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Unknown Lathes No. 56
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Almost certainly a rather well constructed "bitza" (bits of this and bits of that), this odd 5" x  18" round bed lathe, which would originally have been of the plain-turning type, has been converted into a more useful machine. Alterations made by a previous owner include plates bolted to each end of the bed to carry a leadscrew (with drive by a worm-and-wheel arrangement turned by a V-belt from the headstock spindle) and the possible fitting of an apron and compound slide rest from a lathe that would  have been built in the late 1800s.
By fastening a plate to the apron and fitting reduction gears at its right-hand end, a hand-power carriage traverse has been devised that runs against an overhung  rack secured by two bolts to the face of the headstock.
The headstock bearing arrangement is unusual and consists of separate housings bolted to the lower section of the headstock with each holding a ball race trapped in place by a top-mounted pinch bolt.