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Unknown Lathe Page 42
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A most interesting American machine of approximately 4-inch centre height dating from circa 1870/1890 that incorporated a number of unusual features. Carried on a round bar at the rear, with its front supported on a conventional flat way at the front, the carriage was propelled along the bed by a central leadscrew. In order to provide a hand-operated feed, a shaft was arranged to protrude from the face of the headstock on the inside end of which was a bevel gear arrangement connected to the leadscrew.
Only two speeds were provided, by a generously wide flat belt, with the spindle (held in a particularly flimsy and narrow headstock) running in plain bronze bearings. Instead of the usual gear on the end of the spindle, the changewheels were driven instead from the larger of the two backgears - this being made wide enough so that, when slid out of engagement with the headstock bull wheel, it was still in engagement with the spindle pulley-mounted gear and so driven continuously.