkably similar to that used on the Myford Super 7, right down to the use of a Bellville washer to provide the friction setting. Also at odds with normal European practice was the use of an handy T-slotted cross slide - though the top slide (its micrometer dial did not have a friction setting) had a very restricted travel together with a rather crudely formed tool-post clamp that lacked the essential curved-based washer under the nut to allow the assembly to self-align.
Screwcutting was by changewheels, the drive passing through a tumble-reverse mechanism with the usual spring-plunger location. Rather handily, the (rather small) leadscrew handwheel was fitted with a zeroing micrometer dial.
If the "Roto Record" chuck is original to the machine (these were made by Robert Todt in Gera) this may well be a lathe constructed in what was once the USSR-controlled Federal Republic of Germany..