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Unknown Lathe No. 161 (Kaeger)

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Now known to be by the German Company Kaeger, this is a large industrial lathe with a deep, straight bed and an attempt by the designer to break the world record for the number of control levers arranged in a straight line. With the drive motor and speed-change gearbox mounted together inside the headstock-end plinth - with two concentrically-pivoted control levers emerging from the front face - the lathe will be by a Continental European maker. If not, the use of a third-rod control system to switch the motor on, off and into reverse (something that was pioneered by European makers in the 1930s) has certainly influence the lathe's specification. The "third-rod" system is so-called as it uses a bed-length rod beneath the leadscrew and power shaft with two control levers, one by the screwcutting gearbox and a second, for the operator's convenience, pivoting from the right-hand face of the apron.