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Unknown Lathe No. 173

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A plain-turning lathe, possibly along the lines of the well-known bench-precision type - though looking as though it might be a stripped-down version of a proper backgeared and screwcutting model.
With the cross slide fitted centrally on the saddle - and the bed ways extending in front of and behind the headstock, the designer intended this to be as rigid a structure as possible. However, unlike most precision bench lathes, tool feed is not achieved by positioning the carriage, locking it down by a through bolt and then using a very long-travel top slide. Instead, the carriage is driven along the bed in the usual way by what appears to have been a geared-down rack-and pinion feed and the top slide a quire ordinary one. Also, the micrometer dial on the cross-feed screw is tiny, and one appears to be missing from the top slide - though this arrangement might simply have reflected contemporary practice.