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Unknown Lathe No. 158

Unknown Lathes Home Page

Found in France, this substantial lathe has a logo cast into the changewheel cover that appears to read either GK or KG - and is now known to be by KAEGER..
An online advertisement listed some details as  600 mm between centers; fitted with a 200 mm diameter 3-jaw chuck; taper turning; 12 spindle speeds of which three are electrical and 4 mechanical; two-speed carriage drive; fitted with a  380-volt, 3-phase 4 h.p. motor with a brake. The weight is listed as being 600 kg (though that might be a considerable underestimate.
From what can be seen, the lathe has not only an unusual from of the design - the whole front section appears to be unique - but also a 3-step pulley overhung on the end of the headstock spindle that must provide the addition of not two but probably three extra-fine feeds to the carriage..