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Unknown Lathe No. 176

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Backgeared and screwcutting, this little 3.5" x 12" lathe might have been manufactured between 1935 and the early 1950s. Found in England, the lathe is of the cantilever-bed type with a useful gap and widely-spaced, flat-topped V-edged ways. A notable feature - and possibly unique to its class - is the pair of left-hand saddle arms formed as raised, T-slotted supports. While such T-slots on saddle arms are not uncommon on larger lathes - where all four arms are so provided to make a handy boring table - on a smaller machine it is unusual.
As a less-expensive machine, the compound slide rest feed screws are exposed and lack micrometer dials; even so, the slides are a decent width and the top slide, which swivels through 360, has a very large, square-form top face.
Although the changewheel bracket and the changewheels have survived, it might be that the operating mechanism for the dog clutch on the left-hand end of the leadscrew has not.
This is the sort of lathe, made by a small-time enterprise, that would have been advertised in the "Model Engineer" magazine - but no trace of it can be found.